AS Monaco Basket Ready for an exciting entry in the major tournaments?

to analyze. In the continuation of a promising season with the final of a new French championship and above all the quarter-finals of the Euroleague, the Roca team is in the process of achieving an exceptional transfer period, with a budget that is supposed to approach 20 million euros this season. Something to dream big.

time is passing. Almost ten years ago, AS Monaco Basket was purchased by Sergey Dyadechko. And what about the way he traveled. Climbing, titles and above all ambitions, healthy and growing.

After three Leaders’ Cups (2016, 2017 and 2018) and the EuroCoupe (2021), Team Roca intends to fill its armory with cups a little more, with one main goal in mind: the title of French champion. The trophy that escaped from the rock again this season, for the fourth time in the club’s history (1950, 2018, 2019, 2022).

growing budget

“There is no doubt that we miss the French champion title and we want to get itOleksiy Yefimov told us, when he looked at the aspirations of the club. Last season we set the bar so high in the Euroleague that it will be very difficult to stay at that level, especially given that most teams have increased their budgets in order to build more competitive teams. Our goal will be to participate in the play-off matches again. »

Oleksiy Yefimov’s weeks are currently crowded with the transfer window / © AS Monaco Basket

With a budget currently estimated at €20 million, compared to €14 million last season (a record already), AS Monaco Basket and Aleksej Fedoricsev have also given themselves the means to realize their ambitions. Without exaggeration and with some finesse, the club’s CEO points out.

Roca has become the most popular basketball brand in France, ahead of ASVEL and Limoges

Oleksiy Yefimov

“Alexig Fedorixev is fully committed to the project and is ready to increase his financial contributionHe says. The Monaco government also gives us massive support, but according to the Euroleague Financial Fair Play rules, club shareholders cannot pump more than 50% of the total budget. So we are working on setting up a commercial operations department aimed at increasing the club’s income. »

Increased income could propel Monaco to the top of the Euroleague’s richest club hierarchy. Last season, The Rock Club received the fourteenth budget out of eighteen clubs participating in the competition. A fact that did not prevent the Roca team from reaching the quarter-finals for their first participation.

Attractive recruitment

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve gone from a ‘No Name’ team to a Final Four contender, Explains Oleksiy Yefimov. Our epic quarter-final battle against Olympiacos sparked great interest in France (4 million cumulative viewers, editor’s note) And all over Europe. According to the latest consumer reports, Roca Team has become the most popular basketball brand in France, ahead of ASVEL and Limoges. » Two historical clubs for discipline in France.

Mike James Rocca Team
Mike James, Star on the Rock / © AS Monaco Basket

Public interest in the club should increase this season. After the arrival of American superstar Mike James, who allowed the club to shine a light and enter a media whirlwind, the recruitment of the new XXL for Team Roca could once again intensify the influence of the establishment. With Eli Okubo, Jordan Lloyd, John Brown, and even Jaron Blossom, the leaders of ASM Basket were hit hard. And it’s not over yet.

The signing of Eli Okubo, who has been in the crossfire of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Fenerbahce, is a good sign that we want to strengthen the roster with high-level players trained locally.

Oleksiy Yefimov

“Last season, the only chance for us to stay in the Euroleague was to qualify for the play-offs (Roca won their ticket to the competition by winning the EuroCoupe, a club that doesn’t benefit from a permanent wild card like ASVEL.) So we risked signing ten foreignersthe CEO recalls, is now focusing on more local hiring.

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We seek to find a better balance between foreigners and JFL (Locally trained players). The signing of Eli Okubo, a player who has already proven himself to be the best player in the French finals and who has been against Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Fenerbahce, is a good sign that we want to strengthen the roster with top-level players trained locally. »

sustainable project

An employment policy that will also be accompanied by a continuity policy, as confirmed by the extension of the contract for three additional seasons to coach Sasa Obradovic, the architect of Monaco’s success, but also Mike James.

“We have complete confidence in Sasa the Roca “engineer” says. This is the second time that Sasa has taken charge of the team during the season and managed to change the situation in a positive way! He is fully associated with the Roca team and the Principality of Monaco. Sasa has a red and white heart and a Monaco sole. »

Sasa Obradovic
Sasa Obradovic is here to stay / © AS Monaco Basket

A strategy that now also applies to players. “In previous seasons we were criticized because after every successful season we were not able to retain our key players. I think the fact that Mike James has been with us for the long term sends another strong message to the community: We want continuity in the team. Our market strategy will be built on the idea of ​​long-term contracts. with players.”

We want continuity in the team. Our strategy in the market will be based on the idea of ​​long-term contracts with players

Oleksiy Yefimov

Obvious stability, which will soon result in a permanent presence in the Euroleague. Precious Sesame Monaco Basketball seems to be very close to getting it. “The main goal is to become a shareholder in the Euroleague, but first we will deal with a wild card over several years.reveals Oleksiy Yefimov.

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For this, we must show that Monaco is a strong and sustainable project with a long-term vision for sport, economy and infrastructure development. » That’s fine, the last hurdle for this popular wild card won’t be soon.

“In September, we will be able to accommodate fans in a gymnasium with a capacity of 5,000 people, which will avoid any conflict with the minimum capacity required by the Euroleague. The government of Monaco works real miracles.” Roca team too. And this is only the beginning.

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