FANATEC F1 eSport V2 Steering Wheel Test

Donate your F1 heart to your Fanatec base. That’s what the German brand specializing in simracing offers us with the ClubSport F1® Esports V2 steering wheel, a compact model, F1, Proto and modern GT3, with a quick release system. Gear up in the ring for this full test on PC, PS5 and PS4.


  • 27 cm shape for more responsiveness
  • Now popular design with metallic finish
  • Classic yet effective paintings
  • Perfect handling for a very fast steering wheel
  • In conclusion: a convincing and scalable steering wheel

The ClubSport F1® Esports V2 steering wheel is sold exclusively on the Fanatec website for €269.95. Compatible with all current brand bases, GT DD Pro, CSL DD, Racing Wheel F1, DD1 and DD2, and is also compatible with some older models including CSL Elite, ClubSport V2 and V2.5. Its price puts it halfway between the ClubSport Formula V2.5 steering wheels at €389 and the CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 in the Formula 1 / Prototype class. Not compatible with Xbox, ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® Esports V2 can be played on PS4, PS5 and PC, depending on the base compatibility used.

Buy the Fanatec F1 eSport V2 steering wheel from the Fanatec website

Compatibility PC, PS4, PS5
Diameter 27 cm
Compatible rules Fanatec CSL, ClubSport and Podium
motor level There are no restrictions on power
platforms 2
internal memories 5
buttons 16
sign in 1

27 cm shape for more responsiveness

An F1 / Proto format obligatory, the F1 Esports V2 steering wheel is among the smallest in the Fanatec range. This limited volume highlights player interaction, His ability to connect fast turns With minimal effort, which necessarily means an increase in engine speed relative to the pilot. You obviously get the impression that the base engine is stronger, and sometimes more brutal, than the wider GT’s steering wheel. This feeling is confirmed even on the less powerful bases of the manufacturer, between the CSL DD or the GT DD Pro in the 5Nm version, or with the CSL Elite model.

But there’s nothing stopping you from adding more power if your arms can handle it, as the F1 Esports V2 features a ClubSport-class quick-release system which, unlike the CSL version of the McLaren GT3 V2 steering wheel, isn’t limited to 8 Nm. However, according to our tests, The force around 6-7nm seems more appropriate To play for long sessions. But again, it depends on the feel (and muscular ability) of each.

Design very close to Racing Wheel F1

In terms of format, here is the non-retail model that accompanies the F1 package of Fanatec’s Podium Racing Wheel. Formula V2.5 inspired model, but with open handles on the bottom. Unlike the Podium version, the F1 Esports V2 does not have a carbon panel but a painted metal one and limits its fleet of controls to simple buttons. Also exit the OLED screen, the information display is limited to three numbers greater than 8 digitsbut obviously less precise, but also the encoders, selectors, and up buttons.

So here we are entitled to 11 main buttons on the front, two of which are enclosed in a plastic cylinder. Their resistance is quite high, but not excessive, according to the above models, and access to them is fairly easy from the thumb of each hand. These studs can be used “naked” or with an extra cap, Fanatec offers a selection of 25 screen printed caps with different tags that are more or less useful. Too bad eg no PlayStation serigraphs (square, round, cross, triangle, R1, R2, etc…) or Xbox serigraphs that can be used on PC (A, B, X, Y, etc). This will require a set of optional hats and stickers, which sell for around €30.

Fanatec F1 eSport V2 flight test: speed and responsiveness on PC and PS5

Still up front, two independent sticks are within thumb reach. On the left, an analog stick with a click that makes it easier to use on a PC thanks to a possible mouse emulation, and on the right, the popular Funky Switch offers a four-way crossoverInfinite rotary for menu settings, one click. It’s basically the one that’s going to be used for game menus like the ones on the steering wheel, and we can regret that it’s placed to the right, right next to the validation and cancel buttons, which inevitably slows down actions.

In the center and top of this metal plate, the menu is accessed directly from a dedicated button, very small to avoid any involuntary operation. Accompanied by a 3-digit display, it is surrounded by 3 zones of LEDs with 3 on the left, 3 on the right and 9 above the screen. They will beEngine speed or horn indicator for gear shift, but with all the entertainment for a computer operator to offer them other functions with Fanaled. On the PlayStation console, the compatibility of these LED displays necessarily depends on the games, most of the time without the possibility of modification.

Classic yet effective paintings

Fanatec F1 eSport V2 flight test: speed and responsiveness on PC and PS5

If the F1 Racing Wheel package’s steering wheel gives us 3 independent paddles per side, the F1 eSport V2 is limited to two paddles in total, thanks to the addition of the ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module. But nothing prevents you from breaking the wallet for the separately sold Podium Advanced Paddle Module that allows, in particular, to turn the clutch with your fingers. waiting, The model here doesn’t really have to be ashamed of the build quality. The paddles are extra wide, made of 3mm hard anodized aluminum, with an all-metal mechanism and a slightly rounded rim to avoid finger pain. IfIt is possible to change these platforms for larger modelsAs an option, we simply regret that they cannot be placed at will and especially in depth, since their connection is limited to two points.

The feel of these paddles is typical of the brand’s F1 / Proto steering wheels with a high starting point, a depth of travel of about one centimeter and a particularly fast return thanks to their magnetic actuation. We are far from the sensations offered by GT or Drift models, and it will take a little time to get used to and appreciate the characteristics. But in the end, we have to commend the effectiveness of these boards in gameplay that allow for fast sequencing, especially if you play with gloves.

Perfect handling for a very fast steering wheel

Fanatec F1 eSport V2 flight test: speed and responsiveness on PC and PS5

It is always difficult to find a middle ground between the liveliness of play and the comfort that the steering wheel provides. The grips of the F1 eSport V2 model thus lean slightly towards the first option by offering relatively thin grips, withAlcantara is perfectly adapted to the game with glovesEspecially if you play with a strong base. But beware, this wheel is no less playable with bare hands, and that’s also basically how we practiced it. Simply put, their handles are damp-free and can, over the course of hours of play, cause a few cramps. You have been warned.

however The handle is fine, with good access to various functions Without having to take your hands off the handles, while its low weight (total 1250g, including QR1), gives it a high level of agility. Controlled agility thanks to the grip of the handles, whether you put your thumb inside or not. Obviously, both by its shape and grip, this steering wheel is not suitable for certain types of games, between rally and drift, where turning over 90 degrees to the right or to the left is especially difficult to control.

In conclusion: a convincing and scalable steering wheel

Fanatec F1 eSport V2 flight test: speed and responsiveness on PC and PS5

The F1 eSport V2 steering wheel from Fanatec is a success in itself. We are certainly less surprised by the mechanics than the Racing Wheel F1 model which offers many additional functions and better finish, but the basic is there. It is then clear that the price difference largely justifies these shortcomings since thenIt takes €569 to get the equivalent on Fanatec, where the F1 eSport V2 remains wisely below the 300 € mark. And then nothing is stopping you from upgrading the steering wheel if you are interested in analog paddles.

In any case, the ergonomics are good, the performances are there, and we will simply point out some details such as screen printing of improper button covers, absence of pad depth adjustment and incompatibility with Xbox platforms. Details regarding the general quality that F1 eSport V2 offers for PS4, PS5 and PC players.

Buy the Fanatec F1 eSport V2 steering wheel from the Fanatec website


strength point

  • The rigidity of the metal frame
  • accessible buttons
  • Good quality Alcantara finish
  • magnetic platforms
  • Integrated menu that can be accessed in the game
  • Active F1 / proto format
  • Scalable on the side of the pallet

Weak points

  • No screen printing for PlayStation or PC
  • There is no rotor to make adjustments in the race
  • The stick and the steel could have been reversed

The Fanatec F1 eSport V2 Steering Wheel is a high-end F1 / Proto model set in the mid-range. More agile than the McLaren GT3, it also offers high quality magnetic paddles and a successful ergonomics in terms of stability and button placement. Limited to PS5, PS4 and PC players (depending on the base used), the Fanatec F1 eSport V2 is clearly intended for track racing cars, for gamers looking for speed of action, at a much lower price than the Racing Wheel F1 and Formula 2.5 models. In the end, there are only a spinner or two to really achieve perfection.

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