Hypocrisy Heroes: A compilation of the most contradictory words from LIV players

From Dustin Johnson to Henrik Stenson via Brooks Koepka or Bryson DeChambeau, not forgetting of course Phil Mickelson or Paul Casey, we’ve rounded up the statements of players who have either confirmed their total loyalty to the PGA Tour or their aversion to the Saudi system before. Get involved with the LIV Golf Invitational Series.

Henrik Stenson will forever remain the captain of the sacked Ryder Cup team for what the Ryder Cup committee considers high treason.

Praised for their great victories in the major tournaments or the Ryder Cup, their exploits and talent, most of the players who chose millions of dollars from LIV forever tarnished their image as a great champion.

Mainly because of the dishonesty and hypocrisy they showed when they claimed a few months ago Their complete loyalty to the historical circles Before turning around and accepting massive amounts of authoritarian regime. Here are some of the things they said a few months ago.

Phil Mickelson and the Assassins

“They scare the killers.” They killed a Washington Post reporter, KhashoggiThey kill homosexuals. I can’t imagine for a moment considering their proposals.” Mickelson admits to journalist Alan Shipnock who is finishing a biography about the six-time main winner.

Paul Casey politician

Paul Casey in 2019 refuses to play in Saudi Arabia for prominent political reasons.

“Anyone who tells you that sport is not politics is lying. Sport is much political politics and I have been able to realize that for many years. I am proud to make that choice.”

I am fully committed to my role as captain and I am working hard to do well in Rome. There was a lot of speculation on both sides but now I am the captain of the Ryder Cup in Europe

Henrik Stenson

Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeShampoo

In February 2020, 15 days after the Saudi international played on a license granted by the PGA Tour, Bryson DeChambeau Dustin Johnson posted a press release on Twitter to put an end to rumors of their next departure.

“After months of speculation about my future in golf, it is time to put an end to the rumors that have been circulating about me. I thank the PGA Tour for allowing me to play on the best course in the world and I am so grateful for all the opportunities that have been presented to me and my family. I remain completely attached to the course,” he explains DJ, who does not forget to mention the quality of the PGA Tour leaders and the unwavering support of the sponsors.

The BDC convalescent explains to him that he wants to stay on the PGA Tour to play with the best players in the world.

“While the rumors were about me supporting another circuit. I want to make it clear that I will stay on the PGA Tour as long as the best players in the world are there.”

Stenson 100% trans captain

“The captains sign a contract. He’s the only one who does it – the players and deputy captains don’t have to, but the captain has an agreement with the European Cup Ryder.”

Without revealing the exact terms of this, Stenson explains his appointment play that he is now 100% invested in his new role.

“I am fully committed to my role as captain and I am working hard to do well in Rome. There was a lot of speculation on both sides but now I am the captain of the European Ryder Cup and I have work to do.”

Brooks Koepka happy on the PGA Tour pushes Mickelson

In response to a question on the sidelines of the Phoenix Open Brooks Championships, Koepka announced his firm association with the PGA Tour. “It’s been clear for a long time that with the PGA Tour, that’s where I’m staying. I’m very happy. I think they’re doing things the right way. People I want to deal with. I’m happy to be here.”

A few days ago, the main four-time winner took aim at Mickelson after the 50-year-old claimed the PGA Tour was obnoxiously greedy. In a comment on Instagram writes Koepka “I don’t know if I would use the word greed if I were an elephant” According to Koepka, Mickelson is not the best to talk about greed.

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