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They were twelve if we included Montpellier-born Evans Ganabamo, a Paris Basketball player of American and Central African descent who played 3 minutes in all and for all with Milwaukee.

The French colony of the NBA Summer Leagues has known very diverse fates, starting with Johann Bejarin who starred for the Celtics on one hand, and Yves Ponce or Hugo Besson who were only eligible for the crumbs…

After taking a starter assessment on Monday, Basket USA invites you to take a look at French performances during these summer leagues.

Johann Bejarin (Boston)

Last summer, Johann Bejarin debuted across the Atlantic, and this year he has gone up so high. The 19-year-old Parisian full-back finished his second US run with a game gem with 25 points plus 7 rebounds and 3 assists, all in rhythm and aggression toward the circuit with several baskets plus a foul.

He finished his second summer league in 12th place among the top scorers with 18 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, obviously the good news for the Tricolor clan which is also very secretive. Determined to get his points on his own, the Abymes native was an opportunist, even if not necessarily very skilled, with 43% successful shots including 33% from three-pointers.

The most important thing was to be sharp and involved throughout, the contract for Juhann Begarin was fulfilled. In frequent contact with the Massachusetts franchise throughout the year, he still had to spend a season in Europe before joining C. At the time of writing, “Draft and Cached” was doing great.

Moussa Diabatti (Los Angeles Clippers)

Moussa Diabatti was selected in the 43rd selection of the last draft and could only play two games in Las Vegas, after a small right ankle injury, but with 9 points and 7 rebounds on average, he was first out of Michigan. An encouraging start with clippers.

Against Memphis, who faced him, Moussa Diabatti split with a gentle move on the low post, with a sequential dunking turn of 10 points and 7 rebounds in 22 minutes. An animatronic interior with a massive motor has caught the attention of Lawrence Frank, president of the Clippers, who appreciates his infectious energy.

“With him, it all starts with his personality. As a player, his engine is at a very high level. He has really good agility and I think he can become a confidante who can switch. [sur les écrans]. He is well aware of his strengths and weaknesses. »

Usman Deng (Oklahoma City)

The Frenchman was the most played player since he was also in Salt Lake City averaging 7.3 points for 26% of shots. In Las Vegas, the same clumsy with 10 points at 4/12 in shots against the Rockets. After a one-game break, Usman Deng (2m08, 19) was able to come out of his shell a little more with a 12-point match at 5 of 8 on shots against the Kings.

Young performer, fractured right wrist. With 9 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist averaging over five matches, Osman Deng was extremely sensitive to his shot, only 34% successful including 20% ​​behind the arc…

Drafted by Thunder, it is clearly a “project” for OKC which sees it (like Aleksej Pokusevski before him) as a major player capable of becoming an iconic as well as an end-maker. Still skinny and somewhat sluggish for the NBA game, Osman Deng will have to work on his fitness in hopes of getting time to play in Oklahoma this year, or else he’ll expose himself to the back and forth in the G League….

Olivier Sarr (Phoenix)

Passed by Oklahoma City at the end of last season, Olivier Sarr (2m13, 23 years old) won a summer contract with the Suns. According to his game, namely near the circle as well as the cross arrow from afar, the former Kentucky was fairly productive with an average of 8 points, 8 rebounds, and 1.6 for 14 minutes (3 games including 2 starts).

Projected over 36 minutes, his production will give 20 points, 20 rebounds and 4 blocks. Like his double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds (plus two blocks) made in just 13 minutes against Dallas, NBA player Olivier Sarr is still looking for a “good opportunity.”

Represented by Bill Duffy, a dealer who weighs in the US, he’ll have to turn the clock on without waiting too long either. Having already lived through a season between G-League and the NBA, the young insider would have been better off testing himself at a major European club…

Killian Hayes (Detroit)

Back on deck in the Summer League, for the second year in a row after two disappointing seasons with the Pistons, Killian Hayes played one game in Las Vegas. Enough to drop 7 small points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds and 6 fouls in 22 minutes.

Nothing is too fanciful for Killian Hayes who will have to face stiff competition in Michigan, with Cade Cunningham and Sadiq Bey already in place, as well as Jaden Ivey and Saben Lee who will bravely play their chances. The Pistons will have the option of retaining the French leader for a fourth year, but the latter will have to be bolder if he does not want to pack his bags.

Alpha Kappa (Atlanta)

Already in the summer league in 2018 and 2019, Alpha Kaba decided to try his luck again this summer. Clearly still in good contact with the Hawks who drafted him in 2017, he was counting on surfing his good season in Turkey, where he was named Player of the Season after finishing as Player of the Tournament (among the best in Europe).

But unfortunately, again, he didn’t get the chance to shine averaging only 12 minutes for an average of 5 points and 3 rebounds. He got better physically during matches, and seemed to be too slow at first to hope to find his place in the Hawks’ summer team. This third futile attempt seems to ring the death knell for the NBA dreams of the young French interior (whom Hapoel Tel Aviv is currently aspiring to)…

Ishmael Kamagati (Denver)

A four-time holder on the Nuggets board, Ismael Kamagati (2m 11, 21) arrived without much pressure in Las Vegas, and the young pivot of Paris Baskett played his luck with grit, finishing 5 points and averaging 5 rebounds in 19 minutes of play.

Recruited last June in 46th place, he’s still a rough player in attack (even if he’s starting to hit his shots a bit mid-range) but Denver coach Mike Malone is under the spell of the Frenchman’s defensive potential. .

After testing Petr Cornelie this season, the Nuggets may want to offer a contract to Kamagate whose profile is noticeably more defensive, with plenty of deterrence in the circuit, and lateral navigation as well.

Joel Iai (Atlanta)

Drafted by the Lakers last summer after a forgotten draft, Joël Ayayi spent a large part of his first professional season in the G-League, managing to play a few NBA matches (7) with the Wizards through a “two-way contract”.

This summer, the former Gonzaga changed his jacket again, wearing a hawk jacket with Alpha Kappa. But, if the young captain was entitled to a huge playing time (21 minutes on average), he couldn’t turn it into flashy enough numbers, only 5 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and one interception on average (more than five Matches including three in the five majors).

A team player par excellence with his versatility and offensive cowardice, Joël Ayayi also appears to be heading for a comeback across Europe, having failed to fit into the NBA mold where she needs a major strong point to differentiate…

Joel is a very smart player.Nick Van Exel, his coach this summer with the Hawks, sums up his “He cuts at the right time, presents himself in defense. He’s one of those guys who unites a group. He knows how to do a lot of little things on the pitch, and when he’s there, our game falls right into place.”

Sylvan Francisco (Milwaukee)

American High School passed before landing in Levallois, Paris and then Rouen, Sylvain Francisco developed this season in Spain, in Manresa, to get a very good workout with 10 points and 3 assists on average.

The playmaker, was trying his luck in the Summer League for the first time with Milwaukee and, as is often the case with Europeans, was used very sporadically, with 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists in 10 minutes of play (2 games).

Currently tracked by Maccabi Tel Aviv, Francisco opened the door to the NBA. But to fully open it, it will take much more …

Yves Ponce (Brooklyn)

After previewing twelve times with the Grizzlies last season, Yves Pons left free through the Tennessee franchise. Recruited by the Nets for the Summer League, Pons had no better fate with just 7 minutes of play in three games for an anecdotal stat of 1.6 points and 1 rebounds.

Due to knee problems, he could not fully defend his chances. But that kind of summer league performance isn’t reassuring after a season spent doing the lift between the G League and NBA seats…

Hugo Besson (Milwaukee)

It is one of the disappointments of summer. After his brilliant season in New Zealand, along with Ousmane Deng, Hugo Besson (1m96, 21) was only entitled to the black bread in Las Vegas, with 2.5 points and 2 rebounds averaging in 11 minutes (4 games). ). Even worse, the former St. Quentin sniper was particularly disabled by only 19% on shots, including 17% from three-pointers!

Drafted at the end of Round Two, 58th, Hugo Besson will likely wait another season before hoping to enter the Bucks’ (very ambitious) workforce. Some fairly high-end European clubs (Vitoria included) are already wringing their hands…unless he joins Victor Wimpanyama at the Boulogne-Levalois Mets.

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