The Kings have lost 3,187 matches since their inception: loss record

It’s a number that only reinforces the legend of Sacramento. With 3,187 losses currently on the clock, the California franchise is far ahead of its top title contenders for the team that has lost the most games in NBA history. This is kings: always first when it comes to the other.

Before we begin, it is necessary to place this article in the current context of the university. To recall, a few weeks ago, Sacramento broke a sad record, pushing it further into the mid-level history books: sixteen consecutive seasons without making the playoffs. Simply unheard of. However, it is a similar, and perhaps more symbolic, record that the franchise has been holding for several years now. Do you know ? Kings by stats site Basketball referencesimply the team with the most losses in NBA history, losing a total of 3,187 games so far. Ala… We don’t remake a losing team. The number is so huge that it would almost make us dizzy. And of course, as usual, the Kings are far ahead. Second place in the standings with “only” 3,064 defeats, even Knicks could not get the throne for several years. However, Sactown wasn’t always the sad record holder. And since we’re in the loss field, we may also tell you when to “change”.

We are in October 2015, at the beginning of the season. Two California teams are vying for the title of Biggest Loser in NBA history. to me Then second, Sacramento intends to continue its momentum in order to take first place in the… Golden State. And yes! The total losses at that time amounted to 2,875 losses due to a very long period of nothingness “basketball”, and the Warriors were 19 units ahead of the Kings, who lost “only” 2856 times. The rest, of course, you all know. In the wake of a legendary season, in which Steve’s squad will win their first 24 games, the gap is narrowing and the screws are closing. As of January 5, 2016, the two franchises are linked: 2,877 losses all over. The next match will not be decided between them because they will win it. We are on January 9, 2016, when fate decides to participate. to me Home, in front of its fans, Sacramento would become the most defeated franchise in NBA history by losing to… Golden State. More than just a defeat, it is then a real transfer of power that happened before our very eyes, unnoticed. Consequently, the 2015-2016 fiscal year will see the Warriors lose the first loser title, winning the title of all-time greatest regular season winners. to me On the contrary, no one had been able to surpass the Kings since that day. The first team to join the club after 2,900 and 3,000 defeats, it is also the only member of the 3,100 club and from next year the club 3200, unless the squad achieves at Fox a season in 70-12, in which case we pledge to make a pilgrimage to the Golden 1 Center. However, we can see that New York moved into second place in the standings at the end of the 2021-2022 season, as the Knicks now have four small defeats more than the Warriors today.

So obviously, coming up we see those who are going to tell us that this rating is worth nothing in terms of invalidity because only the “old” teams can total so many losses. And we’ll tell you it’s true Because if we look instead at win-loss ratio, Sactown has only the seventh lowest win-loss ratio in the NBA. Only wolves never cross the 40% mark (39.9%), which is again a good big zero-digit statistic for our friends from Minnesota. to me For comparison, New Orleans is the franchisor with the fewest defeats in history (864), although its 46.1% wins are very close to Sacramento’s 45.4%. Created in 1958, the Kings have played 75 NBA/BAA seasons, as opposed to 77 for the Knicks or Warriors. Therefore, even if certain circumstances lead to a reduction in the list of competitors in this regard, the fact remains that In the history of the league, no team has left the field as much as a loser from our friends in the purple jersey. And for that, we can’t help but love them.

Again, the numbers are not in Sacramento’s favour. And if we once again allow ourselves to find a way to graciously mock royalty, we, of course, send a lot of courage to the masses. Come on, De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis and Keegan Murray are taking it all for us next year. Well maybe.

Stats Source: Basketball Reference

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