Volkswagen Golf GTI performance test: 245 HP Versatile

If there is a legendary model within the Volkswagen range, it is indeed the Golf GTI. This sporty version of the successful compact has been intended to represent the essence of a dynamic and versatile car, since its launch in 1976. Today, on the occasion of the seventh-generation redesign, the Wolfsburg plant is improving as its model should be with small touches. The basic version from 220 hp to 230 hp. and the performance version, which is supposed to be sporty, Rise from 230 hp to 245 hp. This keeps it Mechanical Limited Slip DifferentialIt is controlled by an electronically controlled clutch. To limit the number of catalog references, Volkswagen France decided to import only the latter.

These modifications do not radically change the mood of the Golf GTI. Therefore, depending on what is expected of the sporting agreement, we may find this German completely boring or, on the contrary, very close to perfect. Those who enjoy small winding roads will likely fall into the first category.

Golf GTI, very wise balance

We managed to deal with a version equipped with DSG dual clutch gearbox. This is new, because it offers seven reports versus six previously. Good news: Its management seems to have clearly progressed. Sport mode no longer revs into the red zone in quiet driving. Conversely, the normal mode, even if it still lacked a bit of interaction, was no longer unbearably slow. But most athletes will regret the lack of a true manual mode: the top gear passes by itself at the beginning of the red zone, without passing through the shift box. Even when the vehicle is required to follow only the commands of the steering wheel paddles.

On the small mountain roads in our test, the Golf GTI Performance tracks with sufficient accuracy but without enthusiasm. The variable steering rack softens the backlash a bit. And the The vehicle balance appears neutral, even below the steering. Cornering on the brakes does not change much: stability is preferred over agility. And the presence of a limited slip difference is not sovereign when you leave the knife between the teeth. Admittedly, motor skills are correct, given the strength developed. But his modification looks relatively timid, because it does not pull the nose of the car towards the inside of the bend, when accelerating before the top. The Golf GTI is clearly not the most daring sports car. For this purpose, Volkswagen is relying on the Golf R, its big sister with all-wheel drive with 310 hp.

Remarkable craftsmanship

However, it will delight those who are looking for a powerful and versatile vehicle. The limited-slip differential lacks a bite in very sporty driving? This does not cause any unpleasant reactions in the steering wheel. The front axle gently abandons the arms to the limit? This is to better reassure the average driver, who in return benefits from Imperial stability at high speed. And these high speeds are reached quite easily: the promised 245 horsepower seems to be there, despite the somewhat linear mood. However, the consumption is not excessive: we observed a At a rate of 7.5 liters / 100 km On a road that combines road and highway. and 13 l / 100 km in sports driving.

Urgent dad will hire too Comment comfort. Despite the 19-inch rims, our test model with the Controlled Damping System filtered out bumps in a superb way. The seats look cut for long trips and have real support, especially with the optional new microfiber upholstery. However, we prefer the fabric delivered as standard, with the famous Scottish pattern recalling the beginnings of the model.

And in everyday life, the Golf GTI convinces with its features Practical aspects. The size / habitability ratio remains among the best in the segment. In addition, the working environment is distinguished by its rationality. On-board equipment and other driving aids are of high quality, even if they Gesture control of the infotainment system – The novelty of the redesigned golf game – it seems to lack responsiveness. But we will need a longer trial of this system to make a final verdict. In short, there doesn’t seem to be any neglected detail on board.

Where the boot disk on the one hand the prices. The price of the Golf GTI starts at 37,300 euros in a three-door version with manual gearboxes. Keep in mind that at launch three years ago, when the standard edition was still cataloged in France, it started at €31,800! Addition rises to 38,140 euros in five doors. The equipment is certainly complete (adaptive cruise control, GPS, LED headlights, rear camera, hands-free access, etc.) but the more pleasant Ford Focus ST starts at 29,200 euros. And even with the addition of options to compensate for equipment shortcomings, the gap is still in Ford’s favour. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce and Peugeot 307 GTi are priced at €35,600 and €37,400, respectively. And within the Volkswagen range it is possible to afford 300 hp for 35,000 euros, with the Seat Leon Cupra. If we start looking at the side of the high-end manufacturers, the Golf GTI supports the comparison better. Against the Volvo V40 T5 for example: it is delivered automatically with an automatic gearbox, it sells for 39,350 euros, against 39,750 euros for the German with a DSG gearbox option, which is richer. So the Golf GTI Both are a sporty and a luxury versionThis is confirmed by his nature and rich endowments without any doubt.

Volkswagen Golf GTI performance

  • powerful motor
  • Amazing craftsmanship
  • Flawless show
  • Very safe behavior
  • Consumption contained
  • Excessive tariff
  • passive structure
  • There is no real manual mode on the DSG
  • performance4/5
  • road behavior4/5
  • comfort5/5
  • Display quality5/5
  • consumption4/5
  • Practical aspects5/5
  • Price / Equipment3/5

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