Elden Ring: Can you finish the game as a pacifist? The answer may surprise you

news tip Elden Ring: Can you finish the game as a pacifist? The answer may surprise you

In the world of video games, everyone has their own way of doing things: some prefer to take their time, while others prefer to approach a sprint. But there are also players who like to challenge themselves, and this is the case of the individual who has experienced Elden Ring as a pacifist. We explain how he did it, and what happened.


  • Another way to explore the underworld
  • Can one be a pacifist in a world of savages?

Another way to explore the underworld

Unless you live in a cave like the Beastman of Farum Azula, you must have heard of Elden Ring, the latest from From Software. In this dark fantasy universe, you play as Shatterless, an exile from the Underworld whose goal is to find parts of the Elden Circle to become the new master of Elden. To do this, you will have to cross the hostile territory because it is desolate, and as you can imagine, The path will be rough and full of pitfalls. You will face many enemies, some of them are human, some of them are savage, and many of them are among the enemies. Each opponent will give you a hard time, and you will have no choice but to train to beat them.

Unless you count of course Enjoy your games with crazy experiencesLike ending the game without going up one level or crossing the underworld without taking any damage. Between fast races, challenges and achievements, Elden Ring players have no time to get bored. But as if all these challenges weren’t enough, some seek to reconcile principles of life that usually don’t fit into the game’s system that aims to be brutal and sometimes ruthless. We’re talking to you here about pacifism, a school of thought advocating nonviolence, which one player decided to implement in the aggressive context of the Elden Ring:

Can one be a pacifist in a world of savages?

Elden Ring: Can you finish the game as a pacifist?  The answer may surprise you

this player iron pineapple, someone best known for content on another software juggernaut: Dark Souls. As we explained to you above, Iron Pineapple gave itself the challenge of completing the Elden Ring in Peaceful Mode, that is, without inflicting a single blow on the various enemies it encountered. To do so, he chose to incarnate a Seer-class Shinless to take advantage of high faith statAnd to start the adventure with a special memory: Ash genie with fangs.

Thanks to his intrinsic law of faith, Iron Pineapple is able to cast powerful spells from a distance, including powerful healing spells. This is where Fanged Imp Ashes, and generally summoning Ashes, come in: Thanks Soul Calling Bell which he collects from Rina in the church of Ella, He is able to send monsters to fight for him. He just has to stay far enough – or hide behind the big bosses – to heal them throughout the confrontation. This way, he doesn’t take any direct hits at his opponents, and his allies do all the heavy lifting, as you can see below:

But, as you’ve probably noticed, Iron Pineapple not only sends creatures and NPCs bombarding their opponents endlessly. Some bosses sometimes ask him to think of a strategylike Godrick the Grafted, who sent against him the soul of a rotting wild dog to take advantage of him cochineal rot related to the creature. It’s also the one that will outlast the boss, but that’s not the only ace that Iron Pineapple has up his sleeve.

In fact, in addition to his many allies, the player also depends on his environment, in particular on gravity.. He got rid of many enemies by hitting them off cliffs, luring them into holes, and even dragging them near geysers, as was the case with Commander O’Neill. It is an ingenious gameplay, but contrary to what one might think, it requires a lot of advance preparation, Such as improving soul ashes and obtaining equipment to strengthen allies and healing spells.

And what do you think this way? Do you have any suggestions for nonviolence techniques to advance in the game? Tell us everything in the comments!

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