Golf, the world’s number one individual sport with 90 million players

Golf, a sport of concentration and precision, consists of sending a ball through 18 holes spread over a course of about 6 kilometres. With a maximum of 14 clubs, the player must perform the fewest number of strokes possible. Cadre et Dirigeant Magazine presents how this game was born, which is becoming more and more democratic.

Golf is an international sport

Golf has different origins: a priori, it is imported from Holland where it was practiced in the 18th century, then it is called “colf” which comes from the German “kolbe” which means stick. Some mourners claim that the word golf comes from “gentlemen only, taboo ladies.”
His practice spread in the nineteenth century in private clubs in Scotland and England. At the beginning of the twentieth century it was taken over by the Americans. It is followed by South Africa, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Japan and Australia. In 2010, it is practiced by more than 82 million people. Grand Slams This expression in the bridge involves winning four tournaments: the British Open, the US Open, the US Amateur International, and the Great Britain Amateur International.
There is a World Federation (IGF, International Golf Federation) recognized by the International Olympic Committee, comprising 127 federations from 122 countries. With 90 million players, golf is the most popular sport in the world. The world’s first individual sport, with over 437,000 members in France in 2021, making it the fourth singles discipline, with 800,000 regular practitioners.

golf in France

The first golf course outside the territory of the British Empire was at Pau in 1856, the only golf course in France for thirty years, due to the presence of Wellington’s army in the city. The dynamic economic and commercial sector of golf with 1.5 billion euros in annual turnover, 1,200 companies, 13,000 employees in 6 professions (land, reception and sales, management and supervision, catering, education and services), with specific collective agreement since 1999.
Golf has an exclusive television channel, The Golf Channel, that broadcasts in North America, Asia and Europe via Free. In France, coverage is provided by Canal + and Eurosport, and the first French Golf + Golf channel has been created. France hosted the Ryder Cup in 2018And the The test that the team of American and European players faces every two years.

Champion golfers

of its origin: Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Severiano Ballesteros, Bernard Langer, Nick Price (Zimbabwe), Vijay Singh (Fiji Islands) Tiger Woods that dominate the world of men’s golf as its most dangerous competitor Phil Mickelson.
Among women: Mildred Babe Zaharias, Patti Berg, Louise Suggs, Mickey Wright, Kathy Whitworth, Annika Sorenstam, Carrie Webb and Lorena Ochoa…
TheGolf is an endurance sport that requires energy and focus. In 2008, the European and American circuits instituted anti-doping controls, especially since then It is well known that golf is good for health.

Golf and its vocabulary

Golf is played on an 18-hole course of approximately 6 kilometres. The “valence” is the standard number of strokes assigned to a hole. An 18-hole course is usually 72 feet long. Various expressions:
Quadruped hawk or eagle For 5 shots below level,
Condor or triple eagle for 4 hits below level,
Albatross or double eagle for 3 hits below level,
Eagle for 2 strokes below par,
a bird For 1 shot below par,
ghostequal one hit,
double ghost2 equal strokes,
triple ghost For 3 equal strokes.
The ball was initially placed on a tee, which was originally a leather or leather sheath filled with feathers, nowadays made of rubber with cells for better air penetration. Clubs include iron, woodland and paddle racket. Initially, the golfer takes 14 clubs.

Golf, an elite sport that has become more democratic!?

We often hear that golf is a sport played by the upper classes, even the elite. Playing golf, unlike other sports, requires plenty of space, a designed and maintained course, clubs, balls, a pair of gloves, and golf shoes in order to play. The minimum investment will be €100 for a used golf set and new gloves and shoes. In general, a new set of golf costs 500 euros or more, and the cost to play on a course varies between 10-30 euros per round. To have an exclusive golf course, you must be a member of a club that requires an entry fee and a monthly fee

The golfer’s stated and publicized motives

There are many reasons, but everyone finds their motive. Among the main factors that lead golfers to practice this sport, we can cite some that are recognized and recognized or not.
– The slow pace of the game allows for long exchanges and comfortable business negotiations.
– Exercising in the open air fills the lungs of city dwellers with fresh air, it works on what is good for health.
– It is fun to be played with family and friends.
– It is a good anti-stress, in the corridor you only hear the whistling of the wind.
– It’s a great focus exercise that requires perseverance, and the player who lives with the prospect of playing better next time makes it back.

golf prestige

The game of golf is a prestigious place thanks to its media coverage which often features heads of state as
Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Churchill, Fidel Castro, François Mitterrand, Kim Jong Il’s Supreme Leader of the Republic of North Korea
And industry leaders like Frank Ribaud (Danone) Philip Beticulin (Safran), Christophe Cuvilier (Unipel Rodamco), Sebastian Bazinor AccorHotels or Patrick Kron or even not classified as CArlos Tavares (PSA), Maurice Levy (Publicis), Jean-Pierre Clamdieu (Solvay) or Jack Aschenbroich (Value), Norbert Dintersangelwhere Nicholas de Tavernostwho exercises it.
Being one of the hardest sports increases its appeal. A novice doesn’t know how to hit the ball well in their debut week and sometimes never in their life, though, appreciates it over time. Golf organizes tournaments throughout the year opposing the best players (Masters, American, British Open, PGA Championship), which are broadcast all over the world.

A priori, prejudices, and criticisms of golf

golf is a stupid sport
To golfers, golf often seems very strange, even stupid, which consists in throwing the ball too far and then finding it, in a repetitive manner, as Churchill labeled: “Golf consists of placing a ball of 4 cm in diameter on a ball 40 thousand kilometers long and hitting the small ball, not the big one.” Of course, this is often the case, but that is not the point of the game.
Golf will be elite and expensive
This is true and incorrect. It requires a budget that was originally chosen from followers by means of money, today many public courses charge cheap green fees and thus democratize golf. Initially, golf was an expensive sport, as the equipment was imported from England. Equally costly to build and maintain stadiums, these costs are passed on to club members in the form of high enrollments and annual fees. Nowadays, equipment for the game can be bought inexpensively or even rented. The number of public golf courses has also increased dramatically, making the sport more accessible to all.
According to the figures indicated by FFG, you need to count €100 for a half set of clubs, €50 for a pair of boots, €15 for a glove and €15 for 15 balls. An 18-hole course will cost you 50-75 euros in Ile-de-France and 40-65 euros in the region.
Golf is an ancient sport
The average golfer will be more into his fifties, but in recent years Tiger Woods has inspired many young people and people of color.
Golf is a waste of time
It is true that it takes an afternoon for a training course that favors retirees. But nowadays, more than money, more than time, according to the most experienced observers, the difficulty of the game will be the biggest obstacle to playing golf. Top-class golf is known above all for reputation.
Golf is historically reserved for men
Golf retains this true or overrated khaki tri-fold pants, button-down shirt, glove sticking out of the right pistol pocket, country club style, and this creates a lack of accessibility, despite the opening of the municipal courses, the entry budget for many middle-income players High. If golf seems too expensive for certain social classes, it will be more difficult for women. True, but less and less correct. It was invented in Holland in 1297 at a time when women stayed at home. With the changes in society, golf has become popular in all age groups and genders.
Courses are destroying the nature of golf and it’s not a real sport
That’s wrong, golf is nature! The golf course adapts to nature and landscape, not the other way around. The development and management of the golf course in an environmentally friendly manner is a concern for operators today. The golfer shares the course with nature, flora and fauna.
Golf is not a sport at all… It’s not true! During his first day on the golf course, the novice discovers muscles that were completely unknown to him until then. Each swing is a complex movement that will move more than 200 muscles, especially the core muscles. Golf is not a sport like any other.

Golf leaders in France

Christopher MunissaManaging Director of the French Golf Federation (FFGolf) and Laurent PoissonsPresident of GEGF (Groupement des Entrepreneurs de Golf Français), the leading professional association of golf course owners and operators, is pleased with this development.
At the end of 2021, ffgolf will have exceeded 43,000 licensees, a growth of nearly 8% compared to 2020.
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Golf around the world

In France, more than 735 clubs have over 436,846 licensees. There are about 38,000 golf courses in the world, present in 82% of the countries listed, the sport is still highly represented worldwide but is concentrated in about ten developed countries with 80% of the courses. Paradoxical paradoxes, in the United States – the courses are public.

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