Hogwarts Legacy: 5 things to know about the next Harry Potter game

After several years of waiting, the new Hogwarts Legacy in the Harry Potter universe is finally on video. The open world RPG showed us some images of the games during State of Play on March 17, 2022. A chance for all fans of the saga to see what the future production of Avalanche will look like.

What is the legacy of Hogwarts?

We’ll start by creating an overview of the title. Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is a game that will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. This is a game published by Warner Bros in partnership with Sony. The development studio behind the game is Avalanche Software, the creators of Disney Infinity. In October 2018, a leak showed the work in progress in the third-person action RPG Harry Potter. This project was confirmed in 2020, without gameplay images, and finally waited until March 2022 to show itself. This is a long-term project, which has been in development for 5 years, and will be released at the end of 2022 on all platforms.
In general, thanks to this presentation of 14 minutes of play, followed by 5 minutes of escape, we can say that the teams paid special attention. The developers decided to make Hogwarts the centerpiece of the story. This allows them to photograph places never seen or described before, such as the Hufflepuff Public Room, and many more. We know the developers are committed to making a game that respects fans, the franchise, and this magical universe. Take liberties, but always with respect.

In terms of gameplay, we are invited to create and embody our character in TPS, that is, Tur in third person mode. The creators focus heavily on what makes a good wizard, such as knowing enemies, spells, and potions. All respectable. Aside from combat, there is exploration, of course, in a completely open world. We’ve learned that there’s going to be a craft, lessons to attend, mini-games, a year with its special season and weather… In short, a true Witcher-esque RPG that’s getting us excited here.

A solid project, which turns out to be very rich, even if we scratch the surface of Quidditch’s workability. We can clearly see it in the presentation, Hogwarts Legacy is the result of tremendous work, and it would be wise not to make it epic in itself.

A note about the scenario

But then, what are we going to do at Hogwarts in this game? We remember that the game is set at the end of the 19th century, and Hogwarts isn’t quite like a movie school. Then there are a lot of liberties the developers took to think about what the school was like at the time. Perhaps the rooms can be seen so that you will end up condemning or destroying them in the plot of the game, everything will depend on your adventure, and if you start creating a suitable character. Then, we don’t really know how, but the sorting hat will mark our house: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. It is quite possible that before that, we play a little prelude where our decisions and actions will be analyzed, in order to define our home.
This is where the game really seems surprising, we didn’t really get started at all in the first year. In fact, our character arrives in the fifth year of his studies. Is he from another school? We don’t know, but given the strength of the character, and how well we see him, we tell ourselves that not only did he learn to practice magic… This was also clearly said during the show: Our character has a special connection to ancient magic, and Hogwarts is a true conduit for that power, making you feel so good there, that you’re strong there.

The only negative point in all of this is that throughout the school year, orcs who are in complete rebellion, allies of the black witches, will try to capture you, precisely because you are associated with this ancient magic! Through one of our teachers, Professor Vig, we learn that a dangerous imp, Ranrock, is actively looking for us and is willing to do anything to get there.
On the structural side, we will therefore have to keep the students alive, going to class, whether in the spell class, defending against the dark arts, botany, potions, and many more. We don’t yet know if you’ll have to go through hard, to the point of answering quizzes to prove you’re a good student, but this scholastic dimension will still occupy a large part of your time. The rest of your schedule, you can explore Hogwarts and its surroundings in search of side quests and secret passages. We have seen different mechanisms, which must be activated with spells, back doors, and many different rooms, inhabited by students of all houses. In addition to side quests and mini-games, we will also be able to make friends with different students, they will all have their stories to tell you. However, we don’t know if romance will be possible.

Hogwarts Legacy: 5 things to know about the next Harry Potter game

Finally, it is clear that it contains all the comprehensive explorations in various environments, which we will travel by flying broom. In short: Hogwarts Legacy appears to have a very strong build.

Sophisticated crafting mechanics

If there’s one point we don’t really suspect, it’s the crafting system. Industry, growing plants and trees, and making potions seem to have a big place in the game, as it all happens at the heart of the room of requirements. These craft workshops allow you to grow all kinds of plants, like the mandrake for example, and many other surprises.
This can delay some guys a bit, and we imagine the 30 minutes shown during the presentation can sometimes become full hours for big recipes. This may be of concern to some, as these are typical free-to-play mechanics, which often come with micro-transactions. In addition to making all kinds of potions, we also have a small corner of the earth at our disposal, where we have the possibility to conjure a small house, and make friends with the wonderful animals we have collected in the open world.

It is not for nothing that the game is subtitled: Hogwarts Legacy. But whoever says Open World, obviously says several places to discover. So Hogwarts will have rights to its surroundings, villages, stations, forests, lakes, which we can of course go to by flying broom. We were able to see other animals, niffler, golden snitch, to name a few. Many creatures as you’ve seen in the Harry Potter movies or even Fantastic Beasts.

Hogwarts Legacy: 5 things to know about the next Harry Potter game

When will there be fights?

I know you want to know an important piece of information: how to fight in this game. Well, it’s simple, as we said before, it looks like a very classic TPS game. Battles are very slow, but allow to analyze the action well. To see what enemies are in front of you, what they are vulnerable to, and how you will have to catch them. By seeing our character fight, we guess the importance of the situations to correctly and in a flexible way connect each spell. We were also able to see a lot of element combinations, fire and ice for example.

Speaking of which, we can see our character casting the role of Avada Kedavra. If we are to believe this short excerpt, our character is strong enough to use forbidden spells, as well as borrow the voice of black magicians. It remains to be seen to what extent you will feel aligned with us in the search and in the battles. Like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, will we be able to learn positive and negative spells, swayed by our moral alignment?

Hogwarts Legacy: 5 things to know about the next Harry Potter game

Hogwarts Legacy interface

You had to guess anything from the game interfaces after introducing Hogwarts Legacy. But we were still able to gather some important information about how the game is presented to the player.
Since we were just discussing battles, know that our wizard’s talent trees will be divided into 5 branches, which unfortunately we couldn’t define. Thus, we can guess that there will be a tree associated with your characteristics as a character: mana, your life gauge, your stamina for example. We have also seen a tree related to appreciation and travel. The rest will likely be for combat and non-combat potions and spells. For the requirements room we saw earlier, you should know that the accrual meter exists and that it limits what can be invoked. So we can expect to collect resources.

From the side of the menu, in general, it looks like a classic menu. We can quickly see the sections on one of the screens, it presents 9 categories. The character that allows us to see who we are and where we are. Inventory, the inventory of our things. Talents, we visualize them for our talent trees and manage the development of our character. groups, but it’s hard to say what counts. Then we have challenges, and thus potential mini-games, or goals to be achieved in order to pass our Hogwarts courses. Then we can see the map tab, which presents us with the game map, which we can see a draft of in the initial part of the game state. The Owl Post category represents the mail that the owl receives, here it may seem strange, we can say that Owl Post is about tasks and that every task is delivered in the form of a letter, except that there is also a task tab! So an Owl Post that has its own category should definitely be something important. Hogwarts Legacy is a game advertised as 100% single-player so are we hiding here a messaging system between players? Good question.

Hogwarts Legacy: 5 things to know about the next Harry Potter game

And finally, Classic Lists: a task log that will be divided into major, minor and collectible. And the options we weren’t happy to discover. We remind you that the game was released on both old and new generation consoles, so we can expect a performance and quality mode on PS5 and Xbox Series… and 30fps isn’t necessarily very elegant on the old generation. It must be said that the game looks very elegant, very detailed and offers very large areas, it may seem difficult for us to imagine displaying the gameplay that works on an old generation device, then hopefully Warner and Avalanche will improve their game well for PS4 and One.

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Here’s what we can say about this complete Hogwarts Legacy show. Obviously, there are many points that we deliberately did not touch on, but were there nonetheless: some sub-menus, equipment vendors, etc. The game will be released at the end of 2022 on all platforms. Feel free to let us know what you think about it and see you on JV for a new video dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy…

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