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Eleven Inazuma It is basically a series of video games, At the dawn of 2010contributed to the success of NDS and the fame of the Level-5 studio (Professor Layton, Yo-Kai Watch…) The series has always made players dream about knowing that initially, the first games were only available in Japan, at a time when Nintendo consoles were dedicated. It will be necessary to wait 2011 (This is it More than two and a half years After the release of the first authorship in Japan) to the end Eleven Inazuma It landed successfully in the West, accompanied by anime series, manga and various derivative products (like any good level 5 game). If the series was later released on 3DS and Wii, it must be realized that gradually, its success waned. last installment (Inazuma 11 Go 3 ) was also a failure and was only released in Japan. After this, since then 2015There is no new game Eleven Inazuma not come out. However, Level 5 attempted to relaunch the license with a new animated series and a new game, Inazuma Eleven Ares planned Nintendo Switch But also (and it was a first) on mobile and PS4. Initially slated to release in 2019And the Inazuma Eleven Ares It will then be delayed several times before Level 5 decides to fully review its version. In the latest news The game has changed its name And it was called Inazuma Eleven: The Great Path of Heroes. More ambitious, the game promised to rethink the rules of the RPG, to offer players an open world and new gameplay options. Despite everything, the title has remained highly anticipated and its release has been delayed again and again…and it is now slated for 2023.

If you are a license lover and still patiently waiting for the game release, rejoice because AKihiro Hino The The Level 5 Founder and License Founder finally decided to provide new information. First, the game changes the title again. Inazuma Eleven: The Great Path of Heroes called now Inazuma Eleven: The Road to Victory where The road to victory for champions (according to the translation). He decided to present an original story while not giving up on bringing back the heroes of past episodes. so Inazuma Eleven: The Road to Victory It will have two modes: Story World and Chronicle. On the story side, it is about a young man who loves football but is not allowed to play it. He will have to overcome obstacles and create a team. Whereas in Chronicles mode, it is about facing the worst of the previous teams with the most emblematic license champions.

to meKihiro Hino He explains that the team’s main challenge was to successfully copy the pen gameplay into the original game, which was a hit on the NDS, by switching from playing on a resistive (single point) touch screen to a capacitive (multipoint) touch screen.)Kihiro Hino He didn’t want the game to turn into a classic football title that might leave some players on the sidelines. Through trial (and error), the developers decided to let players choose their own gameplay with the ability to change it up super fast. The game can be played in a classic way, using the stick but also with the finger on the touch screen. It will be possible to play with a stylus (even if there are still details available …) in portable mode it will be possible to play with the console horizontally but also vertically (again with the ability to easily switch from one configuration to another in the middle of the game depending on the situation.)

While waiting for other details, find some game images and artwork as well as a translation (google) of the text posted by AKihiro Hino on me Game Blog.

Inazuma Eleven: The Road to Victory still waiting 2023 on me Nintendo Switch, mobile And the PS4.

First, we will change the official address.

The title will change from “Heroes’ Great Road” to “Victory Road.” In writing the story, the characters are not as strong as players but they compete, aim for victory, worry, special training, and do their best… Therefore, the path to victory and “the road to victory has become “More convenient than Great Road, and I decided to change it as a commitment. This is a big part of my personal commitment.”

What changed from the original plan was not to allow Sasanami Unmei to collect the previous characters, but to build an original story and then develop the assembly of the previous characters. This time we will win with two modes, “Story Mode”, the story of Unmei Sasami, and “Chronicle Mode”, where you can collect characters from all over the history of Inazuma.

The title logo is designed with an image of “sky and clouds” before the birth of lightning, which personifies the turbulent characters as “clouds covering” and may turn into fierce lightning in the future. ..

“Matching System” whose mode of operation has been confirmed

The most annoying thing so far, the time consuming part, was whether the Inazuma Eleven’s simple stylus touch operation could be achieved with an existing “penless” machine. My demos so far couldn’t explain the feeling of the process enough, and it seemed like it would be a normal football operation that “was hard to play on people who aren’t good in the field”. So… the answer that came to me through trial and error, programmers included, is “Free Football Interface”. After all, I decided to let the player choose what operation I wanted to do. You can switch between gameplay modes that you find easy to play at any time during the game.

However, even with the “football-like” operation by the controller, the uniquely easy Inazuma Eleven operation is achieved. Similar to previous works, the traditional stylus is operated by touch with one finger, and you can play intuitively. There is also a dedicated stylus launch option for those who want to immerse themselves in the feeling of playing in the past. (details not specified)

Line drawing (touch operation) / console operation can be used at the same time (switch version)

Vertical screen / horizontal screen can be switched freely

Vertical/horizontal attack direction can be switched freely

* You can change at any time during the match.

* Switch version compatible with mobile screens and TV screens.

It can be used without choosing a playing style.
We are considering making adjustments to avoid unfairness during the match.

new story

This time, the main character, who loves soccer but can’t play soccer, is looking for other players and form a team as a captain, which is a different story from the previous Inazuma story. At this point, I can’t tell the details of the story, but this time it’s not the Kaminarimon story, but the story of a new school in Nagasaki, Kyushu. Like the name of the main character, the word “cloud” is attached to the name of the school, but I decided to incorporate the keyword “cloud” because lightning is born from the cloud. I hope the flaming clouds express the feeling of puffiness to create lightning.

A new story from a new hero

This time around, as a change, Unmei Edition will be produced as a completely original scene and character, and not as a parallel world connected directly with characters from the previous work. The story of the protagonist who is not allowed to play football and his friends will open the path to victory. This time, the football team’s completion time is over. However, I think that the “football battle” before the match will be more fun and strategic than ever, and will revive the process that will lead to the full match.

Chronic mode

Co-op battles with ancient characters will take place in a new mode called “Chronicle Mode”.
In Heroes’ Line mode, you can create your own team by joining the characters you loved in the past and defeating the worst, strongest and most terrifying enemy teams. The number of characters that can make friends and teams that can fight through unlocking will increase by completing in-game achievements and partially upgrading. Please wait for the follow-up report for more details.
I think we can have more information at the end of the year!
I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but please wait a little longer!
Stay tuned for the next update!

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