Monaco snatches Matthew Strazel!

So far, for a week, around 11am, Monaco announcements have always been to be expected: Mike James, Ellie Okubo, Jordan Lloyd, John Brown, Donta Hall, Jaron Blossomgame, Alpha Diallo and most recently, Yakuba Ouattara. But this, no one expected: The Principality Club has formalized access for three seasons Matthew Strazel (1.82 AD, about 20 years old). Released from his obligation by ASVEL (where he was under contract until 2025!), he was appointed by AS Monaco, without monetary compensation in return. It may also be that the Velorbanese Foundation was unaware that its great patriotic rival was waiting in the corner…

Matthew Strazel in this season’s Euroleague match against Monaco (Photo: Sebastien Grasset)

It was quite a big surprise since the young Ile-de-France captain looked on his way to staying at his coaching club. He initially requested to be loaned and was particularly enthusiastic about the Limougeaud project, as he saw himself gaining responsibilities under the tutelage of Massimo Cancellieri. Gravelines-Dunkerque was also spot on, but Villeurbanne refused to send him to CSP or BCM.

Is this a wise choice?

So the surprise also lies with Matthew Strazel’s destination because it’s hard to see how he’s going to be able to see his playing time on the rock increase compared to ASVEL, where he had a real run (19 minutes on average, 15 in the Euroleague) which allowed him to advance to three points. This season (from 34 to 39%), as his under-19 coach, Friedrich Krebs, explained to us. Admittedly, Rudy Demahes-Balou’s case law (11 minutes in 27 Betclic ÉLITE games, versus just 5 in the Euroleague) suggests he could use national matches to watch the stadium, but it seems hard to imagine him presenting himself a chance. A real role in the Euroleague, behind the trio Mike James – Eli Okubo – Jordan Lloyd. Then Sasa Obradovic will surely need a captain at times to defend and the young vice world champion has already proven that he can take on the role, like his close guard in…Mike James during the Betclic ELITE Final.

“I saw the workforce and frankly yes it is heavy,” he says of it. “I’ve always been behind the top leaders in my career because I’ve always played in the Euroleague. There, I have guys like Mike James, Eli Okubo and Jordan Lloyd. I’m exaggerating, but maybe I’m talking about the three best full-backs in the Euroleague. It would definitely be worth working with guys like these. In training. We can be complementary. I know they are very good in attack. I will go into the defensive sector, while maintaining that strength in attack.”

Do you want to continue gaining experience?

Among the world’s most experienced 19-year-olds who have already had three professional titles to his credit (two-time French Champion and Coupe de France 2021) as well as three Euroleague campaigns in a total of 66 matches, Matthew Strazel will not hold back. . in this hierarchy. On the contrary, Monaco will allow him to continue fighting for titles and certainly dream on the European stage, with an unofficial four-way final on the horizon.

“I will go to new heights by going to Monaco. I set myself other goals, I try to carry everything I can give on the pitch. Do everything to win the title, this time with Roca. I want to continue to gain experience. By discovering a new team with even greater ambitions in the Euroleague He can only make me a little bit better.”

In addition to the 1-5 Axle named Marne-la-Vallée with Yoan Makoundou, Eli Okobo will also repair the Villeurbannaise double with Eli Okobo at Gaston-Médecin. Like everyone else, the best player in the Betclic ÉLITE Final did not witness the arrival of his young buddy coming to The Rock.

I called him yesterday. I tried to make him guess where I fell, he didn’t really know. Then I tell him, ‘Where are you going?’ He replied, “Okay, I’m going to Monaco. So I told him I was going to Monaco too. He couldn’t believe it at first. After we talked about it more seriously, we discussed the current squad. We realized there really was something to do, with A well-calibrated workforce.”

On the exponential track, going from National 2 to the Final Four gates in ten years, AS Monaco is struggling to achieve the same success in Betclic ELITE as in the continental competitions. While the club won the European Cup last year on its second attempt, the domestic title has stayed away from Roca’s side for the past six years, including losing three finals. Recruitment is changing that with several players who know the way to the top trophy: Eli Okubo (the 2022 champion), usually Adrien Moerman (2007, 2014 and 2015) soon-to-be, thus Matthew Strazel.


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