Batter Coast Grand Prix: Five Tournaments of the Tournament

From July 22-24, 2022, the 31st edition of the Grand Prix de la Côte d’Albâtre, a major competition that will take place for the first time in five locations, will be taking place, with the Normandy Côte d’Albate incorporating a golf lesson.

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As in every year or nearly 30 years – the 2020 edition has been canceled due to the health crisis – the Grand Prix de la Côte d’Albâtre returns from today until Sunday. Organized by Le Havre Octeville-sur-Mer golf course, the competition will take place simultaneously on the Dieppe-Pourville, Rouen and Etretat courses and for the first time at the Normandy Côte d’Albâtre golf course (located next to Cany-Barville). “The tradition of organizing it in the last week of July, Emmanuel Brentot, former president of Octavill Club and current president of the competition explains. The new golf course had asked us for a few years to be able to take part in the competition and in agreement with the other chiefs, we accepted. Octeville is the regulator for the next five years. »

The event is divided into two competitions, the Grand Prix, dedicated to the first series of men and women as well as professional players who will play on the grounds of Etretat, Le Havre and Dieppe. And the cup that welcomes the second and third series, the adults and the warriors. “The tournament is mixed. Each series is played on three courts, and the 440 registered players play three courses according to their category associated with their index.”

Participants from abroad

Among the 440 participants, several regulars make the journey to each edition: “People come in caravans, they rent housing… Generally, golf courses only take in 100 to 120 of their players, and the others come from abroad, even from abroad. Last year’s professional winner, Nicolas Mihout, is licensed at Guillon Golf Course. (ur) He will be present to defend his title. » In addition to Mihut, eleven professional golfers will attend.

In terms of point calculations, the jackpot is counted in the Stableford hit and trophy game. “The roads are the same as in previous years. Due to the scale of the competition, we made sure to prepare very nice floors. Departures from 7:30 in the morning in descending order of indexes. You should know that in one day, a hundred players pass on the field.”

Regarding beating, “We add all the hits, Eliot Belverson, licensed at Octavill Golf Course, explains. The player who hits the fewest cumulative hits after three days will win the competition. » For Stableford, the rule is different: “Each hole, depending on its length, has a custom base score called ‘par’. It can be 3, 4 or 5. If a player catches ‘by’ he scores 2 points. If he makes one more move he scores 1 point and one less move he scores 3 Points and so on. From the two hits above the “equal” the player can catch his ball. This formula is used so that the lower quality players who miss a gap completely are not penalized and to avoid games that are too slow. The player with the most points at the end wins the competition. »

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