Possible redundancy, hypothesis paralyzing Aurelian Laureate Baskett’s recruitment process

A month has passed since the announcement of the signing of the French-finance Nyanta Diarra in“OLB. Since then, there is no more official to cheer up the social networks of the club’s followers. While training is scheduled to resume on August 16 only Five players in a team that should have ten Well-known (Nyanta Diarra, Jeremy Lellop, Malila Mutual, Naftali Divewedi, Jean Fabrice Dosso).

This long break owes a lot to The mysterious situation that Aurelian finds himself in, was sportingly demoted to ProB, but still in the midst of elite-level competition if the penalties against Pau were to be maintained. “We are on the alert regarding recruitment,” confirms German Castano. “Next week, there will be a famous invite from Pau, we dare hope we will have some elements of union,” the Orleans coach advances.

Hope has returned to Bao

on the side of the bao, The winds of optimism are blowingAnd the Friday, July 22, with the announcement of advanced negotiations between America’s largest shareholder CSG and French group Eat4Good, headed by Biarrot Sébastien Ménard, with a view to selling shares.

The club’s status, which has appealed to the Federal Chamber, will be reviewed on Monday. exclusionannounced on June 24, then confirmed on July 11, by the Financial Constable in Therefore, the league can be questioned. If not, Elan Béarnais will still have avenues of appeal (to CNOSF and then the Administrative Court in Paris).

If the outcome could have been close (and unfavorable to Aurelian), this long month of uncertainty was nonetheless It’s hard to understand On Laura’s side at a time when the transfer window was supposed to be in full swing.

tough negotiations…

On the other hand, the leveling teams Regarding the number of foreign players authorized in the two divisions (4 foreigners authorized in ProB, including only 1 American; 6 in Betclic Elite, including 4 Americans) completely changes the situation in terms of employment.

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On the other hand, “It’s also complicated for the players we’re dealing with, due to not knowing which department they will play in, “German Castano resumes.” We made a bid for a foreign player who could be a very good ProB item or a good Betclic Elite player, but he preferred to score in D1 Greek. “

Whether Bao’s fate is decided next week or not, Aurelian has every intention Don’t go back to last year’s scenarioThe delay in enlistment resulted in him being punished in the championship debate. A meeting between the coach and leaders is scheduled for next Thursday. “We will not wait until mid-August to make decisions, we will have to make decisions,” the coach assures.

After a dark year for professional clubs in the Métropole d’Orléans, how do they recover?

Jerome Cotton Coudray

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