The disappointment of the 2002 generation, eliminated in the EuroBasket U20 quarter-finals

Vice world champion at U19 last summer, Gill 2002 unfortunately ended his international career. The Lithuanian national team was eliminated from the European Championship quarter-final against Lithuania (79-89) on Thursday, July 21, 2022.

It is a harsh end to the international career of the 2002 generation. Last summer’s vice world champions in the U19s, Frederic Krebs’ men could not repeat such a performance. After losing 89-79 to Lithuania in the quarter-finals, France’s U-20 side will not feature in their last four matches for the first time since 2017. The absence of Victor Wimpanyama, born in 2004 who came to strengthen the squad in Latvia, and the collective experience of this team is of course a lot. . But these are not the only two reasons for the sinking of the French ship.

About “ Fear match ‘”, said Clement Frisch on social networks, the tricolor started meeting in the worst possible way (0-11, 5). Before returning to possessions in the heart of the third chapter (49-53, 27′), having counted twenty lengths (26- 46, 20’). The French will at least have the advantage of bending over and never giving up, but the problems are clearly still the same as the day before against Portugal.

“I was playing crying to defend my country”

Once again, it was the inability to have a playmaker capable of revitalizing the French game that failed the Bleuets. Pressed hard at the start of the meeting and possibly serving on a three-year contract at Monaco, Matthew Strazel had a hard time leading his team. The two-time champion of France managed to slip into the defenses, scoring many points on the free throw line (15/17 on the line). But he exploded a lot in defense. He was wounded in the right elbow, victim of a right wrist sprain as well as a suspected fracture of the coccyx, but gave his last strength in battle. He then explains: “I was playing and crying to defend my country.” Despite the correct long-distance title (9/24), the French caught the superior and more cheerful Lithuanians.

The only silver medal

Many players are now developing in the professional world and many have been disappointed. The 2019 World Cup Silver Contestants have passed the competition. Unknown, Jason Chicambode appeared to lack confidence while Clement Frisch, the victim of a three-finger sprain in his left hand at the start of the tournament, was absent in the ax matches. Never before on the European continent (Euro U18 canceled due to Covid-19), the 2002 generation left the stage with their heads low.

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Jul 21, 2022 at 8:37 am

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