The Last of Us Part 1 PS5: gameplay, new features, 4K / 60 fps, 5 key information about the new version!

game news The Last of Us Part 1 PS5: gameplay, new features, 4K / 60 fps, 5 key information about the new version!

As a sort of response to The Last of Us Part 1 leaks, PlayStation just released a ten-minute video of the infamous remake, which is set to reimagining Ellie and Joel’s original adventure. The chance to discover loads of new images as well as new details, from the mouth of the Naughty Dog. To what extent have the graphics been tweaked up, and what about the gameplay? Here’s our five-point summary with excerpts from the interview!

Find above, in autoplay, the 10-minute presentation video for The Last of Us Part 1.

Since it was announced at the Summer Games Festival last June, the first part of The Last of Us . has taken off As much excitement as misunderstanding. On the other hand, the first images show a clear technical difference with special attention given to facial expressions and combinations. On the other hand, many wonder how interesting such a project – the first The Last of Us movie is not even ten years old and already has a reboot on PS4 – is marketed privately at the high price of 80 euros, on the image of anyone else’s PS5 generation games and Xbox Series. To make matters worse, recent leaks have raised concerns about the gameplay, which has been described as “reconstructedBy Naughty Dog on Twitter, logically following the same philosophy as the generic remake. For the studio and PlayStation, it was now a matter of whether or not to speak up and give more information about The Last of Us Part 1. And that’s exactly what happened on the night of July 21-22, 2022.

“Following flashbacks from The Last of Us Part 2 (…) we had this idea to make The Last of Us better, if not better than Episode Two, a game where we pushed the limits of gameplay (…), graphics” – Neil Druckmann, Co-President of Naughty Dog

How to play in The Last of Us Part 1

Like The Last of Us Part 2?

Since this is the most questionable point at the moment, we’ll start with this one: the gameplay. First of all, during a ten-minute presentation of the first part of The Last of Us, he was just introduced There is no mention of dribbling or being able to lie down, two things presented by The Last of Us Part 2. Obviously: so players won’t be able to hide under cars either, again like in the second installment. Similarly, there is no information to report on a possible overhaul of the level design and exploration of the Adventure Zones, which are more open in the 2020 section. However, we can note the arrival of workbenches in the first part of The Last of Us, which is useful for upgrading weapons and changing their appearance. Above all, Naughty Dog has highlighted the details that will enhance the immersion and credibility of the battles in this new edition.

“(The Last of Us Part 1) is not different but it is much better (…) That is why it is the ultimate way to play the first game” – Neil Druckmann, Co-President of Naughty Dog

Remarkable progress

The most important point is the artificial intelligence of enemies taken from the second part of The Last of Us. “Our AI technology has been incredibly advanced (compared to Part One”) here confirms Matthew Gallant, Project Manager. -The Naughty Dog boss explains that the way “enemies communicate with each other, chase you and overtake you” creates clashes and moments when the player takes Backhand opponents “more bonus”. The team generally talks about a “more sophisticated” AI engine. As a reminder, The Last of Us Part 2 was actually very good in this area.

The Last of Us Part 1 PS5: gameplay, new features, 4K / 60 fps, 5 key information about the new version!

Additionally, note that this better understanding and approach to the environment by NPCs (non-player characters) also applies to your allies. For example, Ellie, when playing Joel, or the two heroes Sam and Henry now benefit from More believable moves When they are about to be discovered by the bad guys. They are even able to anticipate danger in order to take a position accordingly. Good news for avoiding those strange moments, when a friend passes under a beard and nose guard without being seen. In general, motion animation has been the subject of more thorough attention, with “motion matching”. Essentially, the engine chooses the most realistic gestures for your avatar based on the paths entered by the console.

Picture mode, atmosphere, clothes to unlock:

The first part of The Last of Us will welcome new features that fans have been asking for, such as a permanent deathmatch mode (the permanent death of your character) and a sprint mode as well as plenty of new outfits to unlock. We also note the arrival of the portrait mode, at first glance, similar to the one in The Last of Us Part 2, and what should be shown from the original filters on the screen.

Improvements thanks to PS5

point from the technical side

We continue the improvements obtained thanks to the PlayStation 5, and therefore – first of all – the graphics. Since the first trailer and more specifically a comparison Astonishing for Tess’ character, one thing is for sure: the expressions and animations in Part One of The Last of Us will be at least as compelling as those in Part Two of The Last of Us, if not more. During the ten-minute show, Neil Druckman regained his desire for it Closer to the “original vision” of the project and freedom from the technological limitations imposed by the PS3 at the time. On this point, the video reveals another comparison, as the original performance of Sam and Henry rubs the shoulders of the PS5 remake. The result is without appeal: it is starkly realistic.

“The facial animation is more believable (in The Last of Us Part 1, editor’s note). All the nuances, all the little reactions: the look, subtle or long, is closer to the original performance”- Sean Eskeage, Creative Director of Naughty Dog

Another advantage of this power-up, Naughty Dog can keep the same 3D models regardless of the scene, making it possible to offer “smooth” transitions between gameplay and story stages. An important detail for Sean Escaig, Creative Director of The Last of Us Part 1, to keep the player “always in the world” from licensing. A world that is, according to Neil Druckman, “a large part” of the identity of the whole. In this regard, Sean Eskeage talks about a The technical direction has been completely overhauled With a view as well as a level of detail that has been greatly revised to the top. Note the arrival of partially destructible groups, with bullets that can tear concrete, objects are placed to the right and left.

4K/60fps and PS5, what about the graphics modes?

On the PlayStation Blog, we can learn that the remake of The Last of Us will have two graphics modes: native 4K/30fps, and the other at 4K and 60fps.

DualSense Advantages

Inevitably, like every PlayStation game, The Last of Us Part 1 had the right to be included on DualSense, the popular PS5 console. “All weapons in the new version have different resistance when fired with adaptive triggers” Matthew Gallant says: The director, of course, mentioned the bow, which is a great specialty for the Sony console, but he also expanded on the gun: “When you fire it, you’ll have tactile vibration during the shot but also on the pump.” In addition to clashes, haptic feedback – vibrations on the console surface – will occur at more subtle moments, when the hero touches something. Finally, we can observe the use of 3D sound, to locate the enemy with sound alone.

Lots of work on accessibility

We finally finish with an addition that isn’t of interest to everyone but is very important: accessibility. The Last of Us Part 2 has already done wonders in this area, allowing for example to customize the console buttons at will or to distinguish, using color filters, very clearly in the character of the enemies. A work that continues on its way to the first part of The Last of Us. On the PlayStation Blog, we can read that the new version will specify over sixty accessibility options including one that we know is unpublished: Support full audio description. “Every option (of this kind, editor’s note) we add is a barrier that is being removed in front of someone” sums up Matthew Gallant. We can only applaud the effort.

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