Hogwarts Legacy: What do you expect from the playing state of Harry Potter?

game news Hogwarts Legacy: What do you expect from the playing state of Harry Potter?

After the state of play dedicated to Japanese games, Sony is doing it again this week with another event, this time dedicated to the legacy of Hogwarts: Hogwarts Legacy. This open-world role-playing game set in the Harry Potter universe is eagerly awaited by players and fans of the license created by J.K. Rowling. On paper, this is the best Harry Potter game, but we don’t really know anything about the upcoming title. Suffice it to say that this state of play will finally be able to lift the veil on Hogwarts Legacy, but what can we expect?


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What we know

Rumor has it we’ll hear about Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Legacy again. And for once, they were telling the truth. In fact, PlayStation proudly announced to us on March 14 Access to the state of play assigned to gambling. Good news for Harry Potter fans who haven’t heard of the game since last January. Because whoever says custom gameplay status, of course says new information to discover. Especially since Warner has remained very mysterious about this game, but it is planned for later this year.

We already have information on the duration and content of this state of play. For 20 minutes, he will give the floor to members of the Avalanche Software team. as promised A 14-minute series of gameplay captured on PS5. Later, an article on PlayStation Blog He will come back with more details about the content that was unveiled. Appointment Next Thursday, March 17th from 10pm. to find out what happens. Of course we will be there on me the current To discover this state of play with you and comment on it. And to wait, today we will return to what we can expect from this event.

what we expect

Student life at Hogwarts

We said that above, we know very little about this Hogwarts legacy, except that it will drown us in late nineteenth century. This means that this video game adventure will take place long before the adventure of Harry Potter or the birth of Tom Riddle. On the other hand, Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald were born recently. If there is little chance of a second encounter in play, Young Dumbledore could be there. In fact, he sat on the benches of the British School of Witchcraft from 1892 to 1899. From there to say that his presence can be revealed during this state of play, there is only one step.

In addition, Hogwarts Legacy, as the name implies, should take us in the scope A short tour of the history of Hogwarts and the great names that rubbed the shoulders of its rank. We think especially of the four founders of this great school, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. The Hogwarts Legacy can allow us to learn more about the circumstances of the school’s establishment and the divisions that separated the four founders. The same is true of past ghosts that prowl the corridors of Hogwarts, such as Sir Nicholas de Memsey-Burpington (Nick Nearly Headless) or Helena Ravenclaw. this too, This state of play may be an opportunity to learn more about this glimpse into the Hogwarts legacy that the developers have promised us.

However, it is important to remember that JK Rowling is not involved in the development of the title. While it’s provided enough material over the years for the story of the Hogwarts Legacy to fit into the exact timeline of the Harry Potter universe, it’s hard to say what it would be like. In view of A previous post on the PlayStation Blog on the subjectthe developers were eager to produce A coherent game in the big world of Harry Potter. Hogwarts Legacy must respond too For the principles supported by the Portkey Games label. Depending on what this state of play will turn up, we may have details about the canonical side of the title.

Hogwarts Legacy: What do you expect from the playing state of Harry Potter?

In addition, this event is also an opportunity to detail what we already know. At Hogwarts Legacy, we are invited to He embodies a magician of the fifth year, who is as ancient as powerful. Therefore, during his studies, he will have to learn more about the origin of his extraordinary abilities and choose what he wants to do with them. The developers have promised A game with impressive choices and a moral system. But we still don’t know how important these elements are and what form they will take. Add to those questions about choosing a home, where the lessons are, and whether or not you can be part of the quidditch team and you’ll get A number of expectations that certainly cannot be all met in just 20 minutes. Especially since the story doesn’t seem to be the main priority in this state of play.

With nearly three-quarters of this gameplay case dedicated to gameplay, we can expect to get a clear idea of ​​what Avalanche Software is preparing for us in this aspect. In addition to the video that was leaked long before the game was announced, We have never been able to see the real gameplay of this title. Therefore, a great first should allow us to answer a large number of questions.

Hogwarts Legacy: What do you expect from the playing state of Harry Potter?

First, we know Hogwarts Legacy will allow us to Roam free at the British School of Magic. So we can expect to see some gaming sessions in the corridors of Hogwarts Castle. But if this point is sufficiently predictable, It is above all other areas that we would like to discover. We know the title will take us to other places in J.K. Rowling’s world. Let’s see on the trailer the village of Hogsmeade and the prison of Azkaban in particular. But a small dot listing the different areas available will not be rejected. So we hope to see some pictures from Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley, or places that are less emblematic but specific to the history of the game.

Hogwarts Legacy: What do you expect from the playing state of Harry Potter?

Second, we can expect a point Use wand and magic. This gameplay feature is of paramount importance to any self-respecting Harry Potter game. Everyone went there in their small form, somewhat convincing. Complex operation or simple ways of keys to cast spells while one shoots with a gun? We expect this state of play to position itself on the subject.

These are the two main points to expect and there is enough to get around the announced fourteen minutes. But we can also expect some details about the structure of the game’s missions, the freedom we will grant (obligation to go to class at a specific time or not), additional activities such as Bavboules or the wizard’s version of Chess, the importance given to us by a house, rumors about enemy camps, the role of stealth and exploration, etc. . It’s simple, we know so little that we can predict almost anything.

More than just a game case?

Sony tells us “An extraordinary event that we have been working on for a long time now.” A small phrase that may sound innocuous, but it may announce something bigger. Especially since it’s rare to see Sony use such words in a gaming situation. All of this is undoubtedly the result of very enthusiastic communication, but we are not immune to a few small surprises.

In particular, movie fans can hope Watch their favorite actors appear during this state of play. We’re actually not immune to them seeing double characters in the game, and admittedly, that wouldn’t be very coherent as the vast majority of the characters they embody wouldn’t be in Hogwarts Legacy. But the wink will undoubtedly delight the fans, which is enough for them to forgive this little joke. But it’s definitely a crazy dream that’s doomed not to come true, or at least not during this state of play.

Axio release date

Obviously we’re waiting for a release date to complete this state of play. It must be said that we are already in March and The title is still satisfied for 2022 ambiguous. Rumors suggest that the game will arrive sometime in September. But nothing has been confirmed. Due to the lack of information disclosed thus far, the threat of delay still exists. But Warner Media CEO Jason Keeler assured us to keep a release in 2022 for Hogwarts Legacy, and that’s less than two months ago. So delay seems unlikely, even if it cannot be ruled out. See you Thursday evening to see what it’s all about.

Note that if the communication around the game is provided by Sony, the game will already be cross-platform. It’s already planned for PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, and Xbox One.

Hogwarts Legacy: What do you expect from the playing state of Harry Potter?

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