3×3 basketball successfully celebrates urban culture in Reims

The 11th edition of the French Open 3×3 Basketball Tournament was held this weekend, from Thursday to Saturday, in front of Porte de Mars in Reims. Credit: Julien Bacot/FFBB

a report – The 11th edition of the 3×3 Basketball Open de France was held this weekend, from Thursday to Saturday, in front of the Porte de Mars in Reims. A new success for FFBB.

Special Envoy of Reims

High level on the field

In this latest Super League 3×3 event, he did not disappoint the players by playing very good basketball. Invited to the French Open, Melting Pote has taken its favorite spot with world champion Laëtitia Guapo and Hortenze Limouzin in its ranks. They won the trophy in a doomed final against Team Bshop. In the men’s draw, Bordeaux Ballistic and Versailles played the best match of the weekend, during the final they won (17-16) at the end of the Bordla thrill.

The competitions have also given us their share of adrenaline with an exceptional jury responsible for ranking the Donkers: Florent Petrus, Indy Meim, Frank Siegula and more. For the third year in a row, Yohan Lemay is the one who has shown himself to be the most exciting by setting up a very high immersion. For the shooting competition, winner Maud Stervinou caught fire in the three-point sequence and won a record: 11 outside shots in 30 seconds blasting the stands at Reims.

Electric atmosphere in front of the Porte de Mars

In accordance with its policy of making 3×3 basketball more affordable, the FFBB did not offer tickets for this free event with free access. Over the three days, the French Open welcomed at least 6,000 people according to the first estimates of the Federation. During the final stages, the stands were full and noisy.

Still the biggest success of Fédé is the diversity of the audience: family, children, teens, grandparents… Some novice enthusiasts of the orange ball did not hesitate to raise their voices to set the mood, while the simple curious are placed in the stands to discover the practice and the event. A critical mission for the FFBB which always strives to strengthen its discipline, particularly in the area of ​​media coverage.

Workshops and events dedicated to urban culture

If the best players of the French circuit clashed on the central court, another animation invaded the scene of the event. Accompanied by La Caisse d’Epargne, the official partner of the FFBB, the blacklist of the urban sports federation, Carlotta Dudek, the French champion and a member of France’s Breakdance team, is responsible for ensuring the performances of breakdance, a new Olympic discipline, with his teammates for two years. From the Paris Olympics.

“This event allows us to open up another audience by promoting and raising awareness of disruptive icons. Both disciplines are practiced outdoors and are part of a similar culture, street hip hop”Says Abdel Mostafa, coach-coordinator of the French team Breaking.

Breakdancing, parkour and 3×3 basketball shows for children were also organized on Friday and Saturday. “I felt that my son was happy and gained self-confidence during the exercise”A proud mother said she saw her son go through every obstacle of the course to the organizers of the various workshops. At Reims, sharing of values, emotions and feelings prevailed over competition, stress and play. That in itself is a recipe for FFBB’s success since the Tokyo Olympics: the ability to install world-class components for an accessible and unforgettable display.

Next year, the French Open will take place in Rennes, July 27-29, 2023, at Place Charles de Gaulle. A new celebration of urban culture and basketball, the Countdown to the 2024 Paris Olympics will showcase the J-365 token bar.

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