Women’s Tour de France: Antes Charlotte Bravard, sporting director of the city of Saint-Michel – Uber 93, in the race

Having been abandoned for the major women’s ring since 2009, she’s starting to make a comeback. They will be 144 to begin, this Sunday, July 24, in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Antis Charlotte Bravard, the French road champion in 2017, is the sports director of the city of Saint-Michel – Uber 93 …

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30 years.Born January 12, 1992 in Drew. Sports Director of Saint-Michel-Uber since 2021.
Professional profession: Poitou Charentes. Futuroscope 86 (2012-2014), FDJ-Nouvelle Aquitaine-Futuroscope (2014-2019).
His main victories: Classic Vienne Poitou-Charentes (2015), Tour de Charente-Maritime (2016), French road champion (2017).

Charlotte Bravard, what feelings do you have a few hours before the big start?
We are excited ahead of this wonderful return, finally, to the women’s Tour de France. I’ve done this before, but it was in the form of a one-day event with La Course By le Tour (note: organized from 2014 to 2021). We expect the same media coverage, but over the course of eight days!

L’Anétaise Charlotte Bravard, the 2017 French Champion, has turned the page

When you talk about media coverage, what do you expect?
There are many media that will follow us and will broadcast every day on France-Télévisions for two and a half hours.

So you leave the day the boys are done…
Yes, we leave just before their arrival with a start at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, at 1:30pm, and a 100% Parisian stage, with a finish on the Champs-Elysées.

The girls are already excited to be off to a real start to the tour. You have to go step by step.

Wouldn’t you rather finish the tour in Paris, like the boys?
Why not in the future, but the girls are already happy to start a real tour. You have to go step by step. But it is true that getting a second time to Paris is complicated, because it forces you to close off the main arteries. For the organization, it is already a good idea to leave Paris for the wonderful cycling festival.
What is Saint-Michel – Auber’s goal in this round?
We’re not on the same level as the WorldTour teams, we’re just Continental. This will be our third WorldTour race after Paris-Roubaix and RideLondon*. We will try to honor our invitation to the ASO and prove that we earned our spot on the tour. We will try to be bold, go forward to be able to perform.

Charlotte Bravard

In May, she became the first woman to lead a men’s professional team in France (at the Boucles de la Mayenne). What do you do, or what do you do?
This allows me to gain experience. I was glad to see something else. Suddenly, the male sports director (Stefan Gudry) went to the women. It’s good to change, to share this experience.

My goal is to continue to develop the women’s team. When I took it in my hand, it was in the national division. In 2021 we won the Coupe de France and moved up to the UCI level.

And then, is men’s leadership any different?
No, after all, it’s the same job, even if it’s slightly different in terms of communication. It was also good to see the differences that can exist between men’s and women’s cycling. I can also pass this experience on to the girls.

What is your medium term goal? Lead a men’s team one day?
My goal is to continue to develop the women’s team. When I took it in my hand, it was in the national division. In 2021 we won the Coupe de France and moved up to the UCI level. But, if I still have the chance to do some shopping with the guys, I’ll do it because it’s always good to consider it an experience.

On your team, you have Sandrine Bedeau (33), Ludovic’s sister who races the C’Chartres Cyclisme. Is she the one who led you?
It’s one of our good papers for this turn. Every year, Sandrine gets good results (note: she took sixth place in the French road championship in Cholet). We can also count on Canadian Simone Poillard (22 years old) who can go for the jersey of the best young rider on stage.

*In the London Classics, Canada’s Simone Poillard of Saint-Michel-Uber took 9th place.

Anis Maureshon at the beginning
Amateur C’Chartres Cyclisme’s Limougeaude Anaïs Morichon (22) will start the Tour de France on Sunday in Paris, in the Breton Arkéa Pro Cycling squad. When she learned of her tour selection on July 18, she was over the moon: “It’s a young girl’s dream come true. With eleven girls in the workforce, the six places in the selection were worth a lot…” Her place, she owes in particular to the top 10 her this season. The last 13 French road championships specifically saw the third stage, Reims-Epernay. With a finish strewn with rocky trails, a cyclo-cross specialist will be on ground that can let it shine.

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