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Hanoi (VNA) – Martial arts classes, drawing, singing… Very popular for students during summer vacation. In recent years, many parents have started letting their kids try new things like learning to ride horses, play golf and even… learn some manners in Ho Chi Minh City.

At Saigon Farm Horse in Phong Phu Town, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, one of children’s favorite activities is coach-led horse riding, passing through meadows, village roads, and grass fields at dawn or dusk.

Young people go horseback riding. Photo: TN / CVN

explained Lê Tiên Tông, the farm’s co-founder who was previously a jockey at the Phu Tho (North) racetrack.

This farm was set up 5 years ago to breed horses from Australia, England and Arabia that got beautiful names like Nadal Khan, Ma Siu, Arya… It attracts a large number of young practitioners, especially on weekends or in summer.

“I have to teach the children to feed the horses, to talk to them to get to know them, to ride their backs, and then to hold their reins and lead,” Mr. Tong said at first.

Children should take a basic horse riding lesson. Young people over the age of 18 who have passed the basic level can learn more difficult skills such as running, obstacle course, horseback archery… The fee ranges from 6 to 7 million dong/cycle.

On the golf course

It’s not the weekend, but the Kee Hoa golf course in the 10th district of Ho Chi Minh City is crowded with children participating in the “children’s golf” course.

A very authentic summer vacation for young people in Ho Chi Minh Hinh Anh City 2At Ky Hoà Golf Course in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: TN / CVN

In July, young people under 16 take a free course, and their parents only have to pay a fee of VND 100,000 / 100 balls.

Through 8 lessons, youngsters are introduced to golf, warm-up, preparation, and use of clubs. In the following sessions, they can play the #7 putter, roll the ball with the putter, practice clubbing, put the ball on target from a short distance …

According to Lam Thi Khan Yen, 26, director of the Vietnam Golf Academy, more and more families are taking an interest in golf. If parents love golf, their kids are discovering it too.

Grâce à ces cours, l’académie a trouvé de jeunes talents pour une formation de longue durée et une préparation à la compétition professionnelle tels que Nguyên Kiêu Phuong (14 ans), Thai Thuc Quyên (7 ans golf appis), qui on det six months.

Learn good manners

In the dining room, a plate of fried salmon, a portion of French fries and a glass of mineral water are placed in front of the children. How do you cut salmon properly, hold on to a glass of water, or use a tissue to wipe your mouth?
Or how to greet and meet in front of a crowd. These are the skills that children will learn in the classroom at URA Vietnam Etiquette Academy in Ho Chi Minh City.

A very authentic summer vacation for young people in Ho Chi Minh Hinh Anh City 3In a class of teachers dang pao tram at the URA Vietnamese Academy of Ethics in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: TN / CVN

According to Dang Bao Trâm, co-founder of the foundation, etiquette lessons will give children soft skills. If they learn to respect themselves, they learn to respect others and behave in the right way.

This is the first time they are learning etiquette, said Nguyen Huong, from Ho Chi Minh City, a mother of two who attends an etiquette class at the academy. At first, “I thought my kids would get bored quickly, but surprisingly they were so interested and asked me to keep studying.”

Good morals are the set of attitudes, gestures, behaviors, or verbal expressions that are considered compatible with good morals. It contributes to the harmony of relations between individuals in the group, whether within the family, among friends, at school or in the neighbourhood. That is why it is advisable to teach children good manners. – CVN / VNA

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