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new bullets

“I would like to know, in tennis, on which surface the new balls have the greatest effect. We see the player showing his opponent that he is using new balls, but are they more meaningful on one surface or another?”

Michael Sharon

Nicholas Richard’s response:

The new balls have no effect on one surface more than the other. However, they bring out the effect created by each surface. I’ll explain. The new balls are more solid, stable and smoother than the worn ones. So on grass or cement, which are fast surfaces, the new balls will travel faster and bounce more aggressively. Then, on clay, which is a slow surface, but brings out all the impact, the ball will be more difficult for the opponent to play. For example, the bullet effect will be highlighted and made more visible with a new bullet.

east vs west

PHOTO SEAN KILPATRICK, Canadian Press Archives

Jake Wieneke (right), from Montreal Alouettes, passes through Antoine Pruneau (6), from Ottawa Redblacks.

“Am I crazy? I am looking at the Canadian football standings this morning, June 30, 2022, and in total, the Western Division played 14 games and won 10 of them with 71%. The Eastern Division, played 10 games and won 2 with 20%. From season to season Another, the Western Division looks much stronger. Over the past ten years, Western teams have won the Gray Cup seven times against the Eastern Three. Do you have a theory to explain this discrepancy?”

Andre Joslin

Reply from Miguel Bogold:

No, you’re not fooled, and things haven’t changed in the past few weeks. As of July 21, the West’s overall record was 19-8 while the East’s was 4-15. What’s more, in inter-division matches, West has a record 13-2! In fact, all teams are subject to the same rules, but the dominance of the West continues. One possible explanation is that teams in the West generate much higher revenue than their cousins ​​in the East, allowing them to have better facilities overall.

This fact is definitely an asset in the free agent market. Another factor is that the enthusiasm for the CFL is much greater in the West, which is perhaps a motivating effect on the teams, who are putting more pressure on them by scrutinizing them daily. The third explanation is that all five Western teams know they must be strong in order to compete in their league. There are often a few bad teams in the East, which makes it easier for the better teams. The fact that there is another team in the West should reduce the room for maneuver, but at the end of the day there are often four teams from the West and two from the East participating in the playoffs. This may be the case again this year.


PHOTO PAUL ELLIS, a press archival agency in France

Dustin Johnson at Old Stadium in St Andrews, Scotland, on July 17

“By joining the new LIV Golf Tour, Dustin Johnson has given us the inescapable explanation for those who decide first and foremost in dollars. Can we see a comparative table of scholarships that will be offered at LIV compared to those of the PGA?”

Donald St. Pierre

Nicholas Richard’s response:

The difference between the bags given by the PGA Tour circuit and the LIV Series is still noticeable. In the 2021 season, PGA players earned, on average, between $1 million and $2 million. In 2022, the portfolios of the major tournaments were increased. Thus, Scotty Scheffler earned 2.7 million by winning the Masters, Justin Thomas was offered 2.7 million by winning the PGA Championship, Matthew Fitzpatrick had 3.15 million by winning the US Open, and Cameron Smith was offered 2.5 million by winning the British Open. The major tournaments offer generous prize money.

On the other hand, LIV Golf Course offers huge contracts to golfers who join the course. Even before they hit the ball, they all have a guaranteed sum. It can range from a few tens of millions of dollars to 200 million, depending on the talent and reputation of the golfers. Others are added to this amount. The cash bag for each tournament is estimated to be worth $25 million. About 20 million are redistributed to players according to their scores. The pockets of the winner of the tournament 4 million and the other in the 48th placee Place, receives $120,000. Then, the remaining $5 million is split between the three teams with the highest score: $3 million for the winning team, $1.5 million for the second and $500,000 for teams finishing at the bottom of the podium. Each reward is distributed to the players.

Finally, at the end of the season, when the seven tournaments are held, a reward of $18 million will be given to the player who points to the top of the general classification, 8 million for the one who finishes second and 4 million for whoever completes the podium. Next, the team that takes first place in the cumulative ranking will split $16 million, and so up to 1 million for 12e And the last team.

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