FAIT DU SOIR “L’instant Golf”, this new Alesian complex that delights the experienced and does not hinder the novice

Fabian Garcia, co-founder of L’instant golf, offers the demonstration on the side of the training box. (Photo by Corentin Migoule)

Le 23 juin dernier, à Alès, trois golfeurs amateurs spécialisés dans la conception de logiciels informatiques ont uni leurs forces pour donner naissance à « L’instant golf », un complexe qui fait la part belle à la pratique du golf indoor associée à des socialée advanced.

eager to Escalation Management From their new establishment, they voluntarily run a simple connection at first. A month after the complex called L’instant golf opened on June 23, they discovered their go-to speed. Software design specialists Fabian Garcia, Olivier Derenberger and David Blachon joined in their efforts to create this ambitious project which, although not intended to replace the one imagined by local elected officials near Saint-Hilaire-de-Bräthemas – is now buried (read here) – He has everything to satisfy the most wanted customers. “The nearest golf course is about twenty minutes away in Ribaute-les-Tavernes, after which you have to go to Uzès or Nîmes”puts Fabian Garcia in context.

He is convinced that the significance of his new structure constructed at No. 612 on the road to Uzès, very close to the Ring Road, will soon be revealed to the general public. The activity is aimed at both golfers and non-golfers.This amateur practitioner warns. And to justify: “When you are not a golfer, it is very difficult to start if a family member or friend does not introduce you. There may be prejudices, especially regarding pricing. Here we accompany the client, help them, and tell them where they should put them. There is nothing to be afraid of. “Just focus on practice. We are really the first step to golf practice. After going through us, the customer can get to step two by setting off on a real ride.”

All swing data is accurately analyzed by radar and facilitates progression. (Photo by Corentin Migoule)

The comfortable, quiet and air-conditioned complex offers a premium indoor golf setting, which is decorated with the latest technology tools to help the client progress. The first box with a high roof and equipped with a radar trackman “Used by all professionals around the world”, allows real-time analysis of the shot (swing) that has just been played – a real ball and a real club – and to determine what went wrong. Ball speed, range, racket trajectory, direction, spin rate or angle of attack are all parameters analyzed by the high-performance software.

A few meters away, the second square was qualified as “fun” It offers more than 200 virtual courses to its user who is then halfway between a super realistic video game and the traditional practice of golf on a real course. The top of the facility houses a third box, which combines long-range shot analysis, techniques and stroke training similar to mini golf. thought like “Friendly place”In the institution there is also an outside terrace and a restaurant view, while a corporate space (team building, meetings) has been allocated with tables, chairs, TV and video projector.

In France there are 21 other institutions of this type. The closest is in Vedène, near Avignon, making the only Alesian complex of its kind in the Occitanie region. Its start has been promising according to the diverse client profile, bringing together experienced golfers, amateurs and couples who want to share their passion. “In one month, our level of play has really gone up, which shows the importance of technology”Appreciate Fabian Garcia who tries it a little bit every day. And to add: “Golf is very addictive. Using this kind of tool, we break down barriers to progress. It’s fun!” At Alice, the democratization of indoor golf by organizing tournaments, open days, and perhaps opening will go through well and deservedly.

Corentin Miguel

L’instant golf, at 612 route d’Uzès, at Alès. Open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., ages 10. Graduation rates: €35 per hour for one person. 50% discount for the second hour, i.e. €17.50 per person. For two people: €25 per person for the first hour and €12.50 for the second hour. Also, for 4 players in the same box, the price of one hour of training was set at 15 euros per person. The price for the package of 10 individual sessions of one hour in the box equipped with the Trackman is 175 euros. Finally, count 15 euros an hour to get to the “training” area and 15 euros for 30 minutes to get to the hitting area.

L’instant golf offers free parking and an outdoor terrace. (Photo by Corentin Migoule)

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