Stray: Everything you need to know about the best game of the year

game news Stray: Everything you need to know about the best game of the year

Cat lovers in the summer of 2020, discover Stray, a narrative adventure game borne by an extremely adorable and adorable ginger cat. The four-legged hero can be seen roaming around in a futuristic city inhabited by robots. His mission: to find his way home under the glow of neon lights. Today, we’re sharing five things you need to know about Stray, Game of the Year.


  • Narrative game with some puzzles =
  • electronic city
  • in the skin of a cat =
  • first project =
  • Temporary disqualification

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Narrative game with some puzzles =

No name or date was given for this red cat during her shows. We just know that he comes out of nowhere and finds himself completely lost in the enormity of the Internet city. This is what the description sheet tells us: A stray cat must solve an ancient mystery to escape from a forgotten electronic city and return home. BlueTwelve studio representatives assure that the narrative will be the cornerstone of the adventure. Our cat is not alone because it is equipped with a backpack that acts as a shelter for the B-12, a drone that allows our cat to communicate with the city’s robotic inhabitants, but also to interact with its environment. The B-12 can also pile things up and have a flashlight to explore the darkest corners of the sprawling city.

Most of the environmental puzzles and action steps seem to be arranged mostly around the natural talents of the mustachioed protagonist. For example, we’ve seen a short chase series with strange, fluorescent rat-like creatures that require the use of full cat agility. The life of the promised straight line is seven to eight hours, and nine to 10 hours for complements. BlueTwelve relies on a diversity of rhythm and content, which ranges from simple crossovers, then mini puzzles, to moments of action and investigation. Now let’s see if the execution is convincing.

electronic city

From what we’ve seen, our snapshot’s first steps are in fairly linear progression. Each jump to a new platform is carefully supervised; Edge loss is not suitable for clamping, so “We agreed on a compromise where all the leaps work”BlueTwelve is justified. A quick look at the following chapters reveals that The movements seem less instructive and benefit from a certain verticality. How far remains to be seen. In particular, a cat can descend from a high place by climbing into a bucket pulled by a rope. It is up to him to catch the attention of passers-by so that they will cast some tidbits on him.

The environments are really attractive and you navigate between bustling city centers and noisy wastelands. In the Playstation blog we have already been introduced to the village of “Antvillage”, a village built around a huge reservoir. The decor is inspired by the streets of old Hong Kong. It is promised that each of the inhabitants of these places has a story that defines them. It’s still hard to tell if they have much to say. We note, however, that a mysterious language lines the walls of the alleys.

Stray: Everything you need to know about the best game of the year

in the skin of a cat =

For BlueTwelve Studio “Building a cat was really the hardest part”. From the use of the camera to the collision systems, it is clear that it was necessary to reinterpret the space according to the protagonist. In this sense, the accessibility of the platforms has to be credible, because the cat, as witty as it is, is generally able to sneak around as it pleases, and BlueTwelve claims to have taken care of this point in the game. No motion capture use of the chat animation has been made. Each paw is hand painted, and the result is amazing. The process is explained on the PlayStation Blog with these terms:

Miko, our chat host, took the challenge head-on and spent a great deal of time searching for photos and videos to use as a reference. In the process, we made a strange but happy discovery: The entire internet seems to have been invented with the sole purpose of posting pictures and videos of cute cats! So we found a lot of good references to work with.

You also know that about 80% of team members own a cat (or a cat does, depending on the point of view, they say), and inevitably the team quickly got very inspired seeing them interact with desktop items. Role-playing requires a button that allows the little hero to meow at any cost, even during movie scenes, which is enough to be very annoying if you want to. And if you like, you can also let him fall asleep in a ball for a moment. Finally, haptic feedback is exploited and will be customized to make you feel the animal’s physicality.

Stray: Everything you need to know about the best game of the year

first project =

stray This is the first attempt by BlueTwelve Studio, a young studio with about a dozen employees according to their LinkedIn page. You’ll be happy to know that the developers are French and based in Montpellier. The studio was formed in 2016 and describes itself as “A small team from the south of France consists mainly of cats and a handful of humans.” We don’t know much about this small team that is still very conservative.

We also have a developer blog, which is still sparse, but where we learn in particular that the game was first codenamed HK before it became stray. The first artwork dates back to 2015. The concept was imagined seven years ago by Koola and Viv, founders of BlueTwelve Studio. Swann Martin-Raget, Producer at BlueTwelve Studio recently spoke about the evolution of their work: “It’s amazing to think that it is now a complete game, and players around the world will soon be able to discover and enjoy it. The development took time, and we learned a lot along the way. Among the many challenges and discoveries of this project, it is clear that creating an interactive conversation has been the most important task complicated!”

But how can such a small team propel its first game to the top of major conferences like Gamescom or the State of Play? Well, her editor is definitely not for nothing! Stray is paid for by the steel reputation of her publisher Annapurna Interactive. The company is already behind several successful independent businesses, such as “Otter Wilds” or “What Remains of Edith Finch”.

Temporary disqualification

Those who don’t own a PS5 can be assured, Stray will be a temporary console exclusive! If you are an Xbox player and still want to enjoy the game, there is still hope. On the other hand, we don’t know when exactly this exclusivity will end. One thing is for sure: Stray will be available July 19 on PC and PlayStation 5 and will be one of the first games to be released directly in Sony’s new PS+ subscription format. Concretely, this means that Extra and Premium subscribers will be able to enjoy the game at no additional cost since its launch.

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