8 mythical creatures that we definitely want to see in future video games

Lots of video games She highlighted creatures from different myths around the world, however! There are still a lot of them Who deserve to have a place in future video games. We invite you to discover 8 folkloric or mythical creatures that we would love to meet On an upcoming adventure. And you’ll be able to see that they come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

1) cuckoo

Wakwac It is a vampire-like creature in Filipino mythology. It is said to hunt humans at night as a common prey, especially in rural areas of the Philippines. Difference between Manananggal (Another famous creature in Filipino mythology) The Wakwak is that Wakwak can’t separate his torso from his body while Manananggal can. Some think so cuckoo It is a form of vampire. Others claim that wakwak is huge Philippine night owl More related to witches.

Wakwak (Filipino).
Wakwak is a vampire bird-like creature in Filipino mythology. It is said to snatch humans at night as prey.#digital art #monster # Monster Design # whores #wakwak # legends # legends pic.twitter.com/yJwGnzvHaA

June 9, 2020

The latter is often described as having sharp long claws And a pair of wings that resemble a bat. She uses her claws or claws to wound her victims and grab their hearts. It is also said that His wings are as sharp as a knife.

2) mimicry / gitulian dog

In the year 1551, Swiss naturalist Konrad Gessner Publish his reference work Historia Animalium, dozens of illustrations of exotic animals, including the Getulian dog (Canis getulus). Most of the other dogs described and described in the book (eg, greyhounds and terriers) are still about half a thousand years later. But what about the getulian dog ?

Description provided by Topsell It reveals that the Getulian Hound had a shaggy appearance, short tail, curved back, and a pointed black face resembling a hedgehog. An alternative name is given to it: tradition.

3) Bunacon

Although we have an alternative version in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with Thor AlfredWe’re still waiting to see real flesh and blood in a video game. Bonnacon (sometimes called Bonacon or Bonasus) is A mythical animal native to Asia and Greece, which takes the form of a bull with horns facing inward. Since inverted horns do not allow it to attack, Alponcon emits gases He has the peculiarity of being able to incinerate his enemy (a little like a skunk).

A type of bison/bull that is able to set off the wind and ignite his opponents, has the ability to become an enemy. maybe it will appear In an upcoming game South ParkAnd the who knows.

4) Egypt

In Greek and Roman mythology, a gipan is a rural deity who is half man and half animal, often with goat feet and ears. They were related to the god Pan, and were like satyrs. The first Jiban was born From pan and nymph Iga And it passes to the inventor of the sea conch trumpet, which explains why the two pockets are carried fish tail.

Artwork by Solidevo.

It’s easy to imagine an Egyptian In a futuristic game between land and sea.

5) Pans

Guillaneu She is a folkloric figure who takes on the features of a mysterious knight on a Mallet horse, which can be found in French folk songs, especially in Vendée and Poitou. It will be La Guillaneu An object associated with fairies or witchesRiding a crazy horse without a head or a tail.

La Guillaneu will be a contestant who have visited western and central France During the New Year period associated with gifts exchanged at that time. In Vendée and on the island of Oléron, I embodied it The traditional quest for Christmas.

6) Tika Hair

The Teka-Her appears in the video game Goitya, but not in the most common form described by the Egyptians. It is, according to ancient texts, a feral serpent from Egyptian mythology. It was mentioned in book of doorsAnd he is the guardian of God’s command, and his task is to ascertain Duat . securityUnderworld of the dead.

Artwork by Sufian Idrassi.

According to these same writings, the underworld It is inhabited by a large number of dangerous spirits, tasked with menial tasks such as torturing cursed souls or guarding the roads. Armed with knives, their appearance is a nightmare. The appearance of Tika HairThe giant, glowing-eyed snake is no exception. In the game Goetia, Teka-Her takes on more of a demonic ghost appearance; For our part, we would like to find out A giant snake with bright eyes and deserves the worst horror movies In a futuristic video game.

7) Lasavik

Artwork by Artur Basak.

Lasavik It is a mythical creature from Belarusian mythology. This is a character who lives in vineyards, has one eye, a long beard, and always goes out. A very long whip in his hand. When he walks in the swamps, his eyes shine like light. He is considered a guardian of the swamps, and if his swamp dries up, as he died.

8) The jij

JijAccording to Belarusian tradition, the spirit of fire, constantly spreading on the earth, emits tongues of flame. If it moves slowly, the earth only burns; If it moves fast, it causes fires that consume forests and fields.

And for your part, have you heard of mythical creatures that will have their place in future video games? Feel free to send us your feedback on this topic. Via our comments section! And if you want to continue reading on another topic (but still related to mythology), you can refer to our previous article that takes a look at the multiple creatures drawn from mythology in the Harry Potter saga, And other creatures that were invented to fulfill the needs of the epic.

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