Basketball. In Caen, the new leader Yannick Blanc will not be out of place

Yannick Blanc is coming off two promising seasons at Kaysersberg, at National 1. He’s played three years in Pro B before, with less playing time. © Kapka

Among all the recruits Cayenne Basket CalvadosHe will surely be the least in place when he reaches his new destination. Yannick Blanc smiles: “Kaen isn’t my home, but I’m there every summer.” The young playmaker is the companion of Camille Hamard, who went through USO Mondeville Training Center and then Dover BCN. “I’ve made a lot of friends in Caen, follow the guy who opened the CBC recruitment drive. It’s nice to check into a city I know so well.”

Cain, logical continuation

Joining Caen, where his relatives live, “it’s a bonus and was a reflection element,” the defector from Kaysersberg admits. Yannick Blanc arrives in such a familiar environment that he expected to be in Normandy in two weeks. The trainee at the Federal Center just waited for the end of the French Open, the biggest national three-for-three tournament, to pack his bags. Saturday 23 July 2022, his journey did not stop until the semi-finals of this tough competition.

We made a team of friends four or five years ago. At first, it was really for fun. This year, we had higher goals.

Yannick White

Discipline tempts the native of Angoulême, but is prioritized towards the five versus the classic five. Yannick Blank chose Kane to continue his lead. “It’s a team aiming for the top of the table and that’s what I wanted,” he said. It’s the next logical step. After two promising seasons at Kaysersberg (12 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists in every game last season), Yannick Blanc wanted to rise through the ranks.

In tandem with Karl Una Embu

However, in Calvados, it would be subject to tougher competition. “I expect it to be more difficult. Which is why I chose to join a big club. That’s what I need to progress. If I am alone, I advance more slowly than if I am surrounded. In this case, it is Karl Una Imbo who will play the big brother in the lead. .

I have a lot of Poitevin’s friends who know him well (the two men played Poitiers, editor’s note), they told me to follow his advice because he’s a good guy.

“I couldn’t show what I deserved in Pro B”

Follow the wise advice, Yannick Blanc knows how to do it. While listening to CBC’s new coach, Stefan Eberlin, relaunch his career two years ago. Stefan Eberlin recruited him to freelance for a short period with Souffelwersheim, in Pro B. “He advised me to go to National 1 to regain confidence and responsibilities, says the former Insep resident. I had already thought about it.” After three years in the elite waiting room, on Despite the title of best young man with Poitiers, Yannick Blanc slipped to jump better.

I couldn’t show what I deserved in Pro B. I don’t make much of it, it doesn’t matter. I give myself time.

At the lower level, Yannick Blanc expresses himself. This is the main thing here. Too bad if, having been part of France’s U-16-20 team, we can imagine things would go much faster. “Back then, I had my head already on my shoulder, I knew there was still a lot of work to do,” he says. Yannick Blanc, 23, is in no hurry. “I really don’t put any pressure on myself. I have ambitions to return to Pro B, but not necessarily now. I want to let things come at the right time.”

“Bring my fighting spirit”

In the short term, a person who started basketball at the age of three aspires only to ” [s]“Thriving in a club looking for the top of the table.” Yannick Blanc will develop on an already very experienced track record.

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I will bring my fighting spirits back and bring the energy back to the field. That’s what I’ve been doing since I started playing basketball.

Yannick Blanc will take over from shooter Karl Una Imbo, and he will be aggressive. But his reputation is also that of a leader with a highly developed basketball IQ. “I spent three seasons in Pro B, and that helped me a lot. There are often great leaders.”

2 year contract

Yannick Blanc can hope to become one in the near future, ideally with Kane. His two-year contract shows a desire to settle down. But the man who shone at the Palace Sports at the start of last season (18 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals) is more determined than ever to move forward step by step.

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