Basketball/National 3: Five Lot-e-Garonne clubs in the same group, derbies of spades

The French Federation did not do things by halving, bringing together the five division clubs in the same group. Derby galore. It will start from the first day of the tournament.

Orange ball fans, at Lot-et-Garonne, were desperate to get it. The French Basketball Federation agreed to their wishes.

Indeed, with the rise of BC Layrac-Astafort from Pré-Nationale along with the demotion of Villeneuve-sur-Lot and Agen, Val d’Albret and AC2B Pays de l’Agenais are no longer the only representatives in this national championship class. Five Lotte-et-Garonne clubs will try to shine there. It wouldn’t be an easy task with a schedule full of frequent derbys. The tone will be set on day one with the clash between AC2B Pays de l’Agenais and Val d’Albret. The sixth, twelfth and final day will not lack spice with two derbys at a time.

14 clubs in the pool

These are very special encounters with often uncertain outcomes. And with so many derbies in the season, there will be no room for error at the Lote-et-Garonne clubs.
Another new thing is that the number of clubs has now increased to 14 in the group, compared to 12 last season. The route will therefore be extended by four additional meetings on the programme.

This hen would be very innovative in Pays de l’Agenais and Val d’Albret. No more long trips to the limousine. Make way for New Aquitaine with short trips into the heart of Chalusi. Not to mention some raids in Occitanie.
This Hen D consists of the Landes Clubs of Réal Chalossains, Tursan Chalosse, Elan Tursan, Malaussanne and Coteaux de Luy. I added the Oloron Club in Béarn and the Valence-Condom Club in Gers (for the first short foray into Occitania). All of these formations developed during the last exercise in group C.

Three upgrade

To these nine Nationale 3 members, you can add three upgraded BC Layrac-Astaffort, Landais d’Adour Dax (the first from Pré-Nationale Nouvelle Aquitaine last year) and the Toulouse Basket Club Reserve (the amount upgraded to them from the regional championship). for Occitania). Finally, you spruce up all of this with two squadrons of the 47 that have come down from the top floor and you get a catchy program.

Club cashiers are rubbing their hands a bit with the crowds that could be out there. In the Agenaise conglomerate, it will be necessary to make choices (or alternate). BC Layrac Astaffort and AC2B (in his Colayrac room) will evolve at the same time in the house until the sixth day, then it will be up to Agenais and always to AC2B to be up front.
But to shine, the 47-man clubs will have to make many achievements abroad. Which promises an exciting season…


Day 1 (A: 09/10/2022 and R: 01/14/2023). BC Layrac Astaffort – Ilan Tursan; Villeneuve BC-Valence condom; AC2B Pays de l’Agenais – Val d’Albret; Tursan Chalosse – Agen BC.

Day Two (A: 09/17/2022 and R: 01/28/2023). – Toulouse 2 – BC Layrac Astaffort; Agen BC – Coteaux de Luy; Val d’Albret – Tursan Chalosse; Valence condoms – AC2B Pays de l’Agenais; Real Chalossais – Villeneuve BC.

The third day (A: 09/24/2022 and R: 04/02/2023). – Malausan – Ajin BC; BC Layrac Astaffort-Oloron; Villeneuve BC – Toulouse 2; AC2B Pays de l’Agen – Réal Chalossais; Adour Dax – Val d’Albret.

Fourth day (A: 01/10/2022 and R: 11/02/2023). – Toulouse 2 – AC2B Pays de l’Agenais; Oloron-Villeneuve BC; Agen BC-Adour Dax; Val d’Albret – Coteaux de Luy; Real Chalossais – BC Layrac Astaffort.

Day 5 (08/10/2022 & R: 2/25/2023) – Malausan – Val d’Albrete; Agen BC – Real Chalossais; Villeneuve BC – BC Layrac Astaffort; AC2B Pays de l’Agenais – Oloron.

Sixth day (A: 10/15/2022 and R: 04/03/2023). – Laerac BC – Astafort – AC2B Pays de l’Agenais; Val d’Albret – Agen BC; Ilan Tursan – Villeneuve BC.

Day Seven (A: 10/29/2022 & R: 03/11/2023) – Agen BC – Valence Condom; Val d’Albret – Ilan Torsan; AC2B Pays de l’Agenais – Villeneuve BC; Torsan Chalusi – BC Layrac Astafort.

The eighth day (A: 05/11/2022 and R: 03/18/20233). – Oloron – Agin s. BC Layrac Astaffort – Coteaux de luy; Villeneuve BC – Tursan Chalusi; Valence-Val d’Albret condoms; Ilan Torsan – AC2B Pays de l’Agenais.

The ninth day (A: 11/12/2022 and R: 01/04/2023). – Malaussanne – BC Layrac Astaffort; Agen BC-Toulouse 2, Val d’Albret-Real Chalossais; Tursan Chalosse – AC2B Pays de l’Agenais; Adour Dax – Villeneuve BC.

Round 10 (A: 11/19/2022 and 04/15/2023). – Toulouse 2 – Val d’Albrete; B. C. Layrac Astaffort-Adour Dax; Villeneuve BC – Coteaux de Luy; AC2B Pays de l’Agenais – Malaussanne; Elan Tursan – Agen BC.

The eleventh day (A: 03/12/2022 and R: 29/04/2023). – Coteaux de Luy – AC2B Pays de l’Agenais; Malaussanne-Villeneuve B.C.; Agen BC – BC Layrac Astaffort. Val d’Albret Oloron.

The twelfth day (A: 10/12/2022 and R: 06/05/2023). – Lierack Astafort – Val d’Albret; Villeneuve BC – Agen BC; AC2B Country Agenais – Adour Dax.

The thirteenth day (A: 07/01/2023 and R: 13/05/2023). – Agen BC – AC2B Pays de l’Agenais; Val d’Albret-Villeneuve B.C.; Valencia Condoms – BC Layrac Astafort.

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