Camp Epsilon and Strasbourg Baskett Center – Mam Gaet: “It’s all here”

Last Thursday, in Strasbourg, a special camp ended in a special place, at the Basket Center in Strasbourg. And the international hub appreciated what he had a lot.

The “Upsilon” camp was the first initiative of Yassin Awadi, the player development assistant at CSP Limoges, and has the peculiarity of being dedicated to professional gamers. This makes it an exceptional camp, where players find high-level supervision on site, to accompany them not only in terms of basketball, but also in terms of mental and psychological support, with supervision of course in physiotherapy. Even a nutritionist to ensure a balanced diet for the participants.

And since the basketball camp organized every summer takes place in parallel, by Nicholas Lang and Leo Westerman, there were plenty of people for this very attractive final match, which took place on Thursday night. Because the Epsilon camp has also attracted a large number of professionals. Lahau Konate (Bologne Levallois) had already left. But they were present on the floor that evening, among others, Alsatian professionals Nico Lang, Leo Westermann, Hugo Invernessi, Ludovic Beyhurst, as well as Jonathan Russell, Jack Alling, Gaylor Courier, Jesse Bejarin, Alex Gavrilovich, Boudian Massa, who will play. At SIG this season. There was also Mam Gait, Eurocup MVP with Bologna, as well as some promising youngsters such as Tom Digbo, under the eyes of his father, or Alan, the camp supervisor, or Nader Heffy (Le Portel), MVP recently at Quai 54 whose admirer the club was there.

All this led to a lively, offensive and spectacular match, the river scored in a cheerful and festive atmosphere in front of nearly 800 spectators, and in a unique setting, the famous Basket Center in Strasbourg. This 3,000 square meter complex was commissioned in October 2021 and is located a stone’s throw from Meinau Stadium, home of Racing Strasbourg, which is also unique. It offers, seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., three basketball courts (standard at six 3X3) for recreational basketball practice, also climbing with a dedicated wall. But it is also equipped to receive teams, as evidenced by the gym and wellness area (sauna, cryotherapy, massage area), meeting room, restaurant …

Back to this camp like no other in a place like no other, with the satisfied Mam Jayeh who hasn’t regretted the trip.

Photography: Nader Haifi
Photo: Tom and Alan Digbo
Photo: Hugo Invernizzi

Mam, why did you choose to indulge in this type of camp?

For me, it is first and foremost a kind of cleaning. Because I had a really long season, I cut a little bit after the France team window. So it allows me to be able to resume working in a very professional environment, with professional players, and therefore at a certain level. And unfortunately, in France – I’m from the Paris region – we have a very difficult time finding opportunities like this, as well as places like this. There is everything here. Not just a basketball court. And in Paris to find that …

Aside from basketball, how would you rate the support given to you?

And here there is everything and a follow-up to mental and psychological preparation. It allows me to be able to think about basketball, but also to explore what I can improve, in which direction I will work, on other levels; There, for example, I am not in good shape yet, and this camp allows me to find a place here, where there is a fairly complete support. There are physiotherapists and physical trainers, but there are also more diverse things that allow you to see something else, see yourself differently; This allows, of course, to play basketball, in a somewhat different setting where we have no side systems, a group stake. It’s the best way to get back into basketball.

There was a lot of relaxation in this game, is that a good thing?

It was real fun. We can’t play this kind of match right with everyone. Often when you play with lower level players, they tend to get out of hand. However, these are matches where you have to have some control and be alert, because we are not necessarily at our best. With players of this caliber, we all know our place in our form, and everyone plays with a certain cleanliness. It’s perfect for me, anyway, to get back in shape, because the French national team is coming up in a week.

And how do you feel when you are the best player in the European Cup to play on the same grounds as the best player in Quai 54?

Between MVP, we understand each other (Laugh). It’s great, I’m so happy to see what he’s capable of, his game evolving, he’s starting his professional career. And I’m curious how cool the boy is, too. It’s all fun. »

Opening photo: Mam Jaiteh. All photos: Epsilon

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