GTA Online Criminal Enterprises, New Update Available: Everything You Need to Know

news tip GTA Online Criminal Enterprises, New Update Available: Everything You Need to Know

We’ve been waiting for it for a while now, and the summer update finally arrives in GTA Online today! Titled Criminal Ventures, it brings its share of new features and major changes that will delight gamers who are hungry for money and power and willing to do anything to get it.

While waiting for some unexpected news from Grand Theft Auto VI, fans of the world of chaos and crime rock star Enjoy on GTA Online and try to take control of Los Santos with great strikes of robbery and organized crime. If they are already taking advantage of weekly updates that bring them their share of rewards, discounts and other events, As of today, they will be able to take advantage of the major update called Criminal Companies. Like the Winter Decade event, this summer update will allow you to discover new ways to cash in on your highly illegal business, incorporate new vehicles, and even new operation. We will explain everything to you.


  • The Paper Trail: The Oil Kings
  • Crime doesn’t work?
    • CEO Office
    • HQ . biker
    • arms trafficking
    • Nightclub
  • some modifications

The Paper Trail: The Oil Kings

One of the major additions to the Criminal Enterprises update is certainly the new “Paper Trail” operation. Very inspired by the daily news of the moment, it will allow you to join the IAA state organization Thwarting the manipulations orchestrated by the Dogan family, the top oil magnates Potentially responsible for the sharp rise in fuel prices.

To get around this process, you can start alone or in collaboration with up to 4 players. Obviously the goal is to get a great jackpot to help you get rich.

Crime doesn’t work?

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises, New Update Available: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re the type to run a nightclub, a biker headquarters, be a top CEO or even do some gun trade to make ends meet, you’ll be glad to hear that many new people are waiting for you in the Criminal Enterprises update. In fact, to justify this title, you can now try out several new missions and discover new characters whatever your favorite activity.

CEO Office

If you’re hoping to one day become as rich as Elon Musk, you’ve certainly branched out into the CEO business and invested in an office. If so, you will now be able to contact your new team manager, Lupe, to gain access to new special items. In addition, thanks to this new fellow, a shipment of special goods will arrive daily in front of your warehouse. Finally, two new sources for the supply of special goods will also be made available.

HQ . biker

If your role model is closer to the villains of Sons of Anarchy than the men in suits, then you are definitely the owner of Motorcycle Headquarters. from today, The latter’s customization workshop will allow you to modify customers’ motorcycles, to then hand them over for some GTA dollars and RP. In addition, you will have access to Two new headquarters contracts on the conference room wall.

arms trafficking

For chaos to reign in Los Santos, you must be able to maintain it. And nothing like a little arms smuggling to achieve such an outcome. If you don’t have any ethical issues with this type of activity (we promise, we won’t judge you), you’ll be glad to knowA new client will be on your list today: Ammu-Nation. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to access files daily new births. In addition, two new resupply missions will be available in your vault.


Most of the night people among you are sure to have already switched to organizing nightclubs. If this is your case, you will now be able to connect with two more people to do some extra activities. For nightclub management tasks, you will have to contact Tony. However, for goods collecting missions for your warehouse, you will need to contact Yohan.

some modifications

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises, New Update Available: Everything You Need to Know

In addition to the new Operation Paper Trail and Criminal Enterprises news, today’s new update brings some gameplay tweaks for all GTA Online players. Among them, we mainly keep the following changes:

  • Business related activities, including sales assignments, can be initiated via Private sessions by invitation
  • Increase the number of properties that can be obtained 8 to 10
  • Decreased effectiveness of the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II homing missilesslowing down its countermeasures and reducing the number of its uses
  • Many general improvements including Ability to immediately hang up calls from multiple contacts offering tasks
  • Many new vehicles have been added

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