Juventus returns in the next FIFA!

Juventus marks his return in the FIFA license after three years of absence. The black and white club has signed an agreement with EA that marks the end of the PES exclusive.

[Mis à jour le 26 juillet 2022 à 09h57] FIFA 23 arrives in our living rooms on September 30th and intends to change the way we see football matches. EA’s most popular franchise celebrates its last anniversary before a complete break with FIFA, and brings us an annual release more powerful than ever, with Hypermotion 2 and a strong start to women’s football. The other news of the day is that FIFA 23 can boast of bringing Juventus back from Turin among its teams, after the Italian club recently signed an agreement with Electronic Arts. So, after three years of exclusivity to Pro Evolution Soccer, Juve will be available in FIFA 23.

EA recently announced that it has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Juventus Turin. Thus, the Italian club will return in upcoming EA Sports games, so FIFA 23 and EA’s next independent license, EA Sports FC. Prior to that, Juventus was exclusive to Konami’s PES and eFootball games, and that was just over three years ago. So FIFA players will be happy to find the Italian club’s stars in play, such as Adrien Rabiot or recent rookie Paul Pogba, who just injured his right meniscus elsewhere. This partnership will also lead to many related actions between EA and Juventus, and will continue after the end of the FIFA Games in 2023.

Two minutes of trailer, solid sequence, hits of all kinds… No doubt, we’re in the FIFA trailer. In addition to the two stars of this definitive version of the most popular football game, there is new information about its content. FUT Mode, Hypermotion 2, the World Cup (and yes, the Women’s World Cup is also in the game this year)…the desire to provide an immersive player experience is more important than ever for EA. With a release scheduled for the start of the school year in September, the game aims to make an impression before the final break between FIFA and Electronic Arts.

To tell you the truth very quickly, FIFA 23 will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch. September 30 2022. But that’s not all, some lucky ones will be able to get to it early in the September 27. In fact, there are different ways to take advantage of this feature, we have listed them in the article below, but if you are an EA subscriber. In the meantime, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks to discover the range of new features for FIFA 23.

If this short FIFA 23 presentation has convinced you, know that it’s already available for pre-order! Only, you will not find it yet on the websites of French and European retailers, but of course on EA official website. The game will be available on PC, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Stadia. Attention, for FIFA 22 only the next generation versions (such as PC, PS5 and Xbox Series) include the technological improvements of Hypermotion 2. As for the versions, the game is available in the Basic (€79.99 PS5, Xbox Series and €69.99 PC, PS4 and Xbox One) and in version climax (€99.99).

The Ultimate Edition includes various benefits, such as the FUT World Cup 2022 Champion, 3 days of early access to the game, the ability to upgrade to the next generation version for free (if you purchased it on PS4 or Xbox One), a FUT item to watch, Mbappé on loan at FUT, 4,600 FIFA Points, Homegrown Career Mode talent, and FUT Ambassador on loan.

There is always a little mystery accompanying a new FIFA release: who will be behind the French commentary on matches? If the latter FIFA attributed this honorable role to Pierre Ménes and Hervé Mathux, the former has since been expelled from the game after various sex scandals, then FIFA 23 is taking a completely different direction, to the delight of many football fans. Indeed, for the French versions, it will now be Omar da Fonseca and Benjamin da Silva, the duo who unleashed the La Liga for beIN Sports, who will comment on matches on screen. “Childhood Dream” by da Silva, who does not hide his happiness at being able to participate in the development of the game.

FIFA 23 doesn’t really intend to cut corners when it comes to technical innovations. The game invites you to discover Hypermotion 2, the motion-capture technology that made a success of the PS5 and Xbox Series versions of FIFA 22. This time again, the focus is on ultra-realistic graphics, in the absence of Ultra-realistic football, and we can already see in The trailer is the highest quality animation of movement, strikes, interventions, and even blades of grass from the lawn (yes, yes). Although it’s the last FIFA game in history (see below in this article), EA intends to make an impression with FIFA 23.

Also note that for the first time, FIFA 23 will offer next-gen versions on three different media, and the new kid is PC. Thus, keyboard and mouse players will finally be able to play with their friends on PS5 and Xbox Series through cross-play, taking advantage of the technical innovations of Hypermotion 2. In addition to this information, we already know that the game will give top spot to women’s football, through its re-integration With the women’s national teams, but also by giving players the opportunity to discover the teams of the French, English, German and American women’s leagues.

In addition, the game intends to present us with a copy of the World Cup two very distinguished times. The FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar in 2022, as well as the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. Thus, for the first time men and women are placed on an equal footing. Equality in this new version of the franchise. These two contests won’t be present when the game launches next September, but will be the subject of later updates and completely free a few months after its launch.

FIFA 22 gave us the idea of ​​having two different versions of the same game. This version was linked to two generations of consoles with different technical capabilities, then EA decided to offer two games. The first was the next generation version (PS5 and Xbox Series) including all the technical updates of this new generation of football games, and the second was the old version (PS4, Xbox One and PC) which remained a simple upgrade. FIFA 21 – A decision that was not unanimous, with players first stating that PC is confined to the “old” generation, and deploring the lack of interference between Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Things are different in FIFA 23. If the two versions of the game still exist, separating the next generation from the old generation, the rules have changed. PC, PS5, and Xbox Series players will be able to enjoy the same version of the game, and even cross-play which is fully integrated into the game. For PS4 and Xbox One players, don’t panic, cross-play is also offered to them. These cross-platform features are of course FUT Division Rivals (excluding Co-op), FUT Champions, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, FUT Online Friendly (excluding Co-op), FUT Play a Friend, Online Friendly Matches, and finally Online Seasons.

If there is a category of gamers that has been negatively affected by recent FIFA releases, it is Nintendo Switch players. The latter should be satisfied for several years with the “old” versions of the game, that is, a version without the new technical improvements of its counterparts on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. When it comes to FIFA 23, unfortunately, this trend continues. Thus FIFA 23 on Switch will also be an “old” version of the game. The EA says it itself:Gameplay and Modes [de FIFA 23] It will be identical to FIFA 22 on Switch and will feature the same gameplay as FIFA 22 Legacy Edition without any significant new developments or changes.If you or someone close to you owns a Nintendo Switch, we highly recommend playing this version of the game.

Samantha Maycare, the muse of FIFA 23, is an Australian player who plays for Chelsea in the Women’s Premier League. She was born in 1993 in East Fremantle and is the daughter of Roger Kerr, an Australian footballer who played in the 1980s. Noted for her scoring skills during her tenures with Perth Football Club and Western New York, she signed for two and a half years at Chelsea in 2019. In addition to being the first woman to wear a FIFA jacket, she is also the highest-paid player in the world, and the top scorer in the Women’s Super League. Since 2020. Chelsea has won the competition every year since his arrival. There is no doubt that Sam Kerr has a proven track record that can make the greatest players in the men’s tournaments dream, including Kylian Mbappé, the co-star on the cover of FIFA 23.

If the cover of a FIFA game for the first time honors women’s football, the game aims to push the integration of women even further. Thus, we recently learned that several national championships will be represented in FIFA 23, including France’s D1F. The twelve teams that make up Women’s League 1 will all be playable, while the FAWSL (England), NWSL (US) and Frauen-Bundesliga (Germany) tournaments will also be fully available. A huge step forward for FIFA, which has so far been content to include only national selections in its previous divisions. Also note that the game will include, as we said above, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, as a free update after its release.

On the sidelines of the arrival of FIFA 23, we can’t help but notice that this 25th iteration of the franchise will be the last edition of the same name. In fact, you may already know it, but the divorce between EA Sports and FIFA has been announced. the reason ? On the one hand, FIFA wants to increase the prices that EA pays for license ownership, and on the other hand, it also intends to get it to accept the appearance of FIFA in other video game franchises (Roblox, Fortnite…). It is a very cool idea for EA, which has decided to adopt it on its own from 2023. Thus FIFA 23 will be the last football game to bear the famous name of FIFA.

As for the future of soccer simulation games, don’t panic, as EA intends to develop its own franchise, which will be called EA Sports FC. Only, EA Sports FC will have to give away content related to the World Cup, licensed directly by FIFA. As for the clubs, however, the game shouldn’t have any problem according to EA. On the FIFA side, we are all angry, but we are determined to find another standard bearer for the official football simulation. Several candidates can enter dance, which is among the largest studios in the video game world, but at the moment, no information has emerged about it.

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