Orleans FC descends into Pro B, ‘Public policy support in terms of high-level sport is important’ OLB chief balances

The future of Orleans Luart Baskett (OLB) was based on that of Ilan Bernier. The latter is finally done in extreme cases and remains in the elite. So Loiretin’s relegation to Pro B was confirmed.

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After several weeks of uncertainty, the news broke on Monday night: The French Basketball Federation has agreed to keep Alain Bernier, Pau’s Betclic Elite club (formerly professional A). A decision signs the sporting relegation of Orleans, we explain why.

The OLB finished penultimate in the 2021-2022 season in Division I, which mechanically should have led to his relegation to Pro B.

But at the end of June, another elite team, Team Pau, was demoted to the national level – that is, the amateur level – for financial reasons, and twice failed to appeal to the league’s financial cop. In fact, Bao’s club will score a hole in the box near 3 million eurosWith an annual budget of $7.8 million.

in time, Olivier Rouet, President of OLB told us: “3 million is so huge that it might explain the severity of the punishment“.

In this game of musical chairs, Orléans had a chance to escape relegation, if Bao’s financial cut was confirmed. But Olivier Rouet remained cautious despite everything: “We are not in control, we just have to follow the legal sequence of events“.

But a few days ago, Pau-Lacq-Orthez, which was operated by an American group, was bought by French investors.

After examining this sale on the evening of Monday, July 25, the Appeals Chamber of the French Basketball Federation decided to accept the re-participation of Béarnais Club in the first division, indirectly signing the confirmation of the relegation of Orleans.

The Municipal Labor Office has taken note of this decision regarding L’Elan Béarnais. “Last season, it was really unfair because they played with a budget that wasn’t kept, so the finance body did its job by saying it was unacceptable.summarizes Olivier Rouet. They have now given guarantees. The authorities have made up their minds, and now it is up to them to ensure that the guarantees you requested are kept.

However, he knows that this decision does not solve everything in Pau, which will have to pay off its debts over three years.

It is also proof that, when you want politics, we find the solutions. However, the file was heavily politicized at the local level.

The French company Eat 4 Good, which acquired Pau, is already run by Sébastien Ménard (41), who is also a municipal consultant in Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). According to L’Equipe, it did apply last year to acquire Elan Béarnais, but the Pau conglomerate, then the club’s main shareholder, then decided in favor of the US investment fund. Pau City Council and council member François Bayrou stepped in again in recent weeks to support local buyers this time.

At some point, public policy support in terms of high-level sport is clearly important.”, the OLB president insists, referring to the Orleans Territory. Notice to local elected officials…

Despite the disappointment, this finally lifted uncertainty will now allow the club to proceed with a hiring suspension. “This decision comes a little late but we’re used to it, because we’ve been working on Pro B from the startrecognizes Oliver Roet. The tournament starts on October 14th, so we have 10 weeks left, and we’re still on schedule.

The club has already recruited five players, and they have only five left: “A locally trained player, an American and three players either European or African to complete the squad. Of course the tracks that were put into standby have been reactivated. “

Next season’s goal will beBoarding in Betclic Elite, which is not played in corridors and administrative offices‘, the OLB president is fired. So we see you on the field with the first match in Angers on September 23, for the Leaders Cup.

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