Show what you know about video games with Gamers Quizz, the new board game from 3DJuegos where mistakes are expensive.

The year was 1981. A board game, developed in Nerja by a sports editor and photographer, was destined to become a popular icon: Trivial Pursuit. A board full of squares on which a cultural challenge has been proposed: Questions on different topics To test our knowledge.

Since then, more than 90 million copies have been sold in nearly 30 countries and 17 different languages. We are talking about one of the most popular games in history, which even has themed versions. For example, fans of “Harry Potter” enjoy … A question-and-answer game based on the cinematic saga.With questions covering the ins and outs of the magical world. The Lord of the Rings, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Game of Thrones’…even Real Madrid and ‘La que se avecina’ have Trefoil.

However, the community player lack of Custom board game for themThose who pride themselves on knowing more than anyone else about their favorite pastime: video games. How do you demonstrate all the information that has accumulated in your mind during the years and years of playing? Now it’s very easy…but the questions are another matter of course.

Gamers Quizz: The board game you’ve been waiting for if you love video games

Gamers Quizz is a new board game that will delight all who call themselves “video gamers”. Developed by 3DJuegos and Webedia España, it’s a file Fast paced quiz game Where your goal is to kill all the other players with the correct answers. TRUE battle royale There will be no bloodshed, but more than one of us will be puzzled by this one question which is so mercilessly easy that others will know.

How to prepare for Gamers Quizz?

Gamers Quizz takes a lot of inspiration from video games for its own mechanics. We have two types of cards: help cards and test cards.. Each bridge has its own space. First, you need to choose a character from the possible characters and put two tokens on each of them.

Every player must He draws a random health card and places its health token in the first place.. He also places his player token on a square of the same color as the first square of his health card. There may be more than one player in the same space.

For example: The first square of your health card is green, so you will have to choose which of the three green squares you place to start the game.

How to play Gamers Quiz?

1 . game

Here, the first round is not randomly selected: go first Who haven’t played a video game in a long time. From this point on, subsequent rounds will be played clockwise. And … transformations are divided into two stagesThe movement stage and the interrogation stage.

movement phaseYou can move your character left or right, as long as it is between consecutive squares and without changing direction in the middle of a roll. Just like any other board game. Specifies the color of the square that the question category lands on..

question stageThe player to your right draws a card from the question deck and reads it to you. If you answer correctly, all players whose health symbol is the correct question color lose a life, and therefore must move to the next health space on their health card. But beware! The player who answers correctly also loses his life. If, when answering, his healthy color was the same as the color of the question. If you succeed, you will return to the movement stage. If you fail, you lose healthy tile placement.Whatever your color is, and your turn ends, making way for the player on your left. Once a question card is used, it is placed in the trash. When the cards run out, they will be shuffled and a new deck will be formed.

What are the categories of questions?

There are four categories in Gamers Quizz; Four sections in which you can finally show off all your skills in terms of Hours spent playing video games.

Brown – Characters. What is the name of the dinosaur that accompanies Mario in “Super Mario World” and who is the last enemy of “Dark Souls”? Video games are full of unforgettable characters. And in this category you will prove that you know a lot about them.

purple – universeWhere did the most memorable moments in video game history happen or what marked them? This class takes you to legendary places in history. in this young industry.

blue – curiosity. “Why is Mario called that?”. Why is ‘Fortnite’ a game similar to Fortnite? battle royale? » The video game is full of curiosityDo you know them all?

green – play. ” What is the yours? What happens when Sonic has all the Chaos Emeralds? “. This category You will test if you are a genius when it comes to mechanics, dynamics and forces. owned by your favorite characters.

Here are the chests for Gamers Quizz

3 . game
  • cover boxesIf you fall into one of these squares, your turn ends without you being able to answer any questions. Also, any loss of life caused by another player’s correct answer has no effect on you if you are in that space. However, the effects of all the help cards you select apply to you.
  • help boxesIf you are in this space and answer the question correctly, you can pull the top card from the help deck. Getting a question true or false in this box still involves applying the rules of the question phase.

What about help cards?

In Gamers Quizz you will have at your disposal Five types of cards helps:

  • +1 PU: Restores one health point (five cards).
  • Combo breaker: When used, cross the target player’s turn (seven cards).
  • dash & amp. Barry: Avoids losing a health point of the color indicated on the help card (eight cards, two for each color).
  • Zone Effect: The target player loses one life point regardless of color (five cards).
  • cheat cardYou can move your token to any space on the board without having to roll the dice. If you use this card during a teammate turn, you must do so before the question phase (five cards).

When does the game end?

Gamersquiz Photo1

If you reach the last space on the health card – represented by a skull – you will be eliminated. When the game ends There is only one player left on the board game board. But it turns out that more than one player can be eliminated during the same stage of questions. If this happens and no one is left standing, a lottery will be taken.

To break the tie, there will be sudden death roundPlayers must answer correctly as many questions as possible on the question card.

Does Gamers Quizz have an “easy mode”?

yes. In this game mode, you will not lose space on the health graph by answering questions incorrectly. Also, in this mode Combo Breaker Assist Cards Cannot be used by After the player has completed the first round of questions.

test your knowledge

Message type

We leave you here to me sample questions -There are more than 700- You can find them in Gamers Quizz, and they are already available in stores in Spain such as El Corte Inglés, Fnac, GAME, Amazon, Toyplanet, Plasticosur, Icon Fanatic, Aliexpress Plaza and other stores in games and specialties. Will you be able to answer it? The solutions at the end:

Questions :

  1. What is the legendary Game Cube horror video game characterized by the fact that based on the level of mental balance, what has been seen has changed?
  2. What is the name of the item that allows us to double jump in ‘Hollow Knight’?’.
  3. To which alien species does Ratchet, the protagonist of ‘Ratchet & Clank, belong?’.
  4. What is the name of the fictional city in which the events of “Disco Elysium” take place?
  5. ” In what battle royale Did we see Naruto holding a gun and firing it? “.
  6. What is the video game that was banned in 2001 in Saudi Arabia to promote polytheism and the theory of evolution?
  7. In Stardew Valley, what character can we see at the top of the screen on December 25th?
  8. “How many jet clouds are falling off the ground in the Erith Church?” “.
  9. True or False? Getting fired once in Hotline Miami means death and having to redo the job.
  10. In what classic Lucas adventure do we hear songs from Swan Lake?


  1. Eternal darkness.
  2. King’s wings.
  3. Lombax.
  4. Revachol.
  5. “Fortnite”.
  6. “Pokemon”.
  7. Santa Clause.
  8. 5.
  9. Already.
  10. “blame”.

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