NieR Automata: An unknown secret area! Discover the ultimate puzzle of the game?

news tip NieR Automata: An unknown secret area! Discover the ultimate puzzle of the game?

With a Nintendo Switch re-release fast approaching, the cult NieR: Automata continues to amaze gamers, who thought they knew all about the iconic Yoko Tarō creation. The community’s latest discovery is, for once, very mysterious … even the reaction of its producer.

Has NieR: Automata really revealed all its secrets? More than five years after its initial release on PC and PlayStation 4, and 3 months after arriving on the Nintendo Switch at the highly anticipated “YoRHa End of Release”, PlatinumGames cult title (Also available on Xbox One) It’s still being talked about. This time around, it’s a hitherto undiscovered area that has surfaced and inflamed communities, to the point of provoking an equally ambiguous reaction from a fairly high-ranking game developer…


  • NieR: The ultimate Automata secret, real?
  • Hidden area ignites networks
  • How to get to the secret area of ​​the refined city?
  • A puzzle kept by the game producer!

NieR: The ultimate Automata secret, real?

NieR Automata: An unknown secret area!  Discover the ultimate puzzle of the game?

Has the refined city revealed all its secrets?

A year and a half ago, the famous modr Lance MacDonald Put an end to the suspense by revealing a cheat code which Yoko Taro, the famous designer of the Drakengard/NieR universe, was paying tribute to at the time. Echoing his March 2018 teaser about “something no one has yet discovered”, he is Congratulations to the author of the research And hint that we’re done with the NieR: Automata puzzles, Who no longer have any secrets to anyone. At least, that’s what we thought until the end of July 2022, more than 5 years after the initial release of the title he edited Square Enix

Was NieR: Automata’s ultimate secret really the last?

Hidden area ignites networks

Obviously, an unexpected development had to happen, and often MacDonald once reported that this surprising discovery made its way onto the web. In the chapter “Duplicate City” (known as “Copied City” and famous for its minimalist architecture in shades of gray) there is actually a secret door that no one has found since the game’s release in March 2017:

However, the mystery goes back two months already, when given sadfutago Then he posted it on Reddit in a very strange way “How do I get to the church?”, at first piqued the curiosity of his interlocutors who did not see what he was talking about, apart from the possibility of removing Church from the latest version of the game (we will return to this below). If the question remains unanswered for some time, Video snippet posted later By the author, 4 minutes long and more complete, it elicited many reactions, As evidenced by the comments on the YouTube video that she re-uploaded:

There seems to be no doubt here: There is actually a completely hidden area, including a short scene, It contains possible references to earlier Yoko Tarō titles such as Drakengard 3 or the original NieR from 2010. Is the girl with the black flower the body of Yuna? What is this strange black entity made up of floating cubes? Lots of unanswered questions, which the A2 “pod” seems unable to answer, in an exchange dubbed and translated Which suggests that this sequence is real.

Strange Church has two more puzzles in a game that has it all.

NieR Automata: An unknown secret area!  Discover the ultimate puzzle of the game?NieR Automata: An unknown secret area!  Discover the ultimate puzzle of the game?

Moreover, as mentioned above, Questions about this church also go back to 2018, When last reddit I reported a duplicate of City, found in the game files, with Lots of visuals Which would include a church – perhaps the one that sadfutago all of a sudden 4 years later referred to? However, this does not explain why or how his arrival was revealed in July 2022, nor if it was not all ultimately the work of a very talented expert…

This is an excellent question! The real problem here is that no one really knows what to do, except to activate the QTE against the church wall with an A2 character. It is already possible Travel with A2 to Duplicate City From the lift accessible from the cave of the ruined city, just before reaching the tower (at the beginning of chapter 17 of Route C). The problem is sadfutago remains to this day the only player who has ever seen this QTE appear in this particular place of the game!

Or not, Players believe in a very complex trick in the form of mods, The game is already available on PC. However, several problems arise: sadfutago captured this footage from the PS4, The game mod community seems to agree on the impossibility of designing such a complex situation, and the “data” (roughly, exploration of the game code) didn’t allow to find anything concrete about it! MacDonald himself insisted on confirming this :

It is not yet possible to modify NieR: Automata like this, in case you want to know if it is a fake.

Meanwhile a coherent theory has surfaced: that secret door that leads inside the refined city church, It will only be available in version 1.0 of the game, It is an outdated disc version. suddenly, We tried to access it by reinstalling the game without updating it From the “Day One” disc version is taken from the release steel book : even by going to the area in question, to the exact place where the QTE is located”Circlesupposed to appear, nothing happens:

Even in version 1.0 we couldn’t find the strange QTE on the copied city wall…

NieR Automata: An unknown secret area!  Discover the ultimate puzzle of the game?NieR Automata: An unknown secret area!  Discover the ultimate puzzle of the game?

A puzzle kept by the game producer!

The case had already had a hard time stopping there; However, to make matters worse, Twitter gave us a surprising reaction to Yusuke SaitoAnd the One of the thought leaders of the NieR series, closely associated with PlatinumGames as well as publisher Square Enix. The game producer managed to solve a simple puzzle “an eternal riddle…” Quoting MacDonald’s tweet, which can only keep up the legend!

Unfortunately, on the part of the director Yoko Taro You have not posted any reaction about it, Although fans of the saga (and the kind of great mystery in the world of video games) are hoping for a possible explanation from the man who is likely to hold the truth about this strange puzzle, another one in a mythical title which certainly isn’t. lacking in.

And you, have you tried to unlock this secret and reach the mysterious area of ​​Copied City?

NieR Automata: An unknown secret area!  Discover the ultimate puzzle of the game?

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