Playground in the trees, mini golf, 4 seasons to ski…

At Parc d’Olhain, there’s no shortage of activities to delight kids and parents alike, while enjoying a 200-hectare protected nature park. This summer, about 200,000 visitors are expected.

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What is better is the net
From the height of his eight years, Gabriel knows what he wants. Over our heads dozens of children run, jump and jump in colorful nets suspended from trees up to nine meters high.

OLHAIN Summer Page Notebook (16)

For his mother, Maëva, Olhain Park is a way to come and have fun with his son without spending too much. ” We are not going on vacation this summer so coming here is great for him he really enjoys and the prices are reasonable
‘, you trust.

children’s paradise

Arriving at the park, we first hear the laughter of children. They frolic, scream, jump, followed by their parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts who do their best to keep up. Here families, outdoor centers and sports clubs meet.

The park of the same name is located in the middle of the Olhain Forest, one of the first recreation centers in France. It receives approximately 700,000 visitors each year, including about 200,000 in the summer. The park relies on moderate rates to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the sights.


Among the main activities: ice skating for 4 seasons. Alone or in pairs, you descend at your own pace, between the forest trail and the scenic views of the Artois Hills, a one kilometer circuit perfectly integrated into its environment.


It’s so good, we can go fast
Gabriel commented, visibly fascinated by the activities on display.

For the little ones, the Enchanted Village is a must-see in the park. With its charming décor, grid courses, slides, towers and hammocks, it will impress kids from 4 to 8 years old.

haven of greenery

In addition to its attractions, Olhain Park is multiplying partnerships with private sector managers to increase its catalog. In the program: a tree course, motocross or all-terrain electric scooters … there is something for everyone.

Colorful tablecloths for hanging tracks, 6 meters above the ground.
Colorful tablecloths for hanging tracks, 6 meters above the ground. – Photo Ludovic Millard


But far from all these activities, Parc d’Olhain is above all a preserved natural space. Easy, you’ll have a scenic view of the mining basin and slag heaps, as well as Olhain Castle. You can also dive in the forest. Quiet walk. The park has more than 37 kilometers of hiking trails to get away from it all, whether on foot, by bike, or even on horseback.

And for those who want to enjoy all that Olhain has to offer for a longer period, it is possible to stay on site. There is a camping site, but also accommodation. Even more strange, it is possible to sleep … in a six-meter-high nest, letting yourself be calmed by the movement of trees.

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