Which anime to watch this summer on Crunchyroll, DNA, and Netflix?

After a lackluster spring season, despite the excellent adaptation of Spy X Family (a sequel is planned for fall), here’s the second installment of the year available on various SVOD platforms.

The Japan Expo has been over since July 17, 2022, it’s a chance to pick up a new anime thread (or keep moving forward). It’s become a habit since the merger with Wakanim, but the full lineup is on Crunchyroll. However, it shouldn’t be outdone by ADN with a mix of recent exclusives and older titles. Arrival Hajime no Ibo It is a small event in itself for all lovers of boxing or sports animation in general.

Anime on Crunchyroll

Made in the Abyss (season 2)

Announced at the last minute on the podium to create a stir for the second season of Made in the abyss It is a series of summer events. If you only have to pick one title, that’s the one you see, even if it’s reserved for the informed public. The anime was the surprise of 2017, and the movie released in 2020 confirmed the exceptional quality of this adaptation of Akihito Tsukoshi’s manga (by the way, the tenth volume comes out at the beginning of the Ototo school year). The story continues in the sixth level of the abyss as our heroes discover the city of no return (beginning of the sixth volume to determine the location). 12 episodes planned. Important information: Season 1, currently only available on Wakanim, is coming soon to Crunchyroll as well.

Satan is temporary! (season 2)

Have you ever seen the first season? This is normal, it has not been published in France since it aired in Japan in 2013. Satan is temporary! It is one of the most famous “reverse isekai” light novels. The hero here does not move to a fantasy world. It’s the opposite! It is pushed into our world, in this case in Tokyo. And not just anyone, because he is a demon king who wants to conquer the world. Except for that in order to survive, he finds himself forced to work in a fast food restaurant. As you’ll understand, it’s more of a wacky comedy than an epic adventure story. The series is produced by Studio 3Hz.Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online). Even if nothing is announced, we’re crossing our fingers until the first season is put online on the platform.

Classroom of the Elite (season 2)

The second season comes after a long time. Lerche Studio Series Released in 2017 (Excellent Unreleased Astra – Lost in SpaceIt was a huge success. Elite Classroom It takes place in the best high school in Japan and has a very special education system: each class gets points according to the results and behavior of the students. These points are actually money for making purchases on campus. Kiyotaka Ayanokouji finds himself in the worst class in high school. Its goal: to improve the results of its comrades to pass into the upper classes … Although polluted by fan service, this adaptation of the light novel is above all a fierce criticism of the Japanese education system. 13 episodes are planned, and the third season will be broadcast next year.

Lycoris recoil

The first investigation of Shingo Adachi, one of the pillars sword art online (Shara Designer and Animation Director), Lycoris recoil It centers on Chisato and Takina, members of a secret crime-fighting organization. And when they’re not on assignment, they take care of a café…the stadium doesn’t make you dreamy on paper, but it’s an original creation and with A-1 visuals behind it, the animation quality is on point. The series will last for 13 episodes.

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Battle for Refuge

The announcement that we did not expect, because we thought the project was simply buried after the disastrous returns of the series on Netflix since 2019. And so, the massacre of the famous franchise will continue with the remake of the famous Battle of the Sanctuary’s most famous arc. Saint Seiya / Knights of the Zodiac. No date has been announced, but this new season should arrive during the summer.

Among the season’s other titles: Lucifer and the cookie hammerManga adaptation by Satoshi Mizukami (planet with), football again with shoot! future goalScience SARU series without Masaaki Yuasa appearing Yuri Dekuisekai with black summonerthe last season of Utawarerumonoseason 2 of house of shadows Finally the arrival Vinland Sagaso far reserved for Prime Video (here subtitles and VF are already available on Blu-ray at Kazé).

Must watch anime on Anime Digital Network (DNA)

Overlord (season 4)

4 years after last season, Ainz Owl is back to continue his conquest of the world. In this new arc, taken from the light novel’s tenth volume, his goal is to create a kingdom in which all races can live together. But the leaders of other countries plan to oppose this utopian project. ADN maintains the series’ simulcast exclusives from Madhouse, even if the first three seasons are also available on Prime Video. 13 episodes are planned for this new season, and if you want to go further, the first 13 volumes of the light novel (out of 15) are available from Ofelbe.

night call

night call Focuses on the relationship between Kô Yamori, a 14-year-old middle school student, and Nazuna Nanakusa, a vampire. Kô also wishes to become the creature of the night, but in order for a young vampire to accept his request, he has to fall in love with her… Produced by Liden Films, the anime was taken from the eponymous manga that will arrive in France this fall in Kurokawa. 13 episodes planned.


In addition to these two titles, you can always follow the continuation of the fourth season of kingdombut also new titles that enrich the platform: Shakugan no Chana (season 1), zero low (also on Crunchyroll), Hajime no Ibo (20 episodes of July 27) 2 films by Yoshiaki Kwajiri (evil city From July 25 and Shinjuku City Demon July 29) and the feature film sea ​​children (from July 31).

New anime on Netflix


After the 1998 movie, Spurgeonalso known in France as striker In the manga, she is now making use of a new adaptation. Yu Ominae is Spriggan, an elite agent of an organization called ARCAM, whose goal is to protect the artifacts of an ancient civilization from those who will hunt them. You definitely know the feature film Hirotsugu Kawasaki which was released fifteen years ago on DVD by HK Video. She has only adapted one manga arc. This new mod by David Production (firepowerServes 6 (one for every 45 minutes).

bastard child!! Heavy metal, dark fantasy

Again, this is a new mod, since then bastard child!! By Kazushi Hagiwara It was already adapted 20 years ago in the form of OVA (6 episodes released live on video). These are Leiden films (Tokyo’s revenge) that is interested in moving this popular dark fantasy river manga, which has sold over 30 million copies since 1988 (27 volumes). After the fall of modern civilization in 2008, the world returned to the Middle Ages. 400 years later, to save the Kingdom of Metallicana, Tia Knot Yoko, the daughter of the country’s great wizard, resurrects the legendary wizard Dark Schneider who 15 years ago tried to conquer the world. If those ambitions remain, he nonetheless decides to help the young woman… 13 episodes are available right now and another 11 episodes will arrive from mid-September.

Apart from these two addresses, you can also find Vinland Saga on the platform. But beware, it’s not the same version as Crunchyroll. The Netflix version has different subtitles and above all specific French dubbing with a great selection of dubbing actors. You will find more details about the video dedicated to this topic from ViCklatereur.

Finally, for fans gambling schoolcross Twinstill produced by MAPPA, will be available from August 4th.

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