French Youth Championship 2022: The quarters are well known

U12 Girls

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A huge favorite to succeed among girls under 12 years old, Lana Joyot Once again she held her position by winning quickly in the round of 16. The White House player dominated Elena Leblond (San Cloud) with a score of 6 and 5 to qualify for the quarter-finals. “My shot was really great and the rest of my game was great, except for one hole where I messed it up. The difference was made on 11, 12 and 13 where I tied up three birds, after the hole I played poorly on, so I’m really happy with my reaction.Lana said. You will face on Wednesday Eva Delater (Cannes-Mougins), fell from Lina Comb (Touch) 2 & 1.

Two games went all the way to the 18th hole of the field Montaplan : who won Lu An Joyeon (Riviera Barbussi) vs. Claire Petit Bean (Bastede de la Salette), won by Tiffany Kong A Seo (Saint Cloud) vs. Louise Falcioni (Monte Carlo). Clara Camilato (Oswer), Anushka Djomic (Saint Germain) Rummy Piece (Cain La Mer) and Vincent Savius (Campaign) are the other four eligible quarters.

U12 Boys

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Alan Severgen, from Rougemont (ffgolf)

Very solid since the start of the tournament, Thomas Bate He had a lot to do today to validate his ticket for the next round. The Mionnay player had to fight an intense battle against him Mile Fandiwal (Le Sart), who finished at 18 on a 6-meter slurry for birds returning to share the hole. “He had a good start to the match by taking 2 and then 4 passes up at the start of the 10, but he restricted his great shots with chains in the back to get 1 down at 17. When an opponent shoots like he did, we can’t control him. So you have to focus on your game. It was the kind of match that makes you want to keep living it every day…” Thomas commented very animated. Favorite player of this category U12 Boys will play against him tomorrow Antoine Joly Bastide de la Salette who fellAlexandre Khamri (Feucherolles) 2 & 1.

Alan Severgin (Rougemont), second in the playoffs, also went through with a 4 & 2 win against Maxines Iodle (Bonds), tomorrow you will find a player Golf Governor Clement Vincentwinner 3 & 1 ofAugust Lardin (Tina). The other qualifiers are Rafael Emil (blue basin), Aidan Murat (Mount Griffin), Tao Pemerica (Cornwall) and Clement Jamet (Manville).


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Giselle Chow

Gisele Chow, from RCF La Boulie (@ffgolf)

Benjamin’s favourite, Giselle Chow suffered today against Celeste Darloy (Mérignies) Very attractive. The match, which was fiercely contested from start to finish, ended on the 18th with a victory for RCF Labouli who did not hide her satisfaction and respect for her opponent’s performance: “I played really well! I lost five holes in a row from 7 to 11 when I was up front at the start of the game, and I was still 3 holes after 12. That’s when my friends came to cheer me on, and I think if I start playing okay again then, It was thanks to them.This match encouraged me a lot for the future and I feel I will be playing well in the next few days.Qualifications winner said. You will find in the next round Roman Fishmonger (Bondues) who won Sarah Kony (Dijon Burgundy) 2 & 1.

The second quarter-finals will be opposed Charlotte Bouquet (Bondues), victorious on the 19th hole of Mila Tamesir (Aix Marseille), in Constance Detroy (Omaha Beach), fell from Celeste Bobo Laureate Bastide de la Salette on the last green. The other four qualifiers are Lily Ritter (Toulouse), Manon Petticolas (57 golf academy), Salome Lumbaca (Mionnay) and Leah Giron (Golden Island).


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Theophile Archer

Théophile Archer, from Ormes (ffgolf)

Surprising winner Tom de Heribon yesterday, Ernest Badiou (Amian) failed to repeat this feat, and fell to A Calixte Alsace (Saint-Cloud) Imperial winner 6 and 5 in the first match. The second work in favor of Raphael Turquod (Nantes Vigneux) Showdown Enzo Fernandez Mangas (Savigny) with a score of 2 and 1. Sasha Laroche Charmel who won the 19th game against him Thibault van de Nest (Strasbourg), will face in the second quarter-finals Hugo Archer (Les Ormes), in a state of blessing on the greens of the path Broil : “On the way out I had some difficulties getting hits, but on the way back it was unblocked. I scored 4m on day 10, 12m on day 11, 15m on day 12, 5m on day 3 Tenth, and placed 14th to win the match. I was completely busy with the game, so determined and really wanted to go to the quarter-finals. I gave myself the means and it’s great that it worked”said the Breton player, his older sister Ines Archer He won the bronze medal in the singles European Championships three days ago.

The other four qualified for the quarter-finals are Oscar Colo (San Nome La Britque), Augustin Farando (RCF La Boulie), Enzo Thatch Delacroix (holy name) and Maxime Olivo (Baden).

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