Who are the 15 most anticipated players this summer in Africa? FIBA 2023 Basketball World Cup 2023 Africa Qualifiers

Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) – The next two months will be fantastic in view of qualifying for the FIBA ​​2023 Basketball World Cup. A large number of top players have chosen to come and represent their countries in the Africa Zone Qualifiers, which makes the upcoming matches even more interesting.

The third and fourth African Zone Qualifiers will take place in July (1-3) and August (26-28).

The third round will be held in Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire), Alexandria (Egypt) and Kigali (Rwanda), while the fourth will be hosted by the host countries, which will see the start of the second round of the African zone qualifiers with more this time. More than 12 teams are in the running, to be confirmed at a later time.

If you are wondering who are the 15 most exciting players to watch play during the summer, here is a little rating we prepared for you:

15- Evans Ganapamo (Central Africa)

the ward

Date of Birth : August 19 1994
Cuts : 2.01 m
club: Cape Town Tigers (BAL)

Versatile and able to score from anywhere on the field, if he is physically fit, Ganabamo could come in handy for the Central African Republic in their quest for a place in the second round of Africa Zone qualifiers. Two months ago, on his BAL debut, Gannabamo stood out when the Cape Town Tigers beat FAP 73-70 by three pointers 2.2 seconds off the last siren. He currently averages 18.3 points in the Africa Region Qualifiers.

14- Taylor Ongwai (Kenya)

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Date of Birth : July 15, 1991
Cuts : 2.01 m
club: Bakken Bears (Denmark)

Tireless, cold-blooded and possessing great game intelligence, Ongwae has very useful qualities. His absence from Kenya’s first three matches may explain why Morans’ team are winning 3-0 in Group D at the moment. Ongwae is often quoted when explaining Kenya’s recent progress on the continental stage.

13- Christian Inga (Democratic Congo)

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Date of Birth : June 22, 1989
Cuts : 2.04 m
club: Fuenlabrada ACB (Spain)

With stints in the NBA, Basketball Champions League, J-League, Chinese CBA and some major European leagues, Eyenga – who made his national team debut at FIBA ​​AfroBasket 2007 – is one of the most experienced players in the Congolese national team. He missed a few opportunities to represent his country, but when he was invited to wear a leopard shirt, he responded. The last time Eyenga played for the national team in the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2019 Africa Qualifiers was in June 2018 in Cairo. Then Eyenga averaged 14.7 points and 7 rebounds in three games.

12- Kwani Ngor Kwani (South Sudan)

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Date of Birth : July 8, 1994
Cuts : 1.96 m
club: KK Vrijednosnice Osijek (Croatia)

It is undeniable that South Sudan is the team that has climbed up the continental hierarchy and among the reasons for its rapid rise is the passion and determination that drive Kwany when he wears the jersey of his national team. In a recent post-match briefing, the president of the South Sudan Basketball Association, Lul Deng, praised Kwani: “I know basketball and he is one of the best players I have ever coached. I really enjoy watching him play. I think it is time for more people to get to know him.”had referred to the former NBA All-Star.

11- Shannon Evans (Guinea)


Date of Birth : July 19 1994
Cuts : 1.85 m
club: Real Betis (Spain)

Evans has shone from his African stage debut in November 2021. The US-born player not only has the highest average minutes played per game (37.6) to date in the competition, but has also shone in attack. Evans has already shot, averaging 19 points and 7.7 assists per game to help Guinea maintain their hopes of qualifying for the second round. Brilliant ball in hand and able to make room for his teammates, Evans perfectly complements the Guinean workforce.

10- Ivan Almeida (Cape Verde)

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Date of Birth : May 10, 1989
Cuts : 2.00 pm
club: Benfica (Portugal)

Almeida has devoted much of his football career to his national team, which means everything to him, as he confirms whenever he is asked what the Blue Sharks jersey means to him. He knows how to stay calm when things don’t go as planned and for his team. Almeida, along with his older brother Joel and shooting goalkeeper Fidel Mendonca, is one of the most consistent players in the Cape Verdean team. He currently averages 13.8 points and 7.7 rebounds per game in these qualifiers, the best in Cape Verde.

9- Michael Roll (Tunisia)


Date of Birth : April 12, 1987
Cuts : 1.96 m
club: Karsiyaka (Turkey)

Rolle’s offensive qualities have always been crucial to Tunisia. You only need to look at his stats in FIBA ​​AfroBasket 2021 to realize it again: 15.8 points, 6 assists and a rating of 17.2 per game. The third continental title won last September certainly bears a roll. With the current African champions in an unusual position – second place in Group B, Rolle will certainly be a key role in this third qualifying period.

8- Anas Mahmoud (Egypt).

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Date of Birth : May 9, 1995
Cuts : 2.14 pm
club: Al Ittihad (Egypt)

Egypt coach Roy Rana knows he has a unique element in Mahmoud. The former Louisville Cardinals player showed off his versatility during the Africa Zone playoffs. Defensively scary, Mahmoud is the best Egyptian with points (15.3) and rebounds (7.3). It is also the most effective with a rating of 16.7 per match. Rana’s comments: “It is rare to have a basketball player of his size capable of dribbling, passing and penetrating from the outside like him, and affects the game so much in defence. He has a very promising future and we are delighted that he is Egyptian and present in our team. His impact on our game is huge.”

7- Ismail Wainwright (Uganda)

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Date of Birth : September 12, 1994
Cuts : 1.96 m
club: Phoenix Suns (NBA / USA)

Ugandan attack systems often end with Wainright, one of the keys to Ugandan men’s recent prosperity on the continent. He missed the first three matches but is expected to return to Silverback in the next three matches, having not represented his country since finishing sixth in the FIBA ​​AfroBasket 2021.

6- Salah Mejri (Tunisia)

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Date of Birth : June 15, 1986
Cuts : 2.17 pm
club: Jahra Club (Kuwait)

Defensively or offensively, Mejri is always able to make the difference for Tunisia. The FIBA ​​AfroBasket 2011 MVP Championship is so important to his country that when he pulled out of the first three matches of this qualifier, Makram Benramadan immediately realized that things were going to be more complicated than usual. 1-2 scored.

5- Slimane Diabatti (Ivory Coast)


Date of Birth : July 21, 1987
Cuts : 1.83 m
club: United States Monastir (Tunisia)

Diabate suffered from frustration, pain and joy with his country’s national team. Even after Ivory Coast’s worst campaign at FIBA ​​AfroBasket 2017, with a very mediocre 14th place, “Solo” (his nickname) never gave up. His perseverance to elevate his country to the highest levels made him a hero in Côte d’Ivoire. It was he who showed the way to follow last November in pursuit of a historic victory over Angola. Diabate stormed in, Stephane found Konate in the corner for a three-point shot less than 10 seconds left, and although Konate did not convert his shot, Maxence Dadiet’s bouncy tap dance then handed the victory to the Ivorians (57-56).

4- Matthew Costello (Ivory Coast)

Strong Angler

Date of Birth : August 5, 1993
Cuts : 2.09 pm
club: Sasuke Baskonia (Spain)

Costello only needed a few matches to win the hearts of Ivorian fans. At the end of FIBA ​​AfroBasket 2021, the former San Antonio Spurs player was declared a real elephant. Costello led the team with an average of 16.2 points and 9.2 rebounds, propelling the former African champion to the final. In a recent interview with FIBAbasketball, Costello has made no secret of his eagerness to perform in front of his home crowd as he hosts Angola, Central African Republic and Guinea in July. Costello’s impact on the elephant game was so great that he was voted into a “Big 5” in the continental competition.

3 – Jorge Dieng (Senegal)

strong end/insider

Date of Birth : January 18 1990
Cuts : 2.11 pm
club: Atlanta Hawks (NBA / USA)

Over the past seven years, Dieng has consistently found a place in the FIBA ​​AfroBasket “Major 5”. The former Louisville Cardinals player led Senegal to third (2017 and 2021) and fourth (2015). When Senegal stunned Croatia at the 2014 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup in Spain to qualify for the Round of 16, Dieng was crucial. He will return next week for the first time since the continental championship last year.

2 – Makram Ben Ramadan (Tunisia)

Strong Angler

Date of Birth : March 27, 1989
Cuts : 2.04 m
club: Benfica (Portugal)

Tunisia’s captain Ben Ramadan is the best player in the FIBA ​​AfroBasket. He has been a regular presence in the national team since his debut in the continental competition in 2011, the year Tunisia won their first African title. Since then, Ben Romdhane has become a key leader in the selection of Tunisians.

1 – Walter Tavares (Cape Verde)

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Date of Birth : March 22, 1992
Cuts : 2.21 pm
club: Real Madrid (Spain)

Tavares, who was recently named Player of the Year at the ACB Finals, was the most dominant player in FIBA ​​AfroBasket 2021, despite Cape Verde’s failure to face Senegal in the third-place match. Between his defensive prowess and his devastating fall, Tavares is the most influential Cape Verdean player at the moment.

important note: The players mentioned in this article are required to participate in the upcoming matches, according to information from various national federations and articles published by independent sources, but their attendance has not been definitively confirmed.

This list reflects the opinion of our experts and is not based on any specific rating system.

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