Discovery. Afternoon at the Begard Golf Course

Beegard Golf. © Le Tregor

The date is set at Bigard golf course Early this afternoon to start, accompanied by Linick BesnoAnd the Teacher Golf courses in Begard and Carhaix. Comfortable setting, in the heart countryside. Received at the reception café by the family BordonicBuilding owner.

old farm

It all starts in 1985 When Annie and Paul Bourdonick inherit Closed From Krec’h an Onn. Arrange the place of construction Tourist hostels, four in number today. A bet, because the development of tourism in the region is still in its infancy.

Old farmhouse golf course reception.
Old farmhouse golf course reception. © Le Tregor

To develop cuteness, they had the idea to create a file swing golf On the vast land surrounding the buildings. A type of golf played with a three-sided club (used to hit the ball) and a foam ball. The number of licensees is constantly growing over time and Swin-Golf has become golf at 9 Holes in 1989. In 2011, the golf course was approved 18 holes.

Introduction to hitting the ball

direction 40 hectares green frame wooded. No cat hanging out, with such extreme heat. The lawn is divided into two parts: the 18-hole playing field, and the 9-hole playing field, which is more uneven.

driving range.
driving range. © Le Tregor

The day is started in 3 stages, accompanied by my private tutor. start with “Exercise” Or shooting range, an introduction to hitting the ball using different batons. “The angle at the end of the club will determine the height the ball will have when struck, and the length of the shaft will determine the length of the ball hit,” explains Lénac Besnoux. He introduces me to the three types of batons: rackets, irons, and wood.

“Keep flat on your soles,” “Keep your eyes on the ball,” I tell myself before I hit the ball, trying to memorize the lesson. “The more relaxed you are, the simpler it is!”, she slipped. The result: despite the green and relaxed environment, and the fun aspect of this training, I hit the air more than the ball, under the professional gaze of a professional.

Lénac Besnoux begins by introducing beginners to hitting the ball,
Lénac Besnoux begins by introducing beginners to hitting the ball in the “shooting field” or “training”. © Le Tregor

clear your head

Passionate Lénac Besnoux fell into the bowl as a child with his father: “It’s a system where you can advance every day, even at a certain level. In golf you have to stay humble, don’t get carried away. This Focus on sports And an important aspect of relaxation, it removes the head. Golf works on all parts of the body. »

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Flat training ground.
Flat training ground. © Le Tregor

Once it arrives on Flat training groundThe teacher puts a racket in my hand. This putter, with a flat face and closed to striking on flat ground, is used to put the ball into the hole for short distances and is similar to miniature golf clubs.

The golf course is heavily wooded.
The golf course is heavily wooded. © Le Tregor

mountain cycle

Then I test it a tripSometimes flat, sometimes very hilly and bumpy. The goal: to succeed at a distance of several hundred meters from the goal, to put the ball into the hole with the fewest possible number of shots. The teacher challenges me to do this in 7 moves. Then it comes to thinking about the choice of clubs to use, and the position one takes according to the target place. The bet is finally won in 7 keystrokes.

Part of the hilly track.
Part of the hilly track. © Le Tregor

But the main thing is elsewhere, and Lénac Besnoux is right: When you play golf, you don’t think about anything but focusing on your goal. framework, but also practice is conducive to Total relaxation.

Lénac Besnoux offers 1-hour “discovery” starts in the summer (20€), weekly 5-day courses each morning, children’s courses in the afternoon and “themed group lessons” (a lesson with a specific topic delivered in advance) . It is important that you book. Possibility to go to the reception to purchase a code that allows access to the “Practice” and the possibility of renting a club there. Golf Beegard, Road to Pratt, Beegard; Tel: 02 96 45 32 64;[email protected] ; Website:; phone. Linak Besno: 06 88 47 17 79.

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