After Stray, what games does publisher Annapurna Interactive have in stock for us?

game news After Stray, what games does publisher Annapurna Interactive have in stock for us?

Here’s everything you need to remember from Annapurna’s interactive show that took place on July 28, 2022.

Last night at 9pm took place the second edition of Annapurna Interactive, the leading independent brand that recently put Stray at the front of the stage. We also find the publisher behind titles such as Gorogoa, Ashen, Outer Wilds, 12 Minutes, Solar Ash or The Artful Escape, and Sayonara Wild Hearts. This is what awaits us next.

Feeling thirsty suitor

The show opened with a generous gameplay trailer dedicated to Thirsty Suits that made a small impression. The daily life of Gala, the heroine of this game, is permeated with the atmosphere of Bollywood. During her adventure, she will have to meet the expectations of her demanding parents, manage a large number of her friends, and repair broken friendships in time for her sister’s wedding. Behind this atypical game is Outerloop Games, developers of Falcon Age, a virtual reality action and adventure game for Playstation VR. Thirsty Suits will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, and on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

The release date has not yet been determined but you can discover experimental On Steam to wait. Then she finds her way back to the family home before she encounters one of her first exits: Sergio, who is too excited to pick up the pieces. So it will be a matter of encountering them during turn-based combat including improvements, special abilities to use, and custom mood system to take advantage of opponent’s weaknesses.

reveal invisibility

If already well-known games from the Annapurna catalog have taken up a lot of space on offer, then there are still some discoveries. In particular, we spotted the Bounty Star from studio Dinogod, which is coming to Xbox (and Xbox Game Pass), PlayStation and Steam in 2023. If you’ve ever dreamed of what it would be like to combine western vibes with mechanics, This address is concerned with fulfilling your desires. It should also include collecting resources and items related to building a base in a very hostile environment.

You play as Clementine McKinney, a former soldier with no purpose or peace, as you recover in a mechanic, battle groups of mercenaries, and learn to care for the post-apocalyptic wasteland where it was set to rot. – Annapurna Interactive

as we saw flock, a cooperative flying creature collecting game from the creators of Hohokum. It’s basically about exploring very colorful settings and collecting rare creatures to expand your flock. The game will be available on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, PC and on Game Pass, at a date that is still unknown.

Then in another atmosphere, there lost wilderness, a first-person survival horror game in which the player has to use all the resources at his disposal to escape from the tentacles and observe the dinosaurs that inhabit the game world. The setting is set in a research center where nature has clearly taken to upholding its rights. Secrecy and ingenuity will be required in this game, which is not scheduled for release before 2024 on PC via Steam at the moment.

Developers back to the stove

In secret, Keita Takahashi sparked his new project called uvula, which is the name that refers to the conical appendage at the bottom of the oral cavity. It is impossible at the moment to tell what it is about, the photos only show a young boy sleeping peacefully. It appears that this new game is still in its early stages of development because Uvula Networks has indicated that it is looking for a new engineer. Remember that Takahashi is the origin of the Katamari Damacy, a title in which he uses the katamari, a kind of sticky ball, to roll various objects to recreate the stars that have disappeared from the galaxy.

There’s also something new brewing from the makers of Kentucky Route Zero, a poetic game that follows a secret highway into the caves under Kentucky. Cardboard Computer hasn’t revealed a title yet, we’ve only seen the dog’s first prototypes and the promise of a slightly faster adventure.

Finally, Dreamfeel, the studio behind the visual novel If Found, is bringing another game that will feature cats in a fictional version of Ireland. We were told the adventure would be about coming of age.

Updates to note

Already seen many times, We learned that Too late It will be released on PC, Switch, and the App Store on August 4th. The game invites us to follow the story of a woman who seeks to give meaning to her existence. For this, she should indulge her memories from her birth. By slowing down the time within these memories, you will have to pay attention to the smallest details, change your perspective, and link different elements together to arrive at increasingly distant ideas.

since foreverAnd the The Next Overland Journey has resurfaced to announce its partnership with Annapurna. The game narrative follows Alfred, an elderly man who decides to take a solitary trip north after fate plays a bad trick on him. Through this story full of emotions, you will have to explore different wonderful landscapes, immortalize them with your camera and meet people you can relate to. At the moment, there is no release date on the date.

Ports to remember

  • Outer Wilds and Echoes of the Eye DLC is coming to Xbox Series and PS5 on September 15th with native 60fps support.
  • The Pathless, the shooting game from Giant Squid (Abzû), is coming to Xbox and Switch this winter.
  • Maquette will be coming to Xbox and Switch this winter, too.
  • Solar Ash will be available on Steam on December 6. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass this winter.
  • What Remains of Edith Finch is now available natively on Xbox Series and PS5 with 4K and 60fps support. Existing owners of the game on Xbox One and PS4 are entitled to a free update.
  • Hohokum, the game where you play an alien serpentine, is now available on Steam.

interviews or encounters

The Annapurna Show finally allowed us to meet people, particularly the Yarn Owl, a small two-person team currently working on a game based on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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