Aude / Fontiers-Cabardès: Montagne Noire Avenir, headwind against a golf course incompatible with ‘territory preservation’

Founded at the end of 2021, the Montagne Noire Avenir Association (MNA) represents the leader of the opposition to Project Golf. Complex denounces its contradiction and points out its harmful effects on the environment, agriculture and tourism.

Eight months since the formation of Mount Noir Avenir. The Societies Act 1901 is intended for To act in the public interest which identifies, among its objectives, an ambition Preserving, defending and promoting the natural, environmental, rural and cultural heritage, as well as the living environment and the quality of urban planning for the municipality of Fontiers-Cabardès and its geographical surroundings, including through the exercise of judicial remedies. After heaven and earth moved under the public inquiry into the local urban scheme (PLU) that would allow the pharaonic golf complex, MNA is still packed. Awaiting the opinion of the commissioner of inquiry, then the municipal deliberation session, in Le Bosquet, on July 31 at 9 a.m., the 150-member assembly sets a date for a walk “Fontiers through wood”: opportunity “Awareness of the Impact of the Agricultural Land Industrialization Project”Between walking and tasting the products of local farms.

Serial incompatibility

For Montagne Noire Avenir, there is no doubt: the proposed plan is not “not compatible” With the main principles of land use and sustainable development plan (PADD), a component of the PLU. The PADD report, which is based on five “working papers”, sets out the priorities: “Promoting rational demographic development to reduce the waste of space” ; Standardizing equipment and services, optimizing travel and networks ; “To support and develop the economy and promote the development of tourism in rural areas.” ; Preserving and supporting agricultural activity ; Preserving biodiversity, water, landscape and heritage.

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Emmanuel Bester, President of the MNA, is initially surprised that the new tourist unit, with an area of ​​140 hectares, is registered with the PLU, “It represents only a very small part of the document, while it would more than double the population of the village” (17% of the village area). So, away from this “caused demographic evolution” PLU, based on a projection of 43 new housing units by 2033. And to add another incompatibility, this time with Occitanie’s Regional Plan for Development, Sustainable Development and Regional Equality (SRADDET) and its goal of Reconciling development and environmental excellence : For MNA, it is impossible to find dozens of pages of PLU A “Advanced Environmental Diagnostics”not more than one “Good agricultural prognosis” Neither “A careful study of the adequacy of water resources and the water needs of golf”. And for the end, for a good mouth, for 74 “protected species” identified on the Canadian website alone, “Within a few days of observations”.

sacrificing agriculture and ‘healthy’ tourism

For Anne Lesné, the association’s co-secretary, planned golf comes down to a game of balance: “Massive industrialization will increase the risk of floods and floods”with “Other Fontiers Rebuilt on Fertile and Fertile Land”. A view denounced by Justin Bianconi, Associate Secretary: “We are facing concrete workers who have nothing to do with preserving the land.” At the heart of these statements is the topic that has accompanied the project since its inception: the question of agricultural spaces, Justin Bianconi ensuring that the sector “He is still using the land for two commodities”.

Accuracy symbolic contradiction “The letter published by the city council and the lawns, a story about poor land and saving the village. Besides, only talking about golf when it’s a real estate project is hypocrisy”. It is impossible to hear the Assembly insist that: “On the land for the golf project, there’s 200mm of rain. We know that’s very good land.” As a reminder that agricultural fabric, “With five farms now included in Fontiers and Cuxac”Will be ‘Challenging the loss of these lands’. Nonsense, another one, that MNA develops by invoking the issue of tourism. “Healthy Tourism”insists Ann Lesny, citing it Hiking and mountain biking It was mentioned during the General Assembly of the Inter-Communal Tourist Office in Montagne Noires (60,000 itinerants annually, editor’s note): “With golf, we will be denying access to natural spaces.”

Promised reaction

“We have full confidence in the commissioner of inquiry.”, confirmed on July 10, two days before the conclusion of the public inquiry, the leaders of the association. But consultation with public persons associated with the state on the draft preparation of the PLU, prior to a public inquiry, encourages them to have a measured optimism, particularly in regard to the positive opinions (with reservations, admittedly) of the prefect, or the Provincial Directorate of Land and Sea (DDTM), or the Provincial Commission for Natural, Agricultural and Forestry (CDENAF). don’t forget “Surprise” To ensure that the Environment Agency (Regional Directorate of Environment, Planning and Housing) “Don’t say an opinion. We have a feeling the guarantees didn’t play their part.”.

And the reference to a failed consultation, in their view: “A project that is not jointly created will inevitably lead to reactions”Emmanuel Bester goes ahead, regrets that so small a portion of the institutional or elected representatives have given them an audience and points out “Doctrinal Attitudes”. MNA will be able to “rest” in reading the only 220-page political contribution to the public inquiry: the contribution of the Aude Division’s Environmental Transformation Group. Four elected officials point to a golf course “Checks all the boxes of the ecocide project”between ‘Destruction of farmland’And the “grabbing water resources”And the “Manufacturing the Earth” And the “Changing the landscape of Jebel Noir”. clear position, ‘Very unfavorable’. This certainly wouldn’t be enough to clear the association’s suspicions On the capacity of institutions to deal with climate change. A topic that MNA does not fail to associate with the golf project. With Promise Offer: “We are ready to go to court.”

He asked, the Mayor of Fonters, Gilbert Blagens, through his honesty that he did not want to communicate about a “procedure to follow its course”.

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