Bourges Basket and Agnès St-Ges want to be ambitious in all three aspects

Due to the World Cup in Australia (September 22 or October 1), the start of the school year has been postponed by one month in the Women’s League. Between the international deadlines, 22 LFB regular season matches were carried out, 14 in the Euroleague and, later, the Coupe de France … the necessary work was carried out to coordinate the calendars.

“When we play in the three competitions, it also depends on the opposing team, and it determines the president of the club. But, really, we are happy that we were able to make progress in three games at home on Friday. This avoids you finding yourself in competition with other sports, domestically or outside the department.”

International players return October 10

If Tango kicks off their tournament on October 29, with a trip to Roche Vendée, they’ll be mustered long before then. From October 18, in the Prado, on the occasion of the Super Cup match between the winners of the European Cups. “We applied immediately, because we knew that Chopron also wanted to receive Agnès St-Ges slips. It seemed important for us to resume the season at home in the best conditions.”

You will find the Bourges Roche Vendée basket at the opening of the tournament [le calendrier complet de la saison]

The Champions’ match will follow, three days later in Paris, against the Coupe de France winner, Basketland. But with which team? “Our international players, and there are many of them, will only be able to access from October 10,” she adds. We also have to let them breathe because the season is going to be very dense and intense in the back. Everything is off this year. Only a very small number of players will be able to resume work. »

Last season, only the Coupe de France final escaped Tango.

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In any case, it will certainly be difficult to get better results than last season (victories in the LFB and the Eurocoupe, the finalist in the Coupe de France). Moreover, by playing, this time, the “big” European Cup. However, Borg Baskett has not given up on her ambitions.

“In the Euroleague, there is an opportunity this year with the absence of Russian clubs. The goal is not to go to the quarter-finals, but to reach the last square.”

Agnes St. Jess (President of the Bourges Basketball Club)

“At the three tables, we maintain the same goals: to look for titles, as Agnès St-Ges emphasizes. In the Euroleague, there is a chance this year with the absence of Russian clubs. The goal is not to go to the quarter-finals, but to reach the last square. It is important to continue. Filling the front with prizes. Players come to play in Bourges to win titles. We also want to organize a new final to promote our city, division and region through women’s basketball. We will also offer trips to our community to support the team in certain destinations: Prague, Bologna or Valencia.”

Steinberga, Anderson, Bankolé, Alexander: Bourges Basket confirms her enlistment

With five major departures (Ileana Robert, Isabel Jacobo, Ellen Eldebrink, Keisha Hampton, and Kristen Mann) and four reinforcements (Yvonne Anderson, Annette Steinberga, Ornella Bankoli and Kayla Alexander), the workforce has changed more than in previous seasons.

Over 500 Renewals

The president recalls: “The team has been stable for two years. We knew there had to be more turmoil. It doesn’t make it easier to start the season. We know the importance of the first games in getting points and being in good shape at the end of the regular season. But I am sure we are dealing With professional and talented players. What worries me the most are our injuries. Maybe we need to strengthen the team a little. It’s a scheme, but nothing will be easy, our competitors, like Lyon, have strengthened themselves.”

The new subscription campaign will start from August 22, but already more than 500 loyal supporters have renewed the lease for the next season.

Philip Roche

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