Future kickboxing champions at Pitbull Gym in Ajaccio

The Ajaccio Pitbull Gym saw his painting of boxers It renews itself in recent months. Between the health crisis and the vicissitudes of life, some athletes Make way for a new, hard-working generation, under the guidance of the club’s illustrious coach, Pascal Chaumet.

It is undoubtedly one of the disciplines that has suffered the most from the health crisis. In fact, like all indoor sports, boxing has been severely affected by the numerous restrictions imposed by the government.

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Two and a half years later, the Pitbull Gym in Ajaccio is trying to rebuild itself, after the huge drop in attendance it suffered. “We lost 25-30% of our licenses to them, compared to 2019. The kids stayed but a lot of adults left and never came back. Financially, people don’t know where to go and try to cut their expenses as much as possible. The competition department has been the hardest hit by this. decrease in the number of memberssaid club coach Pascal Chaumet.

It must be said that after several months of confinement, curfews and restrictions, the habits of amateur athletes have changed and the consequences of this health crisis have persisted over time.

Thus, a Pitbull Gym has a sensitive period of several months. Some heroes hung up the gloves, voluntarily or by force. “Some created a family, others no longer wanted to. Then, of course, we think very strongly of Cyril Sirion. We do not forget about it”said Pascal Chaumet, of his professional boxer, who is currently in custody. “Cyril has been our greatest hope in recent years. I took him into boxing across Europe. His situation and absence weighs heavily on us.he added.

Under the circumstances, the Ajaxian club, which received the 150th license this year, had no choice but to look to the future.

For this purpose, Pascal Chaumet is training a new generation of athletes, some of whom look very promising. “We had two tough years but we are no longer at the bottom of the wave. We are in the process of regrouping him, thanks to these new boxers who are breathing new life into the club.Pitbull club coach Jim explained.

A new generation of training

Indeed, the latter can especially count on the impulse of three young athletes who proudly wear yellow and black, the color of the hull created 32 years ago.

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Among these new faces is that of Julian Morana. A young man from Marseille left everything to come and settle in Corsica.

At the age of twenty-six, he quickly became one of the hopes of the Imperial City Club. “He is someone who understands quickly and works very hard. He has only been with the club for a year but has progressed by leaps and bounds. He has unwavering drive. Today, he has five victories on the clock, in seven contested fights. Julian is able to make the three rules: K1, Muay Thai and Kickboxing »Pascal Chaumet explained.

The goal of the Corsican coach is to bring his new foal to the next French championship, by having him also migrate to Class A. “The goal is to turn professional as soon as possible.”his coach added.

Following Marseillais, Ajaccien, Nicolas Tarsitano also promises good results at the Pitbull Gym. At 23 years old, he is one of the most diligent students in the competition sector and could have the potential to climb the national ladder in the coming months. “At the same time, he succeeded and got his federal training certificate. He is someone who wants it and he is passionate about the discipline.”

Finally, Ercis Oka, a 19-year-old Albanian, appears to be showing a firm will. “He is a young man who arrived via FALEP. His role model is another Albanian boxer: Alban Siriko. The latter also passed through us, a few years ago, before he became a professional.Al Jazeera coach said.

If the summer season is in full swing, the coach is preparing for a strong return, in his immediate line of sight, the Corsica Championship.

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