How to increase the storage capacity of PS4?

Games are a great way to have fun or change your mind, whether you’re alone or with friends. With the development of technology, a lot of video games have appeared. The most important factor of having a large number of video games on your PS4 is storage space. So far, little is known about this, but there are several ways to increase the capacity of the PS4 in order to store several games.

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change storage drive

PS4 consoles with 500 carts of storage can fill up quickly if you’re a gamer and want to collect them. The most effective way to increase the storage capacity of your PS4 is to swap discs. Of course, before taking such an initiative, you must first make sure that you have backed up the data on the disk to be changed.

Changing the storage drive is done in several very simple steps and you can do it at home, without moving, with a screwdriver, in a well-lit place.

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This step is done in the settings. You can click on System in Settings, then on Backup and Restore Systems. In this step, you will just have to press the “Select PS4 backup” button.

Choose the backups you want to transfer and finish with the Download button. You also have the option to copy all data, whether it’s games or even their accompanying backups, to a USB key or an external hard drive.

Store Software

For your new hard drive to work, it’s important that you install the PS4 software on a USB key or other storage drive. Download the latest software from the PlayStation firmware page. Copy the update file “PS4UPDATE.PUP” to a subfolder that you can name “Update”. With this method, your PS4 will have the ability to quickly identify files.

Replace the original hard disk

You have definitely opted for a hard drive with a large capacity that can no longer cause you to worry about your storage space. Whether the space is 1TB or 2TB, it should be a 2.5-inch drive or SSD. Do you already own the new hard drive for your PS4? Unplug the entire gaming system and keep the PS4 upside down on a flat, lighted surface so you don’t lose any screws.

At this point, all you have to do is put a screwdriver in place to unscrew the screws. Next, you remove the back of the console, being careful that the screws removed are in good shape. You should then carefully remove the storage drive. Then insert the new spool drive and reinstall the screws you stowed.

Software Recovery

Your biggest PS4 storage is now ready to use. Reconnect your system completely, but don’t turn on the PS4 yet. You must insert the USB key or the storage disk that contains the software you downloaded. Then hold the power button for a few seconds and let the PS4 boot up in safe mode. After switching, you have several options: Click Option 7 “Configure PS4”.

Make a backup

Now that your PS4 is turned on and plugged in, and everything is working, you need to back up your previously stored data to an external drive. It may take a few minutes, but in a very simple way: just go to Settings / System / Backup and Restore.

After you click Restore PS4, you will only need to choose your backup drive. The restore process will take some time, but in the end you will have your entire system with all your data just like it was with the old disk.

Use an external storage drive

Not everyone shares the choice to change the internal disk. It is always possible to increase your internal storage without risking partitioning your PS4. On the other hand, the choice of external storage disk is very accurate, because not all of them are compatible with SONY PS4. So it is necessary to count on a transfer speed of at least 40 MB / s, a USB 3.0 port, and finally, take into account the storage capacity, which should be between 250 GB and 8 TB. You will have to extend the duly chosen external storage period on the internal storage.

Use online backup

Online saving is very useful, but it is mainly intended for PS4 users who have a PlayStation Plus subscription. If you’re one of them, you don’t need to swap drives inside your PS4 or even use external storage. Being a PlayStation Plus subscriber, there is ample online (or Cloud) storage available to ensure all your data is stored thus preventing your internal storage from filling up. In addition, it is very easy to access this storage space and also subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

To subscribe, simply go to the PlayStation Plus page and choose the subscription plan that suits you and then follow the instructions you will see. The simplicity is the same as for data backup: you just have to go to Settings, then to Manage Saved Application Data, and finally to Saved Data to System Storage. The Upload to Storage option allows you to move and save games to your cloud to conserve space on your internal drive.

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