Boutier and Ko at the controls!

Celine Potter Co-Leaders (T3) Trust Golf Women’s Scottish Open, Dundonald Links, Credit: Tristan Jones/LET

Celine Potter She found all her signs and played her best game, taking full advantage of the slightly inclement weather and better than expected for this moving day. The French No. 1 player started her day with four strokes behind the leader Lydia Kooand finished off his lead with the New Zealander, posting an excellent card of 67 (-5), five birds to go including 3 in a row on holes 5, 6 and 7, for one bird against a bogey in return, one lap left at Dundonald Links.

“It was a very strong day,” Potier said. “I got off to work hard and it helped me relax a bit. Conditions were a bit windier and more challenging so it was really nice to get off to a good start and I stayed very patient. I had many opportunities and I took advantage of some of them.”

“I really like ties and playing in windy conditions. I feel like my football ride is pretty low so I don’t have a hard time getting it. Which is an advantage here because the ball is not affected as much. I also have fond memories of Scotland, where they played well in the past, so this is always helpful.

“I think what I learned from previously in this position is that anything can really happen whether you have the lead or not. Try not to push yourself too hard and focus on what you can control, which is every shot at a time.

Former world number one Lydia Koe played the midterm leader 71 (-1) to clear her first championship bogey at 3 this Saturday, less efficient than the first two rounds during this third day in the wind with four birds against three bogeys. In Dundonald Links.

“I think I drove a little better than I did before,” Coe said. “My irons weren’t as accurate as the first two days, so I didn’t think I was ready for so many 5-yard opportunities and easier birding.

“In some holes today I felt like the hole wasn’t visible on the green, and it’s very hard to read those greens. Even on Thursday and Friday I obviously played very well but there were hits where I thought I would go in or at least hit the hole…

Canadian Mod Aimee LeBlanc In the footsteps of fellow countryman Brooke Henderson, winner of Sunday’s Amundi Evian and L’Allemande Leonie Harms He’s third just one stroke behind the leader at -14.

It was another great day for Harm, returning as Celine Boutier a 67 (-5) card with six birds and a ghost on his scoreboard.

“I really enjoyed this day,” The 24-year-old said: . “It was more windy so it was a lot harder than the previous two rounds and I am very proud of myself because I still got a very low score on my map. I really love playing golf and it was another good test today.

“It was a bit of a rough start. I had a few normal balls up the front nine and couldn’t really hit them as much as I used to in the previous days. I had this bogey on all three, which put me back a bit, but luckily I had Being able to turn it over with good saves of seven and eight and hitting a long jumper in nine. I had a great result and I was -4 on the last five holes, so I’m really happy with that.

On the side of the rest of the Tricolor Clan Pauline Rossin Bouchard, got in more trouble this Saturday, conceding 3 bogeys in the last seven holes, and Faroese relegated to 21st. The other two that passed the pieces as on the day before, returned identical cards of 69 (-3). Emma Grishi And the Perrin Delacourt It rises to 34th place.

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