In N3, the season promises to be exciting

At the express request of the five club captains, Agen, Villeneuve, AC2B, Layrac-Astaffort and Val d’Abret have been grouped together in the same group for this season. An exercise that promises to be exciting for orange ball lovers.

VBC intruder?

In the game of predictions, Villeneuve was placed among the candidates in the first places by the observers. It’s true that despite the regression, VBC has done well to “build a well-competitive team”. A new coach has arrived who “knows Al Taksim well”. So for President Thomas Reps there is every reason to hope for a good season at Descartes.

However, the president did not set a clear goal. “We were good in N2, it slipped, but we have to stay where we are. The hen is up. I don’t see a scarecrow, but a small difference too.”

This summer, in addition to his new coach, Villeneuve cleverly recruited. “It’s not necessarily aliens who can turn into nasty surprises. But the target players, who we know what they will offer us.” Florian Schambi, Antoine Adgnot, Adama Diouf, and Jorge Rodriguez. Seven players from last season.

The first match against Valence-Condom, Cadore’s latest advertiser, should give an idea of ​​the potential of this new team. It resumed on 8 August in Descartes.


Again PC “in transition”

“It is a nice”. ABC’s new president Martine Archiapati finds a smile. After the major turmoil that rocked the club recently, and led to its relegation to the N3, the news of the pool formation was greeted with joy. “I hope it’s a good derby and good matches. Pool is high from a sporting point of view.”

Agin is in the process of complete restructuring. The face of the team, now coached by Rachid Abbasi, has changed considerably. “It’s a transition year,” the president explains. “We’ve cut expenses dramatically.” Three recruits and one former player will join Red and White to resume on August 8.

Among the goals of the season, Martin Archiabati remains cautious. “Without really knowing the level of the group, with clubs we know so little about, it’s hard to say. Despite everything, I hope we’re on an empty stomach. We can aim for eighth, ninth or tenth.”

Near disaster, Agen now wants to rediscover the fun of basketball and the beautiful derby atmosphere on the court.

AC2B wants to be stronger

Once he took charge of the CTC’s main team, Benoit DeRosso targeted his recruitment. “Mathematically speaking, I find we’re lacking the right size for that level.” So the new coach went on to find two interiors to ramp up his racket. Lenny Pique (2.02 m) is a very young player (19 years old) from Espoirs de Vichy. Marvin Chavodega (2.06 m) is a regular player in the 3 National Championships. He is from the Pamirs. Finally, young captain Molini was promoted to the first team. For the rest, last year’s framework has been kept despite the few retirements.

CTC AC2B Pays Agenais anticipates, in the voice of its coach, “a very exciting and long season.” “It will be a constant battle, on the top of the table as well as on the bottom. But we are happy to find our best friends or our best enemies (smile).”

For now, the coach hasn’t given a target target even if one suspects that a quicker maintenance than last year would be a hope. “First of all, I want us to prepare well, consistently and efficiently,” DeRosso commented. By the way, today’s recovery for AC2B!

VAB, the sweet surprise?

According to her coach, William Ramador, Val d’Albret is still “under restructuring”. But that does not mean, for a coach, that his team has to play in order to advance them. exactly the contrary.

The Big Five were kept for last season. VAB managed to attract four new players: Clément Maurel (post 5), Loïc Michelin (post 1), Alexis Coué (post 2-3) and Ismaël Habia (post 5). With such a good number, albrite players can pretend to be tickled at the top of the table.

“If we don’t do anything in the derby, we will be on track to reach the top 5. But first we want to hold fast before moving on to other goals,” Ramador said. Derby questions, VAB will be spoiled with four Lot-et-Garonnais and two Valence-Condom neighbors. “It’s the match against Villeneuve that everyone has been waiting for.” We finally found them,” said fans who remember that in the recent past, we’ve always been close to VBC. The last match between the two teams is already one of Barbasti’s attendance records. Looking forward to the reunion next!

The BCLA will have to fight

At Layrac, we’re not talking about the table top. “We don’t pretend to say we’ll play the first part of the classification, asks coach Fred Albessoa. We will fight to keep it.”

Like other Lot-et-Garonne formations, the BCLA is pleased to form a pool with several derbies. “We couldn’t have dreamed of better. We can’t wait for it to start!” On the sporting front, Albesoa expects a “very dense” group, and the Landes teams in particular have a lot of quality, not to mention the well-recruited Valencia defensive, and it will be a tough tournament.

To deal with that, Lyraco Astafortes is back on the road to training today. With some new faces. Sidney Nequet (4th place), a highly athletic player from the North; Omar Lee, immovable point guard; Young Victor Tastet who arrives from the cadet. Now at the same level as Agen, the BCLA can no longer rely on player loans via CTC. This complicates the recruitment of Albisua. The coach is still looking for an immovable hub to complete his squad. Several methods are currently being explored.

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