Xbox: A former captain takes a look at Console Wars against PlayStation and reveals it!

game news Xbox: A former captain takes a look at Console Wars against PlayStation and reveals it!

Console Wars, here’s a phrase that will speak to members of the JV forum, but also to veteran players. Atari vs. Mattel, Nintendo vs. Sega, Sony vs. Xbox, these rivalries made video game history, attracted gamers, championed their console and their favorite games. But was it organized?

Once the 1983 video game crack was absorbed into a budding industry, they weren’t More than a few to be able to offer large size consoles And powerful licenses. There was SEGA versus Nintendo, Sonic versus Mario, and then PlayStation got in on the action. crushes everything in its path, Sony’s console created a new model, which Microsoft then entered with his Xbox. After being kicked out of the game after the Dreamcast, SEGA allowed Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to compete. After the GameCube’s relative commercial failure, Nintendo abandons its tech ambitions To focus on innovative experiences: Wii, WiiU, and Switch.

Duel PS3 / 360: Long-term battle

After an initial skirmish during the Xbox/PS2 generation, which saw Sony’s console become the best-selling device to date, We collected PS3 and Xbox 360. When it was released, the PS3, which was very expensive, struggled to get into homes. Microsoft is taking advantage of this and Runs Xbox 360which will be a hit despite the famous and terrible problem red death ring. The PS3 will gradually catch up to end its existence a little bit ahead of its competition.

During this entire period, Players defend their devicesOn the one hand, it boasted of a free online, and on the other hand, a Blu-ray player, while some opposed the catalog of games. The heated discussions It became popular, but if it still exists today, Console war tends to fade. But in the minds of the general public, Console Wars is Fueled by hordes of fansNot always very subjective.

Duel created and maintained by manufacturers?

Even if this opposition maintained by the builders themselves? according to Peter Morformer president of the Microsoft Xbox division, yes ! At the helm of the brand from 2003 to 2007, he participated in the launch of the Xbox 360, the goal of which was no longer to try to enter the market, but to establish himself there. Claimed by Peter Moore on the Front Office Sports podcast That this “war” between Xbox 360 and PS3 was his ideaIn order to stimulate the market:

We encouraged console war. Not to create division, but to motivate each other. When I say each other, I mean Microsoft and Sony. If Microsoft didn’t continue this momentum after the Red Ring of Death story, the gaming world would be dull and we wouldn’t have the competition we have today.

Xbox: A former captain takes a look at Console Wars against PlayStation and reveals it!

In other words, the console war has been preserved in order to make this dramatic red death episode memorable, continuing in a commercially aggressive manner. Xbox brand install. So the idea was not to create real opposition between societies, but to praise the merits of the product in order to expand the customer base. He was the former Xbox boss Even tattooed the names of the games that will be announced at E3 to score.

Ancient History?

The backlash occurred in E3 2013 When Xbox One and PS4 retail prices are announced, when Sony mocked the game’s loan, after Don Matrick made unfortunate remarks about being online. Today, communication still serves this goal of attracting customers, but it passes By proposing diverse and accessible services more than a frontal opposition between excluded and consoles. Cross-play, cross-platform, multi-service and multi-platform development blurs the boundaries between major manufacturers, and reduce phenomenon.

Of course, there are still enthusiasts out there who champion body and soul as their favorite brand, but The industry plays less directly On them with more complementary actors. As a reminder, Peter Moore, after leaving Microsoft, is He became president of EA Sport before taking the helm of Liverpool FC and then UnityWhere it still operates today.

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