10 numbers to illuminate an extraordinary career

It’s been a whole night, but the pain is still there when we wake up this morning. No, it’s not a bad dream: Bill Russell passed away on Sunday, July 31, 2022, peacefully with his wife, Jeanine. The National Basketball Association has lost one of its greatest players. A hero, an ambassador, a fighter… quite simply a role model. His life will have marked ours in many ways, forever. That’s why we told ourselves the guy who’s hit the counters for nearly six decades deserves that we revisit his career in ten figures. Come on, the heart is heavy but there is no doubt about losing a smile.


With his arrival from the NCAA where his round of titles has already begun, Bill Russell will not be picked either as #1 or by the Celtics. And yes, during the 1956 draft, Sihugo “Si” Green would become the first pick, chosen by the Rochester Royals. So Bilou is picked second by St-Louis Hawks… who will take him to Boston against Ed Macauley and Cliff Hagan. There, we really started to believe that there was a contest that year to see who was able to make the worst choices. Eager to integrate Russell into his workforce due to his defensive capabilities, which were quite innovative at the time, Red Auerbach is very pleased to welcome the Axle. During this same draft, the Celtics will also select two Hall of Famers: KC Jones and John Heinsohn. Here’s how with a little craziness and ambition, but especially drunken opponents on draft night, we’re creating the most successful dynasty ever.


to me Truth be told, this number does not correspond to the average, but rather two. Read instead. While he spent thirteen seasons as a player in the NBA, Bill Russell did not exceed 19 points. His best scoring campaign? Fiscal year 1961-1962, as he finished the fiscal year 18.9 points. So yeah, that’s not really bad, but most of you newbies might think it’s not enough for someone considered one of the greatest players of all time. Wait, it’s not over yet. to me Conversely, Bill Hill would only have one season below 19…average rebounds. Ah, no need to reload the page, you’re a good read. His small shot is less good? In the 1967-68 season, at the age of 33, he only conceded 18.6 missed shots per game. lol. On a more serious note, the stats are insane, because a little bounce game of expectations would be a pro every night in the current NBA. And to think Andre Drummond considers himself the best player of all time… Even there, you can still hear Bellow laughing about it.


Good, Quit Smoking To talk about rebounds, as far as it goes to the end of things. So no, again it is important to define: 21620 is not the number of points Russell scored in his career, it is the number of bounces Who captured it in total in thirteen years. So yeah, his great rival Wilt Chamberlain caught more than that (23924), well, my gosh. We’re still talking about a guy who had more rebounds than Tony Parker or Isaiah Thomas or even George Jervin who scored points. Even Larry Bird came close to being behind with “only” 21,791 points. No, you know what, we’ll do it again. Of the 4,711 players who have set foot on the NBA grounds so far, he has scored 4,675 points less than Bill Russell’s rebounds have, or about 99.2%. Are we really able to imagine what these numbers mean? Especially since the guy achieved all this in just thirteen seasons. It’s simple, in the top ten among the greatest rebounds in history, he is the only one who has never crossed the bar of 1000 games played (963). crazy respect Russian.


Known and well-known for the number of titles he won during his career, which we will return to of course, Bill Russell has another record of 11 units that would be very hard to come by. LeBron Too Strong To Win Or Go Home? Sure, but here’s the practice master: With the Celtics, the Hub has won ten games 7 out of ten and one game 5 out of one. Either 11/11 is nice at the end of the playoff series. We can already say that the performance is insane, but if we decide to add to that the matches in the League and the Olympics, we come to a total of 21/21 in matches with similar stakes. Basically, every opponent Bello faced in a final battle lost. the pressure ? We must wonder if this term existed in the time of Whiskers, which was clearly not much influenced by the latter. So we’re waiting to see who will be the first to tie those eleven wins, let alone score 100%. Our little finger tells us that it can take a long time, even a very long time.


If we asked you what’s the first thing you think of when someone says “Bill Russell,” you’d definitely be a handful to answer us with “eleven titles.” Here, so we wanted to see it more broadly, because The Stuffer isn’t just a big NBA champion. In addition to his eleven major league rings with Boston (a record that will probably never equal), the man also won two NCAA titles with the San Francisco Dons and an Olympic title with Team USA when he was still university. This gives us a total of fourteen addresses on the counter. Does obscenity have limits? We could have also told you about the fact that the Belo Celtics have climbed to the top of the playoffs eight times in a row, or that the latter has won the last two titles of this crazy streak as player and coach of the team. But we think that either you already know all these numbers, or you are overwhelmed by a lot of things greatness. It’s pretty simple: we’ll almost certainly never see it again. On the one hand, it was much better, because the suspense is good, too.


How can you imagine writing an article titled “Bill Russell in Ten Figures” without including… his own number? With the Bill Russell jersey not only featuring an entire generation of basketball players, it is an untouchable trace that will continue to traverse NBA history, even now that it no longer exists. Two teams also decided to take off the jacket tied with the name “Russell” followed by a “6”. The Boston Celtics even retired…twice. For the first time in 1972 during a party that Bello did not want to participate in due to his struggle for black people. For the second time in 1999, the legend was present alongside Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird or even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Number 6 was also retired from the San Francisco Dons, where Russell played from 1953 to 1956 in the NCAA. It wouldn’t be surprising when you consider how much control the hub had over his contemporaries, bringing home the only two championships in college history. What a man.


Among the many stories, moments, or anecdotes relating to Bill Russell’s fight for the African-American community, there are a number that particularly reveal the strength of the gentleman’s character. In fact, like both before and after him, Ross was due to receive a ring to mark his induction into the Hall of Fame in 1975. However, it would be necessary to wait 44 years before the latter would receive it. the reason ? Bello simply refused this honor. It was inconceivable that he would be the first black player to join this basketball temple, and wait for the right moment to accept him. So it was on the occasion of extrapolating Chuck Cooper, the first black player drafted in 1950, in 2019 that the former C hub decided to finally organize a special ceremony to receive the Baghouz for peace of mind, the same year. The gesture is certainly symbolic, but it says so much about a character whose conviction requires respect.


Even if it means staying on the topic of “Hall of Fame,” it might also reveal all of those Bill Russell is a part of. Not one, two or three, but four! Once again, the man managed to do several times what some dream of achieving even once. Well, you get it, in 1975, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame was inducted, the most famous one, which brings together the greatest legends of our sport, particularly the NBA. In 2006, for the sake of his college career, he was inducted into the National Basketball Collegiate Hall of Fame as a member of the inaugural chapter alongside James Naismith, Oscar Robertson, Dean Smith and John Wooden. In good company. The following year, it was the turn of the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame, established in 1991, to be included in the newly built museum as a member of the “founding class”. Finally, last year, the latter was again inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, but this time as a coach, because he was the first black coach in NBA history. We almost want to tell you that we’re not surprised, even if he’s totally insane…


Yes, so we may have moved away from the norm a little bit because there is not just one number but four. Some of you may have guessed what this was referring to… This is the “anniversary” of the NBA teams that Mr. Russell was a part of. We could have written “all” instead of all of these numbers because, by definition, Bilou was always included. In 1971, for the 25th anniversary of the Grand Slam, Whiskers was already there, having retired two years earlier. Bis in 1980 marking 35 years. In the famous list of the 50 greatest players of all time unveiled in 1996? The hub is clearly a no-brainer. And when, this season, 75th in the NBA, a new roster of 75 names is revealed, Bill Russell is there. However, if he cannot actually go to the concert organized, then the latter is nevertheless the first name that is announced among the interlocutors. The symbol is very powerful for who was a pioneer from every point of view and paved the way for many legends.


As you may have noticed, the numbers in this article have been announced chronologically, or at least roughly. So it’s perfectly normal to close this paper at 88, which is the age at which Bill Russell passed away. His career, fights, and life were breathtaking. More than an inspiration, the Hub was a model on a sporting level, but also on a human level. While paying tribute to him is important, a thousand stories would not be enough to describe the legacy he left behind. Without Bill Russell, there might not have been Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from Shaquille O’Neal. by Gaval McGee And many other things. In the face of such a myth, we can’t help but bow. His smile will no longer accompany us, but the joy of life and his strength will continue to move the world of the orange ball forever. Et on ne peut s’empêcher de l’imaginer la-haut, retrouver certains de ses anciens coéquipiers aux Celtics et Wilt, pour un énième remake dantesque du meilleur des années 60. Finalement, il ne nous a pas quitté, parti il ​​est A little further.

Happy journey Bill, we miss you already. A legendary career, one that will forever remain one of those that opened the doors to many things in the history of the league.

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