Do you need help to advance in the Elden Ring game?

Indeed, on social networks and various video game discussion sites, many players admit that they cannot find solutions to several parts of the game. Below you will find some tips that will allow you to be more efficient and continue your progress in this unique world.

Important general information

When you decide to start your battle in a worldelden ringThe first thing you have to do is study the geographical map of the place, which is shown to you from the beginning. It is not without reason that it was placed at the very beginning of the game. So take the time to study it. Note, among other things, the prestige of churches Marika And look for farms where you can find seeds, which you will use to complete the course. Above all, don’t go to meet the young and old chefs of the worldelden ring without gaining any experience. It will end badly every time. And if the great help of this article is not enough for you, here you can find cheat codes for PC and hangs out elden ring.

How do you survive and gain maximum strength?

life tears

To prolong the playing time, you must make sure that your bottles are well filled while playing elden ring. It is they who will increase health points, and will keep various spells and invocations. However, there is a way to improve the performance of your flasks. To do this, you have to go to different churches in Marika In order to harvest the tears of life. It is possible to restore some from the beginning by going to a church pilgrims. Located north of the world tree symbol on the map in the area Necrolimbo. During the game, locations other than churches will give you tears of life (usually around these churches). However, stay attentive, because at all costs you have to accumulate as many as possible if you want to emerge victorious.

golden seeds

Keeping his flask full is fine, but it is better to add other flasks before the first one does not contain new tears of life and different powers. To get there, you’ll need to hunt for the golden seed. They are the ones that allow you to add flasks to your equipment. At first, a golden pill will be enough to get a vial, but as the game progresses, this number will increase. At most, you can only get 14 vials. Here’s where to find the first seeds during your epic.

First, go to Pregnancy Climb a hill that gets in your way. There you will find a clearing on your right. It cannot be missed, as it harbors a shiny, yellow-brown tree. The seed is under this. Then you can collect the second seed from the castle walls morning. When you encounter an enemy that shoots arrows at you, you will need to go up to the platform in front of you where the required golden seed will be.

How to accumulate runes

Valorage hill giants

As in most of these video games, you will need money to buy what you need for food, protection, etc. in case if’elden ring, This coin is called runes. There is an easier way than others to get it back. To do this, you will first need to go to a hill evaluation. In the field there are five giants waiting for you. You will have to fight them in order to get these runes. If you come out victorious, you will have collected 1,000 runes.

This field is considered an allow location. It will not make the battle easier for you, but the giants can be defeated if you can fight them one by one. If you get stuck in the middle of several of them, you are probably already dead. So be sure to stay away in order to participate in the duels. Once you’ve put the runes in your bag, all you have to do is teleport to the Shack’s Samah location, to spend them. Since you have gained experience in this battle, go back to fight it as many times as you need to buy everything you want.

The sleeping dragon of Faroth fortress

It’s in the game elden ring An exceptional show not to be missed. Consists of an accumulation of 75,000 runes, without danger. Yes, you read correctly: safe. In fact, players who don’t know this stay away from a dragon Faroth Fort, though he found him asleep when they got there. But this dragon sleeps so quietly that it never wakes up. So all you have to do is kill him to get 75,000 runes. The Faroth Fort It is located in the northeast of the map in the area Caeli. When this is achieved, you will need to activate the fort’s Samah site. To increase the number of runes, during this victory, you can use poultry legs in golden brine or even as a talisman. Profits will be increased instantly, up to a maximum of 115,000 runes (if you use paws and a talisman at the same time).


We have given you all the keys that will allow you to survive and grow, in order to go as far as possible in the game elden ring. So you will have to collect as many flasks as possible, thanks to golden seeds, and fill them with life tears, spells and other powers, in order to fight against the world leaderselden ring. All you have to do is train, over and over, so you don’t end up in the game graveyard with each new game.

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