FIFA 23: EA reveals the new features of Career Mode and there’s heavy!

game news FIFA 23: EA reveals the new features of Career Mode and there’s heavy!

In a video of about 7 minutes, the American publisher Electronic Arts, through its EA Sports brand, revealed the new features of the FIFA 23 career mode! While we can expect a mode in continuity of what was done in previous years, it is finally a revised and corrected career mode that players will discover next September. We tell you more below.

Player character

A key feature of this year’s Career Mode is your player personality. Through a series of interactions, you will be able to influence the mood of your avatar both on and off the field. By forming his character, the player will be able to act selfishly by multiplying individual actions or, conversely, prefer the group to develop play and deceive the opponent’s defense with your teammates. Your actions will gradually define his character.

The system will be based on three traits: maverick (dissenter), heartbeat (heartbeat), and virtuoso (gifted). The first concerns opportunistic players who will work for their own glory. In search of records (number of goals, assistance…), they are also in constant search of celebrities through the media. The heartbeat, as the name implies, is the heart of the group. They see everything in front of everyone on the field and are always talking while praising the group. Finally, Virtuosos are skilled and intelligent players, able to turn the game around with their above-average techniques.

In the video, EA took the opportunity to emphasize that these interactions also occur off-field. You can therefore participate in activities outside the lawn and even visit, for example, a colleague who is injured in the hospital. In the same way, it is possible to buy a great racing car or a new motorcycle. All of these interactions will affect the personality of your star (whether it is already or in the process of being formed). What’s interesting about this character system is that it’s scalable. You can choose to enhance each of the classes (game vision, reaction, passing, shooting, individual feats, etc.) to reflect your mood and become a “specialist” in your type or gradually change to transition from characters to each other. After all, getting old usually directs the flames and a young, opportunistic player can become quite a collegiate with experience. The idea of ​​freedom is a real addition to FIFA 23!

Game snippets!

Sports games can quickly become time-consuming and the developers have realized that it can take a long time to live through the season. From now on, FIFA 23 will offer to play the decisive moments of the match in Career Mode. They did not dwell on this new feature, but it will include a lot of differences. Players will be able to control their player before the ball is too dangerously lost by the opponent or at the time of attack or counterattack. Having the opportunity to play these ends of the match instead of opting for an automatic match simulation is a feature that will probably interest a lot of people!

The developers pointed out that players spend a lot of time in menus in career mode and that is why they have completely revised and redesigned the menus and interface. The idea with this improvement is to allow users, whether they are playing a player or a coach, to quickly access what they need. Team review, player management, transfers, management…everything has been redesigned to waste as little time as possible.

FIFA 23: EA reveals the new features of Career Mode and there's heavy!

New interactive cinema

For FIFA 23, the publisher has integrated new scenes that go with a feature titled dynamic moments. Over the past few years, the festive cinema has been greatly improved (joy stream, trophy delivery, etc.) and the developers wanted to move forward with transfers and discover a new club. “Thus, in the course of the transfer, the player will be able to attend the player’s presentation, meet with his new partners and new coach, etc.

FIFA 23: EA reveals the new features of Career Mode and there's heavy!

To achieve maximum realism, interested parties go further by incorporating scenes that include, for example, the arrival of a partner who can overwhelm you. Or how to go from a power stand to a luxury replacement. All these moments have to be managed and it will be possible to watch them now. It will also be possible during crucial moments, such as special interest from a major club in relation to you or simply during a transition, to participate in an interview with the coach (via a series of questions / answers). In the role of coach, it will also be possible to access a full report to improve your negotiation (getting a player at a better price, choosing an item that can be integrated into your team, etc.).

FIFA 23: EA reveals the new features of Career Mode and there's heavy!

Exceptional casting instructors

Finally, the last feature, but not the least, focuses on the token coaches of the major tournaments. This took a long time to arrive, but now it has become a reality: FIFA 23 will allow you to embody the most famous coaches in the field. From Klopp to Guardiola via Tuchel, you can customize your virtual face and even choose a different club than the real one. Guardiola in Real? This is possible in an EA game! You can even put it on top of your own country club built from scratch! Yes, it promises sacred moments all over the place and it doesn’t bother us!

FIFA 23: EA reveals the new features of Career Mode and there's heavy!

FIFA 23 is expected to take place on September 30, 2022 on all current media outlets.

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