“FIFA”, “Nida” .. the most awaited video game at the end of the year

Between the return of worship epics, narrative experiences, and immersion in wizards, the end of the year promises to be busy.

If there’s one reason we can’t wait until September, it’s the game releases. In fact, the beginning of the school year also coincides with the beginning of a major period for AAA games. With the holiday season approaching, several highly anticipated games are released between September and December.

1 Return to Hogwarts with Hogwarts Legacy

An action-adventure RPG set in a magical world Harry Potter ? Fans dreamed of it, and Avalanche Software did. After several delays, the end of 2022 should finally be the occasion for one of the most awaited games in the coming months. In Hogwarts of the 19th century, the player will be able to embody a student in full learning of magic. In addition to potion or transformation lessons, he will be able to explore every corner of the famous castle and its surroundings. At the moment, the official release date is not known yet, but we can count on the release at the beginning of December. Those who are impatient can play the title before its official release.

2 The end of the world is approaching God of War Ragnarok

After 17 years of existence, there is no longer any need to present the famous epic God of War (Which will soon receive honors in a live action adaptation.) Four years after a successful restart, Kratos returned to the lands of the North with his son Atreus. This new opus will feature a father and son, who are still being pursued by the gods of the North, especially bent on revenge after losing one of them. This sequel is supposed to happen several years after the 2018 game, and will allow players to reunite with familiar characters such as Mimir, the dwarves Brokk and Sindri, or even Freya, Odin’s wife. Moreover, the title Ragnarok In Norse mythology it refers to a prophecy of the end of the world, suggesting a catastrophic adventure.

3 The hour of the caliphate Gotham Knights

Daily life in Gotham is darker than ever after Batman’s death. In the face of the city’s rising crime rate, the last hopes lie in the Dark Knight’s successors: Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood. This is what the players are waiting for Gotham KnightsDeveloped by WB Games Montreal. He thinks it’s a more ambitious title than epic Batman Arkham From Rocksteady, the game will embody these four heroes. Of course, each of them will have their own abilities to defeat multiple enemies, such as the powerful Court of Owls sect. Playable by two people, the title will above all allow you to explore Gotham City, the largest and most developed ever. Originally designed for PS4 and Xbox One, the title will only be released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series on October 25.

4 Return to the battlefield with call of duty modern warfare 2

to many, modern war 2 (2009) remains one of the best, if not the best, episodes of Activision’s cult franchise. but this modern war 2 It will actually be a sequel to the reboot released in 2019. Always more powerful and rooted in reality than ever, the single-player campaign will feature iconic characters from the saga, such as Captain Price, Soap, Gaz, and even Ghost. Once again, the stakes will be global, with a conflict that should strongly affect the United States. naturally, call of duty modern warfare 2 He will also try to shine through the popular Multiplayer mode. The title is expected on October 28 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC.

5 It’s never too late to discover the classics with it Our last part 1

Imagined by Naughty Dog Studio, Saga the last of us It is one of the most important licenses in recent years, particularly through its narrative richness. If many may struggle to recover from Part 2, it will soon be possible to rediscover the first recreated part. This remake will run exactly the plot of the original 2013 game, but we should expect many more additions.

Among them, there is a Permadeath mode, where players have to complete their game without dying once, or else they will have to start from scratch, and a mode specifically designed for sprinting, with a timer at the top of the screen. Many cosmetic items will also be unlocked. Also taking advantage of the most up-to-date graphics, Our last part 1 It is expected on September 2nd on PS5, and you will have to be patient to discover the remastered version on PC.

Whoever says back to school is obviously saying a new episode of the famous football saga. after 22e The hit episode, Electronic Arts returns to the promoter as of September 30th. A highly anticipated authorship for several reasons, which should amount to a revolution. As a reminder, the license will change its name after this episode, after the deal between the studio and FIFA, a major football body, expires. this is FIFA 23 It will be a celebration of women’s football, with the Barclays Women’s Premier League and Division I Arkema included at launch. It will also be possible to experience the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand via post-launch updates at no additional cost. In terms of gameplay, the title will rely on HyperMotion 2 technology for more realistic games than ever before.

7 in space Callisto ProtocolEveryone will hear you screaming

After the phenomenon dead spaceComing soon in a remake, Glen Schofield returns to the world of horror with him Callisto Protocol. In a third-person survival horror, the player will find themselves in a futuristic prison institution, leaving their teammates to fend for themselves and ever more terrifying monsters. We will play Jacob, the prisoner of the Black Iron prison on the desolate moon Calypso. So we should expect a terrifying experience that combines combat and survival. Bad news for co-op fans, the game is for single player mode only. A bias we can understand because such a decision serves the horror aspect of the title more than the game does with many people. For shivering, meet December 2 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

8 The search for demons resumes Bayonetta 3

The Nintendo Switch is still hugely popular, and it’s still supposed to be a hit at the end of the year, especially with the holidays approaching. Plus the ability to count on immortal hits like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe where The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the console will find another well-known face: the face of Bayonetta. It was officially announced a few days ago, that the third installment of the saga dedicated to the powerful witch will be released on October 28 on Big N’s hybrid console.

Eight years after the last opus, expectations are huge. Still developed by Platinum Games and worn by the heroine named Badass, Bayonetta 3 It will also introduce a new playable character, named Viola, accompanied by a cat and a sword. The plot of this particularly lively action game will take place in Tokyo and China, and will include a new ability to channel demons associated with Bayonetta’s weapons.

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