What place does Bill Russell occupy in NBA history?

The greatest winner in the NBA since its inception, all-time defender, leader of a dynasty whose dominance remains unparalleled, Bill Russell undoubtedly has the arguments needed to sit at the table of the greatest players in the history of our sport. But concretely, where does the Celtics pivot last? It’s time to take out our magnifying glass to look at the question.

This is a question we would have liked to ask ourselves in other circumstances. After Bill Russell passed away last night at the age of 88, recent memories, anecdotes and accomplishments have all resurfaced together to remind us of how exceptional the Celtics center was, in both the literal and the official sense. To some, the Whiskers are considered the greatest player in NBA history because he has won the most titles. Audible logic, but very simplistic. For others, he shouldn’t even be in this discussion due to the era he was playing in, which may seem like his level of play is low. Audible logic, but it’s also very simplistic. Throughout his life, Bill Russell did not cease to stand out, becoming the legend of the orange ball in many ways.

Already, as the vast majority of fans know, Bello to this day remains the human being to win the most NBA championship titles, with eleven Baggoes on his toes in just thirteen seasons. IThere is still a very strong chance that no one will be able to achieve such a performance. And we don’t even mention the fact that of these eleven banners, eight are suspended in a row from the TD Garden ceiling. When we see that even Stephen Curry and the Warriors fail to achieve a Three peat…and then let’s not forget that at the time, the MVP Finals weren’t named. If today Michael Jordan can boast that he is the only person to have been named six times, there is a world in which Mr. Russell has almost twice as many. Because yes, whether we like it or not, the Stuffer is the undisputed leader of one of the greatest dynasties in history, or at least the most triumphant: the Celtics of the 1960s. One of the best teams, inevitably, the guy puts you at the top of the big league tiers.

And if only the episodes were there… solo, The Good Lord MVP has been named five times, and it’s a fairly closed club as it is accompanied only by MJ (5) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6). Regardless of the junior season where he does the warm-up, every season all-stars will be selected, twelve times. Beyond the purely technical aspect, real recognition benefits the hub, the player who, despite his oil-drenched workforce, is a monster in his own right. Wilt Chamberlain may have hit 50/25 during the 1961-1962 season, but it was Bellow who was named MVP because he was the boss. He was always the boss no matter the circumstances. In 1968 and then 1969, he allowed himself to become the first man to become a champion as both a player and coach. Shaq himself admits that he would not dare compare himself to his predecessor. Because who would dare say that what he achieved was simple? Who would dare say that without him, the C would have dominated so much? There are questions we are entitled to ask ourselves, but there are also facts that we cannot question.

to me On the contrary, there are things we can’t pretend not to see. Yes, there is more talent in the NBA than there was at the time. But what might be more normal is that almost 60 years ago, players were playing Converse at an average of 40,000 hours. There is no need to compare, so we will agree on that. But we can analyze, dissect and realize that in an age also populated by a potential Hall of Famers, Billou dominated as little did. in defense? Maybe we’re talking about the boy who made it necessary to win titles. If I return the counters? We can tell you that we know someone who withheld the baseline. And when you are the first to do something that has become popular today, you are simply a pioneer, a pioneer who paved the way for a new form of basketball, a whole new sport in fact. Well, Bill Russell wasn’t a brilliant striker – only a 15.1 professional ppg with a 44% shooting rate – but his style was the best. With 21,620 catches, he is the second highest-grossing player in NBA history. The only player in the top ten who has not made it to 1,000 matches, yet is far ahead of the illustrious Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who is third. As is so often the case on the field, only Wilt Chamberlain was able to stand up to him.

After all, what do these items refer to when it comes to ranking the best players to have played in the NBA?

It can be said that Bill Russell’s career is something that will never happen twice. It is clear that the hubs outrageously dominated the match, from rival Wilt Chamberlain to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, not forgetting of course Hakim Aliwan and Shaquille O’Neal. What else does Russell own? Of course the titles. In most cases, individual differences as well. We know this well: rating a player according to his trophies is one criterion, but it is not the only one. In contributing to the sport and the league, it’s very clear that Bill Russell has more cards. They of course preceded the other names written above, but their names also and above all paved the way. In the NBA he was light years away from the others as well, but his dominance and progression during his time were pretty understated. without contact? The NBA wouldn’t have taken up the idea of ​​defense so quickly, with so much interest. The man made it necessary to be efficient when it came to protecting his basket. The place he should occupy in the all-time rankings is very subjective, but anything would be true to put M’sieur Bill outside the top 10. When it came time to make the top 100 of all-time, our experts (h) also placed Bastien and Alex The Stuffer ranked seventh and sixth, respectively. Again, it is up to everyone to decide, but very few players today can claim to be ahead of Russell on such a list.

From his first NCAA titles to official honors for his entire work, Bill Russell left an indelible mark on NBA sports and even history with his capital “H”. If it is impossible to determine the exact position that he occupies in the ranking of the greatest players in the league, then it is difficult to imagine such a legend outside the top ten, and some will even tell you that it is impossible to find five players who scored more in basketball than him.

Source: NBA, ESPN

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