Boudreau and Proulx champions at Drummondville Golf Club

golf. Golf Québec presented this bantam, urine and mosquito tournament 1Verse and August 2 at Drummondville Golf Club. Charlotte Boudreaux and Charles Edmund Proulx won the Bantam Division titles.

On the girls’ front, Montreal’s Island Club Charlotte Boudreaux finished the tournament with a cumulative +15 (159 shots) at the conclusion of both rounds. The fight was close to the end for the girls, and despite some difficulties on the back of a nine, Boudreau managed to save the day several times to outsmart Sofia de Zordo (Balmoral) and Alexandra Botsis (Rosemer), tied for second place at +19 (163).

“You started well today [mardi]But my ninth back was definitely more difficult. Fortunately, I was able to do a lot Puts Important. I saved myself a lot of disasters during the tournament and my really short match kept me in first place. I surprised myself with several extraordinary shots,” the new champion of Sportcom, who has been waiting for this victory for a few years already, has been released.

“You’ve been second in the last four games of this tournament and I’m very happy to finally win it,” continued the 14-year-old golfer, a smile that broke from ear to ear. “I made many changes in my game since last season and they helped me a lot. It was time for me to win it.”

For his part, Charles Edmund Proulx, with a score of +4 (148 shots), won his second regional title in his youthful career after that of the Mosquito, during the same event in 2018. He made use of an exceptional first-round advantage to speed up his pace and overtake Philippe Belanger (Cap Rouge) and Charlie Bennell (Royal Quebec) in the final standings, second and third in order at +7 (151) and +8 (152).

“I was at -2 (70) after Monday and that allowed me to attack the flags more today. It really pushed me. My irons also helped me a lot and I managed to flood important pitches. It’s a great victory for me and I’m very happy with my performance,” the young man said at the end of the event.

Drummondville resident Adam Gauthier was the only golfer in the area during the tournament. He finished his championship with a score of +28 (172 shots) good for 25 .e Rank.

Leonie Tavares, Paulway Champion

Athletes participating in the piss class, which is reserved for children aged 11-12, also played the second and final round on Tuesday and young Leonie Tavares (Glendale) did not miss the opportunity to show his full range of talent.

Follow the author of the round -3 (69) on Monday with a +6 (78) card at the end of the event. His cumulative record of +3 (144), recorded at 4,879 yards, was also the best of the 106 golfers in attendance, all classes combined.

“This week, I was a little shorter than usual and my short match went very well. I was a little less accurate in the second round, but I still had good approaches and strikes in important situations. That is what made the difference for me,” analyzed the winner in Mosquito and urine categories, in 2020.

The 12-year-old will now prepare for a whole new challenge ahead of the Canadian Games, which begin August 6 in Niagara, Ont. “I still have a few days to make adjustments and get ready for the tournament. I can’t wait to be able to represent Quebec,” she added.

Note that Zixuan Tan (general golfer), at +32 (176) and Kate Jo (Knowlton), at +37 (181), followed Tavares in ranking the girls in the pee class.

On the boys’ side, Noah Moreau (Lutbenier), with a cumulative score of +10 (154), remained with the coveted trophy. He finished the season ahead of Zack Bourgeois (Blainvillier), the 2021 Mosquito Champion and the two-time winner of the season among Pee-Wee, as well as Karson Hurlbert (Camelot), who finished consecutively at +16 (160) and +17 (161).

“It was very fun and everything went really well for me. My tee shots were especially good and I made several shots from 20 feet and more, which helped me a lot,” Moreau stated. “I couldn’t ask for more and I’m very happy to win my first provincial title.”


Note that in addition to crowning champions in bantam and bowling alleys, the event allowed two young Mosquito athletes (10 and under as of August 1, 2022) to clinch titles at the end of Monday.

Xander Zhang and Florence Hu, the Mosquito Champions. (Photo: Golf Quebec)

Florence Ho (Ottawa Hunt) won the round +20 (92), while Xander Zhang (Rivermaid) did it on the boys’ side with +6 (78).

It was the second consecutive title in the event for Ho who, at just 10 years old, also won the 2022 Assante Optimist Classic in Mosquitoes. She also went to the second round in Biwei, where she finished fourth at +47 (191).

On Zhang’s part, he finished the season ahead of rivals William Landry (Les Sol) and Adam Luzon (Valle de Richelieu), who finished second at +11 (83) in the standings, to win his first-ever regional championship.

The Golf Québec team is now turning to the Omnium du Québec show, which runs in full swing until Sunday, at Le Blainvillier Golf Club. Note that the official game rounds will begin on Thursday with the top 60 rounds cut off after 24 hours. (LPS)

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